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Marc Jacobs Dot perfume + Last day to enter my giveaway!

I received this Perfume to review from

If your personal style is sunny and happy, the Marc Jacobs Dot fragrance for women is the signature daytime scent for you. Designed by the Marc Jacobs perfume house and released in 2012, this modern scent updates the traditional fruity floral with exotic base notes of coconut wrapped in whispers of soft vanilla. Packaged in an adorable red polka dot bottle, this engaging perfume will not only look great on your vanity table, it will attract tons of admirers when you wear it.

Available in 30, 50 &100ml EDP flacons

Notes: Red Berries, Dragonfruit, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Coconut Water, Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Driftwood, Musk. offers some amazing products from Perfume, Make-up, skincare all at already low/discounted prices. On top of they're everyday low prices, they offer 15-20% off the reduced products. Being that you would rarely find discounts on high end make-up, perfume etc, this is such a awesome factor. You get reduced prices AND additional discounts when using a promo code. 

You may be wondering why they have such discounted prices. 
Could it be possible that it's not authentic? Absolutely not!
FragranceNet insures the following:
We carry the largest inventory of discount perfume, fragrances, skincare,
candles, haircare, skin care, aromatherapy and more at the lowest possible prices. We only carry genuine brand name perfumes and colognes at the
best possible low cheap prices. Absolutely NO imitations or knock-offs.
There you have it. This website only carries authentic merchandise.

This perfume is definitely on the fruity/floral side. If you prefer the more musky original perfume smells that have strong floral, powdery scents, this is not it. 

Now on different skin types, it may be alot more tangy or lean alittle more sweet. Its all about the chemical reaction it has to your particular skin. On my skin, this perfume develops from a fruity opening of berries, almost tropical like, and develops to a tangy orange blossom that bursts at my heat points. I tested this on my mom's skin and on her, it was alot more of a tangy spicy.

This scent is perfect for a spring day and I even would recommend using it for summer. I go against the grain and will use it during winter too. I am not biased when it comes to weather and perfumes. 
The reason why I say that, is because it's very easy to wear. Its light enough for day wear and won't choke out the person smelling it next to you. Being that it hotter in the spring/summer time, this only intensifys the perfumes scent and might make a heavy smelling perfume, overwhelming. That is why I would suggest this, since it is very light and fresh. 

The wear time on this is about 2-3, which is not the greatest, but still considerable since in the the summer and spring, I tend to sweat more, therefore anything that's on my skin, gets wiped or rubbed away. 

The packaging is adorable, yet cumbersome. I have a hard time grabbing this and going. I have to make sure I get a good grip before I pick it up or it will fall. I have to say its not user friendly, beside being cute. The gold plating makes this look high-end.

Overall, I really like this fragrance and I get multiple compliments when wearing it. 
It's easy to wear and doesn't give me any headaches. I am proud to add to this to my collection.
Is it a staple for me? No.  Will it be a Favorite? Yes.
I have my Juicy Couture Viva La juicy for that. FragranceNet is such a great site to order from and I most definitely will have future hauls from them.

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Thank you for reading!

What is your staple perfume? Or are you still looking?
Comment below!

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  1. My current staple is Givenchy Organza. It's perfect for anytime, I think. I like that it's a little bit sexy, but not heavy. has it here!


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