Thursday, March 29, 2012

Maybelline color tattoo by eyestudio: Tough as Taupe, Pomegranate Punk, Too cool, Fierce & Tangy, Audacious Asphalt & Bad to the Bronze!

Of course I had to pick up a couple more of these color tattoo eyeshadows. I know the web has tons of reviews on these already, but I wanted to share my two cents. I wanted Tough as taupe since I first saw it so its no surprise that I own the whole collection now, minus one.
I still need Tenacious Teal (baby aqua blue with silver).  It's always sold out when I look for it. If your looking for the Painted purple, Edgy emerald or Bold gold swatches, click HERE!

I am so happy with this line of eyeshadows. I really am contemplating grabbing two of every color seeing as how, whenever I see the display, there are only like two left. I actually have back-ups of Tough as Taupe and Bad to the Bronze because I use them so much and I can't stand the thought of losing one.

Monday, March 19, 2012

NOTD: Revlon Topspeed Peachy!

Revlon is a brand that I actively look forward to when shopping at Target or drugstores. I love all they have to offer. From their Make-up, Hair care, Nails and Beauty tools, I am a fan. I especially love their foundations and nail products. I have a 15 month old daughter (Olivia) & time is of essence with anything and everything. I need to be able to do things quickly and efficiently. For them to be able to offer a line of nail polish that dries faster than the average nail drying time (60 seconds) , is a time saver and nail saver. Usually, If I don't have dry nails, I ruin my manicure because I forget they are not dry fully. I hate looking down at my nails and realizing that I messed one or a couple up. :(

I bought peachy last summer and loved it from the very first time I wore it. I got tons of compliments about the color and vibrancy. Some ladies will actually come up and ask me what Im wearing. I think it kind of surprises them when they realize its a cheaper brand.

Good representation of the actual color (first & last photo)

A built in top coat delivers a salon-smooth finish. Available in 32 cool colors that set in 60 seconds.

While the main thing that attracted me at all to this particular nail polish line, was the TopSpeed guarantee. I really like the color, which is a creamy coral-ly peach that almost looks a tad neon, even though its not. It's just bright against my light tanned skin.

I originally wore it with a turquoise/cream cashmere blouse, which made the color pop even more. This spring, I noticed that pastels and bold colors are making a huge come back, so this would be a perfect nail polish for the spring, summer, or, if your a rule breaker, whenever!

I never use a base coat for any nails polishes, so this was 2 coats of the Revlon peachy and 2 tip coats of the Milani's Diamond dazzle, (which I did a review on HERE!)
The first coat was alittle streaky, so an added coat was needed. 3 coats, would be overkill, in my book for this type of product. I used OPI clear top coat for finishing, which I figured would make everything look better because the tips were more 3-D looking than the main nail color (peachy). The clear polish gave the nail a smooth flat surface. Perfect!
Wear time: I would say I wore it for about 2 days before seeing the first chip on my right hand (as always). They started flaking off at the Milani diamond dazzle tips by day three on about 3 of my fingers and by the end of a week, all my glitter tips had flaked off. The rest was still there, surprisingly.

If you like this color or would like to try any of the Revlon TopSpeed nail polishes, they are available at ULTA, or even ULTA actually has a deal going ($5.99 each) on for Buy 1, Get one 50% off.

Overall, would I agree that it dried in 60 seconds? Yeah...riiiighhhtt! It took about 8 minutes, maybe even more because I did add the top coat but com'n, should that really add on 6+ minutes? I probably would rebuy on the color alone. The TopSpeed part is gimmicky, to me, however if your interested, like I said the color is oh-so-gorgeous. 

These are some personal photos I took when my sister and I and our babies went to Seaworld for the first time last week. :)

 The whales doing back flips.

I had to pull my hair back because I was previously soaked by Shamu. Bad hair day after that :)

Do you own any peach nail polishes or Revlon TopSpeeds that you would suggest to try? 
Comment below!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

OOTD: My favorite Nightrider!

Another OOTD, so soon??!! I know! Im trying! I have been wanting to show my spring style but seeing as how its been pretty chilly and windy here in Cali, I have been rocking boots and bombers still. This bomber is actually my FAVORITE Bomber that I own. It is made by Mur Mur and is pretty old. I got it when I was 17, in a little cute boutique in Downtown. I remember I bought it for about $165.00. Back then I dropped a pretty penny on clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, $165 was nothing to me. Now it's kinda crazy to me to spend more money on myself, because I would rather be buying Olivia cute new clothes.

Back before I dyed my hair, this is me wearing it. I was also heavier here

I especially love the corset-like backing and the leather accents. I tried googling/ finding this, just in case someone wanted to buy one, but I can't find one. Sorry for posting a OOTD if you liked it and wanted one.

The floral print is so lovely to me. Its a surprise of girly accents, even though the bomber is military style. LOVE!

Below is pictures of me using the L'Oreal Infallible Sultry smoke that I did a review on HERE!!!
I really love how it turned out with my OOTD. The smoke compliments the olive green in the jacket.

What I wore:
 Mur Mur Bomber jacket / Wet Seal tank top / scarf..? / Vigoss denim / Nine west thigh highs / Vince Camuto earrings.

Ugh, not the best winged liner, sorry

The color is slightly off. I tried to autofix and all the orange undertones left the picture so please excuse my purple bags. I couldn't find my concealer

e.l.f nostalgic lipstick & Hard Candy Plexi-gloss Posh (174)

I am seriously loving this lip combo and its soo inexpensive! Its e.l.f lipstick ($1) & Hard Candy Plexi-gloss in Posh (4 dollars). The posh lipgloss has a super finely milled sparkle gloss with blue undertones that balances out the peachy orange tones that are in the e.l.f lipstick. I love it because I can pair it with smokey eyes or neutral eyes. I think it looks great either way.

Remember to check out my GIVEAWAY PAGE HERE! It is my very first one, so don't hesitate & enter yourself!!!

How is the weather where you are? Are you able to wear your spring clothing yet? 
Comment below!

Friday, March 9, 2012

NOTD: OPI Shorts Story!

Back before I had a blog, I loved to research different make-up and nail products and read reviews, buy them, and then rate them for myself. I actually did this on because I really believe when someone writes a good review without bias, it helps the next customer, ALOT!
That's the whole reason I started a blog! I will NEVER agree to be paid or giving a product for free, because they tell me to write a good review. Not happening. Why even review it then? 
Sorry for the tangent, but that lead me to find a brand called OPI. One of the best nail polish lines I used so far. I like Essie and all the "higher end drugstore" products but I never can find any. That's when I met Shorts story. I wasn't looking for this beauty, but I saw a favorite celebrity of mine wearing it an I had to have it.

 I would describe this color as a blue toned Barbie doll pink. Google Barbie logo and you will see what I mean. It is a GORGEOUS pink that is not too bright, but not muted at all.

 This is from the Bright Pair line by OPI which was released in 2009, which contains No room for Blues, On the same Paige, No room for Taupe (which I wanted but got Essie Mink muffs instead), A Grape Fit & In my Back Pocket.

Natural lighting

 Making sure that my nails are COMPLETELY dry, I start off with one coat and let dry for about 2 minutes. I then, if I need to go back and apply a second. With this polish, you can get almost full opacity with just one coat which is saying a lot because since the formula is thin, It is still very pigmented.
I like the color in the bottle very much but when air hits this and dries on the nails, I was almost disappointed because it was a tad darker than the bottle and I expected a more pastel looking pink. Its okay though, because even though it may dry darker in color, I still really like the formula and color in the end.  It is one of the best creme pink that I own, and I have a lot of pinks.

After a couple of days, I noticed chipping on my index and pointer finger on my right hand (I'm right handed). I did not use a base or top coat, because I wanted to test it out for itself. It was disappointing, but seeing how much I use those two fingers, I was kind of expecting it. My left hand however, did not show any signs of chipping.

The brush is fatter and thicker any my other polishes. Here, I compare it with wetNwild fastdry How I met your magenta. 

Overall, I LOVE OPI polishes and will continue my collection. I would suggest giving these a try, although for almost $10 dollars on with shipping and waiting for it to get here, kinda sucks. I'm sure there's a dupe that's cheaper in the drugstore products.

Do you own any OPI polishes or prefer any other polishes?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MAC Tempting & Greensmoke REVIEW & FOTD

Tons of eyeshadow duos or trios, regardless of the brand, usually come with complimenting colors so that a whole look can be achieved. I have noticed that golden browns, greens and cremes go together, pinks, browns and beige's go together, taupes, greys and champagnes go together, ETC. Look in your own collection, you might see what I'm talking about. Its like a no brainer. Just like my picks Greensmoke & Tempting.
Its a no brainer :)

My Greensmoke came with alittle dingy in it, but I guess that no reason to send it back. Only if it was cracked, I would have. Upon opening these up, I love how little & discreet they are. Easy to stuff in your bag for a night out on the town. I have been wanting to buy a Z palette from the infamous cheap palette that they sell, but I really like some of the packaging that comes with some of my other brands. Like theBalm. You might have heard me talk about them sooo many times, But I honestly love that brand. They have never failed to keep their brand high in my heart!

In the middle picture, you cam see how the first pic and second one have different looks with the shine from the sun.

A soft foiled baked brown. Perfect for an all-over lid look or in the crease to define and highlight your eyes. This formula is very buttery and creamy. Its so velvety soft and applied fairly well. I would repurchase it for sure, but I'm sure there are tons of dupes out there for this shade. I was stuck between getting Tempting and Romp. Both looked similar, but I went with Tempting because I liked how one of my favorite bloggers paired hers. Check it out HERE! She is GORGEOUS and the it looks so pretty and classy on her. :)

I have used this as a all-over lid shadow and when I went to blend it out more because it was so shimmery, it left the brown coppery color, which I dont like because anything with red undertones look yucky on me.

I am a lover of green eye shadows & this is no exception! It is a frosty evergreen/grey with flecks of gold glitter in it. It applied differently than tempting, being that it was a little rougher (glitters) & it wasn't as foiled looking. It also looked more of a silvery green on my lids then when in the pan. I love this green and I'm so glad I picked it. I will for sure be using this regularly & recommend this color for a super sexy smoked out look when you are looking for color rather than plain 'ol black or grey smoked out eye look.
I did have to pat it onto get the color I wanted. It came out a little sheerer than I expected, but its okay. Like I mentioned, I am kinda heavy handed. :)

Here's me with that OOTD I did last week using the MAC Greensmoke and theBalm's Shady lady VOL 2 palette

Makeupalley.comrated 4.6(247 reviews) (Greensmoke)
 rated 4.6(235 reviews) (Tempting)
Tons of girls say that because these are "LUSTRE", meaning has mega fallout. I had to google what Lustre in MAC products were. So basically they were saying that it is not as pigmented and has fallout compared to other eyeshadows from the MAC line that aren't LUSTRE line.
I like them both but I doubt I will need to repurchase them, seeing as how I tons of eyeshadows I need to use.

I apply these using my Foil & Fuse dual ended brush from id Bare essentials (By the way, they have impressively good brushes, I love all of mine). I use the flat headed side and pat the main eyeshadow on, and after I apply it, I blow off the excess & blend out the remaining shadow up toward my browbone. I also like to turn the brush around and use the smaller headed brush and smoke out the bottom of my lower lashline to make my eyes look bigger and have more dimension.

Overall, I love MAC shadows and will continue to purchase them and have actually purchased about 5 more since I first bought these a few weeks ago. If you are looking to add to your stash of Make-up or are just starting, give these a chance. The payoff color is amazing and blend-ability is a must have for heavy hander's, like myself.

On another note, I just started P90x with my sister! Today was the first day. I don't feel sore yet, but I worry for tomorrow. We didn't get to do the whole hour because she had to get ready for work, but tomorrow we will. I also want to do Cardio in the evening to maximize weight loss. I was very hungry today, and I am guessing it was because the Arm and back workout today. :)

Do you own Tempting or Greensmoke? How do you pair them, or do you own other MAC shadows that you love? 
Share it below!

Monday, March 5, 2012

My very FIRST GIVEAWAY! Please stop by & enter yourself! (CLOSED)

----Now CLOSED----

 This is my first giveaway! I am so excited and wayyyy late to host it because this is actually a giveaway for reaching 50 followers. I am so proud and happy to call you guys my followers because starting this, I was just doing it because I always reviewed products on, so I figured, why not have a blog on make-up, my favorite hobby? So here I am and here you are and here's the Giveaway!
I did a review on both of these trio, just CLICK HERE!
I also did a review on the eyeliner, just CLICK HERE!


  • One ALMAY Intense i-color light interplay technology trio for hazels
  • One ALMAY Intense i-color light interplay technology trio for greens
  • Hard Candy  Stay in Line eyeliner in Black Pearl

  • You must be a public follower of my blog.
  • Leave a comment about what I can do to improve my blog. Keep in mind, I do have a baby to look after and care for, so commenting like "blog more or buy MAC products" are kind of funny, because I would be doing that, if I could. :) If you don't have any suggestion, You can always  just put, "enter me"! 
  • Make sure to leave an email so I can contact you if you win.
  • You can have a maximum of three (3) entries.
    -You can comment below (+1). You can blog about this giveaway (+2). You can post this picture and link it back here, in your sidebar (+3).
  • This giveaway IS open internationally. I want to see how this first giveaway goes, so you all are able to enter!
  • Entrants must be at the legal age according to their local laws. If you are under the legal age, you must have permission from a parent or guardian to enter (18 years old in the USA w/ the exception of Alabama and Nebraska, 19; Mississippi, 21)
  • The deadline will be Thursday, April 5th, 2012 at 11:59 PM CST. 
  • There will be 1 winner, announced within 48 hours of the deadline.  
     Thank you again for being a loyal follower and especially to the ladies who were the very first of my followers..I am deeply humbled that you had hope in me! What are you waiting for? Enter & Good luck!
    All products were purchased by myself solely for the purpose of a Giveaway. I am not responsible for lost or broken items during transit.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Loreal 24 hr Infalliable eyeshadows in: Iced Latte, Sultry smoke, Endless pearl, Eternal black & Bronzed Taupe

This review doesn't contain all the swatches in just one post, because I already did a review on the rest HERE!

 Here's me wearing the Sultry smoke eyeshadow with Maybelline's Tough as taupe.

 Above is a excerpt photo from a OOTD I have yet to put up. :)

These are my newest babies:

New ones

L'Oreal product description:
For the first time ever, L'Oreal Paris introduces an Ultra intense eyeshadow that lasts from day until dawn-a full 24 hours. This revolutionary formula fuses the ease of a powder with the velvety caress of  a cream to create a unique hybrid that glides effortlessly. With it's unique technology, your eyes are enhanced with the pure, magnified pigment. Make a lasting impression without batting an eye.

These are about 10 dollars each & you can usually find at your local Target, Walmart or Drugstore.
The Infallible 24HR eyeshadows are available in 12 different shades. Two are mattes, and the remaining 10 contain shimmers. I noticed that Canada has different colors which are not included in the US distributions. :( Oh, well.

When I first saw that these were 24 hour claims, I thought, hmm, well first of all, who the heck would need to wear make-up for a full 24 hours. I mean, yes I understand people do. Like me, I would have loved this when I was working almost 100 hours a week, because it would have saved alot of make-up applying time, but now, I mean, 24 hour wear time? How can they claim that? There's no one to hold them accountable...Im jussayin. I'm not saying that it doesn't last for 24 hours but I really don't buy into all the companies saying that it lasts for 24 hours-and beyond...Give me a break.
 Anywho....Here are my thoughts and descriptions on these..
Lets take a look, shall we?... 

 My thoughts on each Product:

 Iced Latte:
Oh my, what a pretty champagne shimmer eyeshadow. The color is soft enough to use in the inner ducts of your eyes or to highlight brow bones or lower lash lines. I love using this on the inner of my eye lid and blending toward the middle to blend-out to the next color.
 The color is very similar to the Endless pearl, but none of the same qualities...I will get to that later.
Sultry smoke:
Mama mia! I am really loving grey's & Taupes right now. 
I would describe this color as a smokey grey matte color. Although it looks like it has shimmer to it, it really doesn't. Applied, it has a matte look
When swiped, it has a velvety soft touch like theBalm eye shadows have, but sans the glitter. This and bronzed taupe are fast becoming my loves from this collection. I love pairing this color with tough as taupe from the Maybelline color tattoo line. It really brings out the blue undertones without being full-on blue-mania.

Endless Pearl
Where should I begin?... I had high hopes for this color. I wanted it to be a runner up for MAC's Blanc type (which I LOVE) However, applied, it is chalky, lacks pigmentation, and makes me look like I dusted powdered doughnuts on my browbone & inner eyes. I use this when I want a matte highlight on my brow bone & I only apply lightly, because like I mentioned above, I am a olive complexion, this does not look too smart on me. I would love for them to have a matte color like this of a grey brown or light brown that I could use for a base all over eyelid color. Or even more matte colors, at all. That, would be AWESOME.

Eternal Black:
Oh how I love black with sparkles!
If you are looking for sparkle galore, and possibly a dupe for the Glorious MAC Black tied eyeshadow, get this ASAP! It is so pigmented and can be used as a eyeshadow or liner, although I haven't tried liner yet, but I will not be held by limits of just an eyeshadow! This is a black of blacks with tons of glitter. No fallout, I can safely say. I can't wait to wear this like Kris Jenner. She always wears black blocking on her eyelids. Like it, but everyday wear, is too much for me.

Bronzed Taupe
I saved the best for last, of course! This is probably my favorite because its not black but it still shows up on my lids and adds depth. I love a eyeshadow that is smokey but not black. I think black is pretty harsh in everyday light, but when you have a smoked out green like MAC's Greensmoke, or this eyeshadow, Bronzed Taupe, it is a perfect balance of depth and has shimmer in it. I would say foiled slightly but not full force.
It is a light taupe brown. Hint of grey in it and it has tons of shimmer.

I applied these using my index finger. I swipe the product and when applied, it almost applies opaquely (meaning not transparent). I love blending my eye shadows to make new colors by building up layers of different colors and lets just say, these, combined, did not really blend well. It mostly looked like it over lapped, but didn't blend. The good thing though, there was No fallout or glittery scratchy mess. Also, when blending, I find with mostly any eyeshadow, that the glitter/shimmer effect becomes dull and loses it vibrancy, but these...oh, no...these babies, kept their shine and held up nicely to my blending.
I have never had to use a eyeshadow primer because of oily lids. It's mainly because of fallout, for me, that happens when you buy dusty or cheaper eye shadows. I didn't use any type of base primer when wearing these, and there was no creasing or fallout at any time.

I noticed when I bought them, in a previous post, that I thought mine were tampered with because the Continuous cocoa looked like the Matte side of the picture below. It looked like water had gotten in. But I realized that because they are not shimmery, they have a different formula.

Glitter vs Mattes

Above you can see how they have different formulas. They glitter formula is alot more attractive.

I also would like to note that they come with what I call a "presser" cap that holds in the hard pressed pigment and I think keeps it, "moist"? That's what I think about. These are so pigmented, they seem to be cream shadows, even though, they clearly are not.

Below is swatches from my first post that I reviewed with the Golden sage, Perpetual purple & Continuous cocoa.

LtoR: Golden Sage, Perpetual purple & Continuous cocoa

I would like to note the Pros and Cons of the product, all around:

  •  Long lasting
  • Pigmented
  • No fallout if your careful not to dig in too deep
  • Velvety, 
  • Not dusty at all, 
  • comes with a "presser" cap to hold in the pigment
  • Inexpensive
  • Tons of product
  • Vibrant and muted colors available

  • Fallout when pressing too hard
  • Not too good at blending with other shades from line, overlay shimmer
  • Not alot of variety

That's about it. I would recommend at least getting one of these eyeshadows to test out if you would buy more, but take my word for it...they are AWESOME!

Okay, so after all my blabbering, what do you think, or do you already own them? How do you like to wear them or pair them?
Comment below

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