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Urban Decay Glinda Palette review, swatches & photos!!

Urban Decay Description:
Two insanely gorgeous limited-edition palettes inspired by the witches in Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful. (Because we all have a good side and a bad side.)

 The Glinda Palette
Eyeshadows: Tornado (vibrant deep purple shimmer), Aura (2 shades in 1: iridescent white w/blue shift and iridescent white w/red shift), Magic (pinkish purple w/golden shimmer), Illusion (pale peach satin), Oz (2 shades in 1: gold shimmer w/gold glitter and silver shimmer w/silver glitter) and South (warm pale gray shimmer w/silver micro-glitter).

 Eye Pencil: deep eggplant. Lip Color: Glinda (light sheer beige).

The new Disney film Oz The Great and Powerful tells the backstory of the wizard and the witches from L. Frank Baum's book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Inspired by the movie's theme of good witch vs. bad witch (and the good witch/bad witch dichotomy in all of us), we created two insanely gorgeous, limited-edition palettes loaded with beautiful, never-before-seen shades you'll want to own.
Each palette comes in a sleek tin adorned with gorgeous Oz The Great and Powerful-inspired artwork, with 'Urban Decay' and the name of the film in foil lettering. The Glinda Palette features a dreamy, celestial design awash in a sheer backdrop of pink, gold and peach, while The Theodora Palette features a moody, colorful skyscape flanked by Rorschach-like patterns. And both versions incorporate our Build Your Own Palette format for total versatility. When you finish the original shades (or whenever you get the urge to experiment), just pop them out and pop your favorite UD shadows into the cool collectible tin. 

(Taken from UrbanDecay.com)

More info on what Urban Decay has incorporated into these palettes on their website at urbandecay.com

Seeing these two palettes when they were first announced to be released, I knew I would be getting one, if not both. 
The simple fact of: I love Urban Decay, I can never get enough!

After looking at both palettes online, I was 99.9 percent sure I was going to be getting the Theodora palette. However, upon comparing which I would use more and which I liked more ( It literally took me a month to decide). I had some pros and cons for both.

The pros for the Theodora palette were that the colors were simple neutrals, wearable shades that can be incorporated into everyday looks, I loved the golds and greens (I'm a sucker for all types of greens) and I knew I would get alot of use of of that palette.
The cons were that, I DID have alot of neutral colored eyeshadows already, so did I really need 6 more? I wear nude/MLBB shades almost every single day on my lips so the bold red lip pencil really wouldn't be great for everyday wear and I don't favor the Zero eyeliner as much as I favor the rockstar eyeliner.

The pros of the Glinda palette for me were that alot of the colors were unique and not in my collection already, The nude lip pencil is something I could wear everyday and the rockstar eyeliner is one of my favs as it really is a great color for being dark but not as contrasting as a black would be.
The cons were that my undertones are yellow and I am not very light so I was afraid that the pastels would look ashy and too light on my skin tone. Women that are darker than NC20 know what I mean. Pretty pastel colors usually end up looking ashy and washed out on me. How wearable would this really end up being? Was it worth it?

Obviously, you guys know which palette won out because I am doing a post on it right now! :)
I chose the Glinda palette and am very happy I did.

The lip pencil Glinda, is what I consistently get compliments on. I do want to warn you though, it does have a slight frost to it. I, myself do not favor frosts at all, but this one has such minimal frost, that its doable for me. 

I love all types of purples for my eyes and I believe Tornado really does my eye color justice. Such a beautiful deep purple with medium frost finish. I find that wetting all or any of these eyeshadow really takes them to a whole new level of frost. 

I also loved that not only is this a good value but you can reuse the palette for your newer reformulated eyeshadows. You can literally take your older eyeshadows and pop them into the Build your own palette system. Especially for a UD lover like me, its Genius!

Above, I added my own Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Twice baked far left bottom corner and gunmetal, lower right hand corner. I also added my Zero mini pencil to add to the smokey eyes that I love to do.

The wear-time of these is a good solid 11 hours+ some! 
When applied with a eyeshadow primer, they lasted longer and had no creasing. For the record, the only eyeshadow primer that creases on me is the NYX eyeshadow primer in the pot and that's when I don't use eyeshadow on top.  My lids are slightly oily normally. 

The rockstar eyeliner is amazing. Nothing to be really said about it. Its pigmented, its long wearing, its a beautiful color, water resistant, and one of my favorite eyeliners ever. 

The only color that I would want to change from this palette would be Magic. I love that it really surprised me by having a golden hidden shimmer in it, but that's about it. I think it would have been targeted for EVERYONE if a light tan/transition color was included so that we could use it as a crease color and also a contour and defining color.

I uploaded this picture on my instagram about a week ago using the Glinda palette. Make sure you follow me here to get up to date going ons in my life such as mini hauls, beauty looks, and what everyone has a instagram for. 

Overall, this palette is such an amazing deal and really hit the nail of the head when it comes to LE products that aren't similar to eyeshadow colors that I already own. The eyeshadows, the liner, the lip pencil, the packaging. I really enjoy it all.
Way to go Urban Decay! Way to go!

More on a personal note: The reasons why I haven't been blogging/youtube.
 Back in April, we decided we had to move so we were scoring the Internet trying to find a perfect place. We thought we found one, paid for two applications and hoped we got it. We got it but for some reason, I did not have a good feeling about it. Something wasn't right. I'm all about praying so I prayed and because I wasn't getting the uneasy feeling to go away, I took it as a sign that I needed to keep looking. Thankfully, and surprisingly, my husband agreed. Even though we had already paid for the applications and told the owners we wanted it. Thankfully they understood. My husband stumbled across a townhome right when we were contemplating just taking that first house and dealing with it. This new townhome was perfect! 2 bed, 2 bath, garage, patio, yard, pool. The neighborhood was the biggest concern for us, so when we visited it, we knew it would be a safe area and it was amazing. We had found it.
We applied for it and the rest is history. We found a great place. 

 My brother in law and his family was going to come visit literally a week after we moved in so I had to unpack, organize etc in one week. Lets just say, I don't recommend it. After they left my daughter got sick and you all know how it is when your kids get sick. 
In my world, everything stops, and you make sure your baby is doing okay. Fast forward a couple of weeks, I got news of exactly when my In laws would be coming to town and it was very soon! I still wasn't entirely happy with our place and how unorganized it felt. Even though I know they wouldn't care if it was messy and nothing was up on the walls, I cared because I am somewhat of a perfectionist. So I went to work organizing and reorganizing, cleaning and finally was somewhat happy of how it looked.
 In that time, I picked up a little ugly bug called Bacterial Conjunctivitis. If you don't know how nasty that looks, google it. Its not pretty. You have bloodshot eyes, mucus discharge coming out of all sides of the eyes and discomfort in your eyes. 
I was prescribed antibiotics for it and it went away. 
And then it came back. and then it went away.
The third time it came back, I knew something was up so I went to a specialist and he told me I had...get this...allergies. Im sorry but really guy? I could have told you it wasn't allergies.
Thats why I have a thing about doctors (IMO) who don't listen, don't do tests, don't care, essentially. 
I took the allergy medicine and guess what, nothing improved. 
I went back for a fourth time to the doctor and basically demanded that they do a culture on my eye. What the hell was this crap that kept coming back? 
Let me also note that I had disinfected everything. From the liners, brushes, eyeshadows that I used, to the places where I stored them. I threw away the mascaras that I have used in the last month because you CANNOT keep mascaras after an eye infection. 
Anyway, there's a highlight to this story, I swear. 
I had disinfected the liners but now realized, in the end, I needed to throw them out. I felt that was the reason I was getting sick back to back. That is why I am here to inform you of the sale on Urban Decay's website! Ahh, a silver lining!
I threw out literally 11 different liners by UD and my heart sank. I love UD liners but my sadness was replaced by happiness when I found out that their vintage eyeliners have been marked down from $9.50, to $6!! What a steal! 
Click on the link to be redirected to their sale page.

I have included the link to Temptalia.com to show the swatches of the Vintage eyeshadows if you don't know what they look like. 

So that is why I decided to share what I have going through so that loyal longtime readers and viewers know that I haven't been gone, because I just didn't want to do this anymore. Trust me, I love doing this. I would get so mad when the infection came back. Hopefully, now that I have thrown out the older makeup for good, it will never come back again. 
I am on day 5 of my antibiotics and hopefully at the end of the doses, I am going to film a HUGE Haul! Seriously, it might have to be two videos because I have alot of things to show you. I also will film a favorites video and some reviews. 
Thank you all for sticking it out with me and still being here. I appreciate you guys so much and am still dedicated to my blog and makeup.

I had to include this shot. I didn't realize how beautiful the day was until editing this late at night. We are blessed to live in near perfect weather, year round. 

Thank you again for stopping by!


  1. That palette is beautiful! I want them both, but I just did a major eyeshadow haul, and my collection is getting huge.

    Yeah, I'll probably still get them, anyway. ;-)

    I'm glad you finally got better. I hate it when docs don't listen. Also glad to hear your little one is better, and you found a nice place! I love your posts, and am glad to see you back!

  2. Yes! I was so undecided. Very hard choice. Let me know which one you get if you do end up getting it.

    Yes, I've been B.C free for the last week. Im so scared of it returning.. Ugh. Its disgusting.
    Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it and am so proud to have a supporter like you. Thank you again. :) xoxo


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