Wednesday, January 9, 2013

MAC Archie's Girls collection (Feb 2013)

Photos courtesy of Jamicaobserver

When I was growing up I loved the comic series Archie.
I used to love going to the store to catch up on the comic series while my mom was checking out in the grocery line. I remember thinking, I am more like veronica, but I like Betty's good girl side. Veronica always seemed to be more sultry and dark.

A few people were complaining that this collection seems dated but I beg to differ! I am mainly going to be buying something because I loved the series. If you didn't, then don't. That's not to say I will like something but I was very familiar with the magazine growing up and I'm able to buy it now, so why not?

If you are on, you may have noticed a thread about this collection and tons of drool worth photos to go with it. 

Now, I know I have been avoiding MAC long enough. I have been comparing some of my higher end products, trying to avoid MAC because I thought they were so expensive, but in reality, MAC most times is less expensive than brands like NARS, Urban Decay etc. I finally am embracing them for what they are.

I plan on going to my local CCO to see if there is anything good to be had. If any of you ladies have recommendation on what to look for, HG items you love, let me know in the comments below!

I also have a NEW review up featuring the Urban Decay NAKED skin vs. Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. I have yet to do a written blog post on it, but I will be getting to that soon. Thank you all for sticking with me through everything, I love each and everyone of you and your comment always brighten my day, knowing there are sweet people like you out there.

Please watch and make sure you are subscribed!

Do you plan on getting something from the collection? What looks good to you?
Hope you all are having an amazing start of the new year! 


  1. Wow! I need this in my life! I didn't even know this was an upcoming collection! Thanks for sharing!

    i'm a new follower btw! great blog!

  2. Quick question, what lipstick are you wearing in your banner? It's gorgeous!!!

    1. I am wearing wetnwild cherry picking. Such a great way to spend three dollars. :)


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