Sunday, June 8, 2014

theBalm Balm Jovi Rockstar Face palette Review, Swatches & Pictures!

This palette has everything you need to take center-stage! It features 12 shadows that are sure to top the charts. All of these shadows can be used wet or dry—so “live and wet/dry”…it’s up to you! The head-lining highlighter and blush are sure to set the stage. Sync up your look with “Milly” and “Vanilly”, the two included lip and cheek creams. Balm Jovi is compact and portable, yet it has everything you need to take on tour!

Ever since I first tried theBalm cosmetics, I fell in love. The products, the quality, the presentation, the price (when you catch them on Hautelook or instores at TJMaxx) is all amazing. This is a brand I feel doesn't get the recondition it deserves. 

This palette has a good variety of different undertones, both warm and cool. I find myself reaching for the warmer tones personally, because I myself have warmer undertones (yellow). My Favorites are Adagio, Iron Maid-in, Allegro, Blink 1982, and Alice Copper.

Products used from this palette:
 Presto for outer and lower outer lid. Allegro for transition color. Solid Golid (also known as Mary Loumanizer) for tear duct. Adagio for brow highlight.
I used Mac's Rose pigment on lid and lower lid.

I used The stroke for outer and inner sandwich sides for upper and lower lids. Solid Gold e/s for tear duct. Allegro for transition color, Chella Indigo liquid liner, 

Lips: Essence In the Nude lip liner and Nude Cndy lipgloss. 

Metal-ica, adagio, blink 1982, Iron Maid-In, Allegro, The stroke, Lead Zeppelin, Moderato, rem, Alice Copper, Presto, Third eye blinded 

From Left to right: 

Metal-ica, Iron Maid-In, Lead Zepplin, Alice Copper, Adagio, Allegro, Moderato, Presto,
Blink 182, The stroke, rem, Third eye blinded

Solid Gold, Don't you want me, Milly, and Vanilly

I have been continuously using the palette for a solid year now and I have to admit, its good for all occasions that may pop up. From going to run errands, or going to parties. 
Its a perfect palette mix.
 I personally love the powder blush (Don't you want me) and highlight (Solid gold) for any type of look. You can even use the Vanilly (red creme pan) and Milly (pinky nude pan) for cheeks since it is a cheek and lip product. I myself have yet to use Vanilly or Milly as a cheek products since I don't use bright red blush or nudes in the first place, on my cheeks regularly. 

The size is nice as well. Super slim, medium compact and with magnetic closures. I love throwing this in my bag and going. I just purchased their newest palette, "How 'bout them apples", and this palette is slightly larger.

It also comes with a Large Heart Shaped mirror on the lid. How Convenient! 

Another feature it has is a guide to putting the perfect looks together. From beginners to people who want to try something new, its a nice touch.

Overall, Great buy!
I am looking forward to hitting pan soon on my favorite eyeshadows and lip pan (Milly). 
The only patchy color was Blink 182, and The stroke. Nothing that you can't work with though.
I would suggest picking this up, even if you have to buy it at full price. 

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Until next time, Take care beauties!

(Everything mentioned in this post was purchased by myself)

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