Thursday, February 19, 2015

Influenster Rock the lunch box campaign!

I received all the products for free in exchange for my honest review

Influenster sent me this #rockthelunchbox box to review. It included alittle of everything.

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Annie's graham 
In celebration of friendships across the globe, we created Bunny Graham Friends. A variety of different flavors go into our box of Bunny Graham Friends. Introduce yourself one delicious flavor at a time – Honey, Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate – or unite them all in one mouthful! Any way you select them, our Bunnies are the perfect size for toddler hands, and their crispy crunch satisfies snackers of all ages.  Also available in a 6oz resealable bag at certain retail locations.

 I had already bought the Annies for Olivia a while back and she liked them but I think they have a bit of a cardboard taste to them as aftertaste. They are cute and easy to eat. I love the bunny look.

Annies pizza bagels
Annie’s new Combination Mini Pizza Bagels are delicious, bite-sized snacks with a big ingredient promise! Made with 100% real cheese, whole grains, natural* Italian sausage & uncured pepperoni, and without artificial flavors, synthetic colors or nitrites^ added, our bagel minis are the perfect way to kick back, relax and snack.
*Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients.
^Except those naturally occurring in celery powder.

I liked these. They tasted like the Tostino pizza bagels however these are healthier and don't have that synthetic taste to them. My daughter loved them.  

Honest Kids Organic Juice
In 2013, we removed the organic cane sugar from all Honest Kids varieties.We found a way to deliver the same great taste be sweetening the juice drinks only with fruit juice.

My daughter liked this so much she said it tasted like rainbows in her mouth after she finished drinking it. Haha. I thought it tasted watered down, but still had okay flavor. In my book, not worth the 8 dollars.

Rudi's Gluten Free original bread

Made with stuff you can pronounce and ingredients you recognize
Water, potato extract, high oleic canola/sunflower oil*, rice starch, rice flour, evaporated cane juice (cane sugar), inulin, honey, sugar cane fiber, egg whites, yeast, molasses, sea salt, xanthan gum, vinegar, natural enzymes.
CONTAINS: Egg Whites
*Non-GMO and expeller pressed

This was my favorite product out of all of the products sent in this voxbox. The bread came frozen, smaller than regular sized bread ( they said it would compromise the integrity of the slices if they made it bigger), and more expiensive. However, the have made a new customer out of me! This bread is so good! Almost has a spongy, moist, chewy feel to it that bread lovers like me love. My whole famliy loved it. My husband said it reminded him of the heavyness of sourdough, but not the taste. I really loved it lightly toasted and am so happy to have found something new and tastes great/is better for you. 

This Voxbox was different and fun to do. I regularly do makeup reviews so this switch up was nice. I enjoyed watching my little one see the things that were sent for her review. :) 
Thanks Influenster!

(Disclaimer: All product in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for my honest opinion)

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