Thursday, March 14, 2013

HUGE HAUL: Urban Decay, Crown Brush, MAC + more!!

Hello my Beauties ♥
I wanted alot of these products for a while so since my husband and I's anniversary is coming up, he gave me the go ahead to get whatever I felt like getting, and guess what I felt like getting?
Did you guess?
You got it!
Alot of these purchases were on my make-up wish list forever, so please don't think I am trying to brag. If you guys know me, I rarely buy MAC so obviously it was a special occasion. However I will admit, I am loving what they offer. when you think about it, they are cheaper than Urban Decay (my fav brand), they have a recycling program, and they have new collections that come out every couple months. Whats not to love!?

I got these Crown Brushes off I have heard good reviews for this brand's brushes. Some of the things I heard were not so great, but I figured since they were at such a great discount, I would go ahead and try my luck.
My initial impressions from them was hit and miss. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It literally had a foul odor, almost even sour. Upon further inspection, I had to admit, these seemed well made. No wobbly handles and shedding when I tugged on them. Only time will tell after washing and using them, but so far I can say they are very soft, dense and user friendly. I really like the C453-Infinity Angle Contour brush.
 It is perfect for applying blush, bronzer, contouring or even powder.
If you would like a full review on these brushes, make sure you leave a comment, and I will be sure to do that.
I couldn't find them on the U.S website but I did find them on the AUS website, HERE.
These brushes were sold individually at IMATS this last year so if you are looking for them, that is where you can find them.
I will put a HUGE warning out there (nothing to do with the brand itself):
If you want your items in a decent time i.e 3-5 business days, you will be waiting in anticipation for THREE/FOUR weeks! Yes ladies, if you are an instant gratification girl, look to buy these at IMATS. Hautelook takes forever in shipping. I know they have to contact the actual warehouse in order to place the order, but still. I feel three weeks is a long time to wait, but to each their own.

Mine are dirty because I have been wanting to give a first impression review on them.

This is me wearing the Bareminerals Star treatment palette

I am a self confessed double-uper lady!
(FACT) I have a weird obsession with buying backup's of things I love. As you can see I bought two Glinda palettes because; 1. Its limited edition 2. I love the colors so much, I fear of running out! I was just confessing talking to my sister about my habit and why I feel like I can't just buy one. I have two STILA in the light palettes, Tarina Tarantino Emerald pretty palettes, theBalms shady lady palettes, MAC blushes, the list goes on. I only realized how bad it was, when I was telling her. I have made a mental note to really stop and think when buying to of an item and go over how much I really need two of something when buying it.

If anyone else does this, PLEASE, comment below and let me know I'm not the only one...

Left-Right: ACW shade nude beige, Creme d'nude, ACW shade nude beige duplicate, ACW frosty nude shade, Nude scene.
 haha, can you tell I doubled up on the lipsticks because I loved it so much? Creme d'nude is fast becoming a favorite.

If you have never heard of the allcosmeticswholesale website,
its a site that offers discounted make-up on past collections, older make-up, overstock or blemished make-up. You can find Bobbie brown, STILA, MAC, Urban Decay, + so much more! Honestly, I can tell this site will be a favorite of mine. You may be thinking if its authentic or is! You don't have to worry if your are getting too good of a deal for it to be real. You just need to read the description box when ordering because it comes with a disclaimer if it has damage i.e melted, blemished, or no labels.
I bought 2 of the same lipsticks which were the nude beige shade, a frosty nude and a Urban Decay e/s. Everything came intact, although, the frosty lipstick had no vanilla smell that the MAC lipsticks traditionally have, so I think this is a very old lipstick. All around, great site. Shipping was about 7 business days. 

If you would like to see what I got in video, watch below!!

What I got:
Crown Brush Infinity series brush set and Holding case (not shown)
Urban Decay The Oz: Glinda palette
Urban Decay Deluxe shadow box palette
Urban Decay Deluxe eyeshadow in Honey
MAC Studio Fix SPF 15 in NC20
MAC Pinch o'peach
MAC Honey Rose
MAC Creme D'nude
Bareminerals The Star Treatment
MAC Orange Tempura
The Nude scene set: MAC Lightly Prancing, MAC Sublime culture liner & MAC Nude scene lipstick
Urban Decay Maui wowie
MAC Old Gold pigment (not mentioned in video because I forgot about it)

Here's a peak of my Review on the Urban Decay Oz palette. I will probably be doing a video review for this too. It just depends on how strongly I feel I should do a review for it, since I know their already tons of reviews out already.

Thank you guys again for stopping by. I hope you all are doing great. This last month, there was so many different things going on. I was searching for homes to live in, we all were very sick, my husband had some health issues and it was all around very stressful. This next three weeks will be even more stressful. I have my in-laws coming in-to town, gotta plan a Easter day for the kiddos and take family pictures, we are moving, Its our wedding anniversary, its my husbands birthday, I have reviews piling up. Anyway, just wanted to update you all on these crazy schedule. Hope to talk to you soon!
Comment below on what you have planned for Easter.
 Do you celebrate it? If so, are their any traditions you practice?

xoxo Tamara


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    1. I agree. I am on a no buy ban now...unless something I really really reallllly want comes out...:)

  2. Great Haul. Love Mac... I have followed you..

  3. wow! Nice haulage! Once I am done using Myth I definitely want try Creme d' Nude. I also want to try the infamous Revlon Soft Nude, I wonder how they all compare...

    1. I have been wanting to try Myth for the longest now! I def need to give it a look when Im at MAC again. If I buy any of those before you, I will do a comparison list. :)

  4. Wow you purchased a lot of great makeup!! Have fun with it:-) great blog, new follower!

  5. I, just found your blog could you please do a review of these brushes? Are the worth the money? As goos as Sigma's?


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