Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OOTD: Teal me, Baby!

Outfit of the day! I would love to do more of these, but I always forget, or I can't find my camera at that particular moment, so here it is!
My first OOTD that I titled: Teal me, Baby!

I look super short here, as compared to real life. I am actually 5'8. The last picture at the end of this post is an accurate height dimension size. I am pretty tall for a girl I guess. Lol, My mom is 6 foot.

I didn't have a fresh pedicure so, don't look at my toes! LOL

Excuse the blurry-ness, I forgot to get a photo of it by itself

What I'm wearing:
Forever 21 shirt / Abercrombie & Fitch belt / Seven 7 Jeans / Steve Madden Alex heels / Gold chain link bracelet at Nordstroms / Natasha Gold coined Statement Necklace / Zales Gold Hoop earring.

The shoes are the new Steve Madden Alex ones I just got. As I said, I have been wearing them everytime I go on an outing. They are very comfortable and I love height in my heels.

.Haha, I love playing with the photo editor. although, I look pretty pissed for some reason.

I also am going to be starting P90x soon. We bought it a while ago, but I was breastfeeding so I didn't want to go on a extreme workout/diet and have my milk dwindle. I have lost 67 pounds to date, but would love to tone and sculpt my body again. I love working toward a goal and truly committing and seeing the results. I would like to lose about 15 more pounds but If I lose more, that would be nice too...:) I am going to start this week, so if you have it, you can take the challenge with me. I'd love if you would join me.

What do you think? Do you like teal colors and how I wore it? 
I am lucky to have a husband that is generous, so I stay styled all the time. :) Thanks babe!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

FOTD: A Relaxing Day!

I know, a FOTD? I barely even do these, although, I would like to. I was thinking of even...doing some tutorials..

excuse my wild hair.

Items listed below

Not pictured in the products used, but I am wearing:
Rimmel Pink blush lipstick

This is a new Pink love of mine. It is a supposed "dupe" for MAC's Gaga lippie. My bestie went crazy for gaga when she discovered it and luckily she was able to get it through her make-up artist friend who works at MAC. I like Rimmel's better, to be honest. I don't have a comparison with hers and mine, but they are pretty similar, to me.
The color is a creamy pink with undertones of purple/violet. I almost don't like it because of how it wears on my lips, since I have very pigmented lips, but...ya know. Its a fine line.

I was going to do a tutorial, but I don't know how many of you would be interested in it, so I am just going to list what I used. If you would like to see tutorials, comment below.

Products used:
Revlon Photoready in Golden Beige
Covergirl & Olay corrector and concealer
Rimmel Brow liner in Dark brown
NARS Albatross
theBalm Bahama Mama for contouring
theBlam Meet Matte: used Matt Gallagher
theBalm Shady Lady Vol 2: used Caught in the act Courtney
MAC Dreammaker
MAC Tempting
False lashes off Amazon.com
Rimmel Pink Blush lipstick
E.L.F studio Blush brush
NYC Waterproof eyeliner in black
Maybelline Color tattoo Bold Gold
Maybelline Color tattoo Bad to the Bronze
Pyhsicians Formula Happy Booster in Rose

Not the best pic, but it shows the eyeshadow well.

Hope you all are doing good. Im having a fabu weekend! I am headed to a Birthday party for my good friend's daughter. She is turning One. So much fun. Have a good Saturday and see you when I get back. ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NEW Physcian's Formula pH matchmaker blush in ROSE

Launching Officially this March 2012, Physicians Formula has new products to offer, from their new bronzers, blushers and liners to their first ever, Cosmeceutical line ranging from foundation to powders. I would like to try the foundation. It claims to "melt" into the skin, so I don't doubt it will do that and deliver skin looking foundation. They have a sister blush to this I believe, which is the the bronzer. Same packaging and everything. I might try it but I'm really wanting the Cashmere wear Ultra-smoothing blush in rose and natural.

I have owned a couple of items from Physicians Formula, and to this day, I have had no disappointments. Lets see if this review will continue on, its legacy, shall we?

I love a good pink blush. I believe, any girl would. Whether a coral pink, redish pink, any pink is good for me. I tend to gravitate more towards super bright, pigmented blushes because I can either apply lightly and get a soft pink, or apply heavily, and come up with a bold bright pink.

close up

pH adjusting blush in Rose:
I was so surprised with how this was packaged. They did a very good job at making it cute, attractive and this baby, can sell itself! Although it is pretty chunky and not travel bag friendly, With the dusted silver "lights" in the blush itself, to the LED lights, this blush is worth having in your bag.

-Makeup Powered by You!
-1st Ever Blush with pH Power Complex transforms into your perfectly personalized hue.
-Fluorescein Based Dye-senses the pH level of your skin & adjusts within 60 seconds to create your perfect blushing glow.
-Photochronic Powders-light adjusting pigments adapt to your environment so color looks the same indoors & outside.
-Look your Best in Every Light!
-LED-powered compact lights up and features a full-size mirror for touch-ups anywhere & everywhere!
They actually PROMISE to have to match your skin tone. That's a pretty big promise...

Okay, so this is a real account of what happened when I used this. 
I did my regular make-up routine (foundation, concealer) and went to apply this. Mind you, I had swatched this before hand, and knew it was pretty pigmented, but I guess I thought my blush brush wouldn't pick up the same amount that my finger did, so I swirled it around and applied to the apples of my cheeks..
Clown face alert.
I blended it out as best I could and noted to myself that I would blend it out more with powder after I was done with my other cheek. I applied to the other cheek (lightly, this time) and blended it normally. 

Okay, here's the surprising part..

I grabbed my face powder and was going to go back to the other cheek, and to my surprise, it looked like it matched the other side perfectly! No joke, guys! It really didn't look half-bad. So, I left it and thought nothing of it. Now that I'm writing this review, I had to share it, because I do believe that it really adjusted to my skin tone. I even swatched it with my finger this morning, and when I went to compare it to the PF Happy booster in Rose, I looked at my finger tip, & it looked like it had faded into my skin. Almost like a theBalm's Stainiac. It didn't look like it was a powdery at all. I would dare say, it was like it absorbed into my skin.

As far as the pigmentation goes, its velvety, has a tiny bit of dusty fallout, but overall, I would say, a great purchase and I was surprised and pleased, to say the least. The color is a bubblegum pink. Not too red, but not too pink. To my eyes, It has a tiny hint of coral in it. It also has silver micro flecks of shimmer in it.

 I apply my primer, foundation & concealer as usual. I lightly tap ( I stress, lightly. You can always go back and add more if you need to) the end of my blush brush in the pan and apply to the apples of my cheeks. I blend toward my ears in a circular motion. I usually add a tad more, even if it bright enough, because when I add my HD powder, it fades it out. I found that after my first time wearing this, the wear time is Phenomenal. I would say, on me, it lasted for about 6 hours without noticeable fading. The reason for 6 hours is because I had to take a shower at night and washed my face. The only fading was when the blush "absorbed" into my skin. Even then, it was still bright.

The brush is actually pretty soft and I won't be tossing it. I actually will keep it with the blush, just in case Olivia finds my brushes. (She loves taking my brushes and acting like she's putting on make-up)

The pH adjusting "claims" aren't the only gimmick in this package. It comes with LED lights, so just in case of blackout emergency, you can apply with breeze.

swatched, direct sunlight. You can see the silver overspray on the side of the swatch.

Swatched, it obviously looks alittle dusty, but I swear it absorbs into the skin. Like water to soil.

I did a comparison (above) w/ the Happy Booster blush in Rose. They are both bright pink, candy colors.

Overall, I really like this blush. The color is gorgeous. The LED lights, are a plus. I have only seen LED lights with the Toofaced mascara. The wear time is good and the price is okay, seeing as it's a drugstore product, maybe a tad expensive, at about 14 dollars. I will try and add a face photo of me wearing this, so you all can see how it looks on my skin.

What do you own anything from Physicians Formula line? Any likes or dislikes?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

e.l.f pigment eyeshadow in Golden goddess

If you are not familiar with e.l.f which is abbreviated for, Eyes, Lips, Face, you must be living under a rock...It is a super affordable make-up line that does the job well! I was first aware of this brand when shopping with my sister at Target. I tried out their concealer and highlighter, and since then, I have placed two online orders and have bought numerous times from Targets all over.
They have a Essential line, which is the cheaper, personal use line. They have the Studio line, which is geared toward more professional use, a tad bit more expensive but the quality is phenomenal and lastly they have a Mineral Line that I have started to look at because I want to try the lipsticks and eyeshadows as well.
I got this eye pigment in a Haul that I posted HERE for Christmas of 2011.
I also did a review on the Lipsticks that I bought for a dollar, HERE!

This picture below is using the Maybelline color tattoo pots and the e.l.f gold goddess pigment on top.

Its packaging isn't the worst. I like that you can see the product colour from the outside. The plastic bottom makes it look alot more expensive than it really is.  Like its glass, yet its not.
The fact that it came with a applicator brush was unexpected, because I thought it was just going to be just the pigment. I like that it did though. The lid is also plastic, which swivels around to open or close. 
I did NOT like the sifter for these particular pigments. I don't know if I was supposed to take the sifter off, but I did because there was no possible way the pigment was getting through those tiny holes. I banged and pounded on it when it was closed to see if any would fall through, and seriously, NONE fell through. So I took off the sifter and tossed it.

 As you can see, there are little hole marks in the eyeshadow because of me, seeing if I stuck a needle through the holes, it would make it bigger, so that I wouldn't have to forgo the sifter. Needless to say, it didn't work.

I probably should have held onto the sifter so that it would hold the eyeshadow back from getting all over everything, but oh well. :(

Pressed, this looks alot lighter. I mixed it around and it looks much darker than what it is. Natural sunlight.


Left to Right: blended after being swatched, swatched one time, swatched heavily

Half in the sun, half out, with soft flash

This is a picture of my finger tip, I had barely pressed down into the pigment and it stayed intact without all the shadow falling off.

Because the formula almost feels wet, you don't need a primer. However, if you layer this on, you will need a good primer to avoid fallout. The formula isn't as creamy and wet as a cream eyeshadow, but while adjusting the camera settings between photos, I tilted this to the side, not even remembering it was open and lucky me, it didn't even budge or spill out. Thank goodness!

I noticed that this actually looks like it is a duo-chrome. Do you see the green sheen from the photo above? I noticed it when I was in the shade, it appeared to have a greenish shine on top.

When I found that only three people had written a review on these pigments, I was surprised! I have heard RAVES about this eyeshadow, especially this colour, all over the blog board. All the ladies said they would repurchase.

When I visited the e.l.f site, I found there was alot more reviews on these pigments and they all loved this eyeshadow. The following highlighted excerpts were taken from elf.com:

4.0 stars out of 5 stars (based on 98 reviews)
  • Easy to apply, Long lasting, Good pigmentation, Good value, Smooth look
  • Messy, Difficult to apply, Wears off easily, Fades, Flakes

Being that this is a Studio line and only three dollars, you can't really beat the price for the product.
Based on the application and ease of use, I would love to try these in other colours, and would like to try the Matte pigments as well.

Right now I am working on a Valentines day Handprint pillow for my hubby from my daughter. It is cute, but I am not the most experienced sewer. :) lol. I want to have a post up in a day or so, so if your interested, check back and I will show you my Martha Stewart-ness. :)

Do you own this or any elf pigments that you love or hate? Have any loose pigments you want to recommend?
Share below.
  (Disclaimer: I purchased this product for review with my own money)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Guest Post for Looking beautiful while battling an ugly thing called cancer + TIPS!

   Having my Great Grandfather pass away to Cancer, I could not pass up this opportunity to have a guest talk about Cancer and how to remain positive and beautiful. Please take a second to read this post below and comment or post any question that you may have. Thank-you so much.
Feel Beautiful, Look Beautiful!
By: Jackie Clark

When a woman feels comfortable in her own skin, her beauty is obvious to all those around her. Inner confidence radiates throughout a woman's entire being, making her appear beautiful, graceful and at ease with herself. While some women naturally feel comfortable in their own skin, others have to work at it. Women with certain cancers, such as mesothelioma, may need a confidence boost more than the average woman. It's understandable, that these women may be too focused on health and wellness to worry about outer appearances. For these women, things like doctor appointments, prognosis and treatments may take precedence over style. However, these women, especially, can reap the benefits of experimenting with fashion and beauty products.

Even if you're not the kind of woman who keeps up with current style trends, you can still have fun experimenting with different wardrobe choices. For example, if you've had your current style for years and are comfortable in your clothes, perhaps you could try adding a few new accessories to spice up your wardrobe. Belts, bags, shoes and statement jewelry can bring new life to your wardrobe, making you feel stylish and confident. And if you're looking for a new look altogether, don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try different things. You never know what will look good on you until you try it on!

When it comes to makeup, experimenting with different products and trends can be a fun, even liberating, experience. Some women adhere to the "less is more" rule of makeup, while others prefer a more dramatic look. No matter your makeup habits and preferences, you can benefit from trying new products, trends and techniques. For example, a smokey eye is a great look for nearly all women. You can use darker shades for evening, and lighter, more neutral colors for daytime. When going for a more dramatic eye, remember to keep lips and cheeks more on the natural side. Opt for a soft pink or peach blush and a clear gloss for lips to really let your eyes pop!

Red lips can make a woman feel beautiful and glamorous, no matter her circumstances. For darker, olive complexions, use a red with warm undertones, such as maroon or berry. For pale skin, try a true red with cooler undertones or pinkish reds. To offset bright lips, keep eye and face makeup minimal.

Organic beauty products have become increasingly popular in recent years. These completely natural and chemical-free products appeal to woman of all kinds, especially those who are more conscious of health and body issues. These products are great for sensitive skin, as well as for women who want to steer clear of potentially harmful chemicals.

All women deserve to feel beautiful, confident and powerful. Women with cancer are no exception. The most important thing is to have fun with your looks! And remember, inner confidence always shows on the outside!

I also want to add, that even though cancer is ugly, it doesn't make any one ugly who has it. It makes them even more radiant because they are stripped of things like clear skin and full head of hair, yet they still contain hope and life despite having cancer and to that I say, Keep fighting2`. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo by eyestudio in: Painted Purple, Edgy Emerald, & Bold Gold!

I cannot believe how many new products are coming out this year! From Physician's formula's line, Milani, Covergirl, Loreal and everything in between! I guess its because I just started blogging a couple of months ago and now Im aware of all the "new" stuff.  It makes me want to try everything. I knocked down two lust list items already with my post on the New Loreal Infalliable 24 hour eye shadows which I did a review on HERE.

Aren't they GORG-GOUUESSS???!!!

How I wore it:

I wore the the bold gold mainly on the inner top eyelid, and kept it pretty neutral blending towards my crease and outer lid. 

I used Loreal infalliable eyeshadow in continuous cocoa for the crease and outer V.

I also smudged some of the bold gold on the bottom of my lower lashes to do the full effect of golden goddess-like look.

I love using gold because it has the lightness of shine so that it's not too dark, but it still adds depth when the light isn't hitting it.

Below is a close up and shows where I placed the Bold gold on my eyelid.

I did apply a very light dusting of e.l.f losse pigment in Golden goddess to set the shadow and give extra shine.

Okay, so I cried a tear (a dry one) that I couldn't find the Tough as Taupe. Seriously, I NEED IT ASAP!!! I CANNOT for the life of me, find it anywhere, or come to think of it, not the whole collection of Maybelline color tattoos. I only find morsels left buy other shoppers, when they know I am Starving for it!
Okay, I'm not starving, but I have been on the lookout for it every time I go to the store, which is basically every week

Formula: The formula is a buttery semi solid eyeshadow that when first touched, is definitely a cream, but when dried on the lid or where ever applied, it sets and does not smear. Therefore, it is important to apply these quickly and accurately.
Bold gold
Bold Gold: Ahh, a gold that is not only brilliant, but bold, as well! What a clever name. I liked this one because on lazy days, I throw on gold/bronze make-up and done. This on was very easy to swatch but left me with tons of shimmer. I didn't particularly like that so much. I am getting back into the Matte eyeshadows.

Painted purple: Can you see from the swatch that it was patchy?
Painted Purple: Okay, so this was the hardest one to swatch. I dunno if it was because of the formula, but I would advise using a primer with this on because it will help blend it out better and not have such a drying effect when blending.
I would describe as a violet shimmering purple that has a medium level of shimmer. Not too much though. I really like that it didn't lean all the way over to glitter effect.
The color is so vibrant and bold that I need only one layer. However, it does apply patchy like I mentioned, so make sure to use liberally so that you have no skin showing through.

Edgy emerald
Edgy Emerald: I got two of these because...dun dun dun! Another giveaway Item?... I dunno!!!..You'll have to see! I love this sea foam green. The shine and shimmer on it, compliments the color so well. In the pot, it looks like its has a tiny tiny gold shimmers, but it really has tons of different colored shimmers in it. I like that this has shimmer, but is more of a muted shimmer than over-the-top-too-much shimmer look.

ALERT, ALERT!!: I heard through the grapevine that they are coming out with Mattes on these, so don't quote me, but I would drool if they were going to have them made in mattes. That would complete me. :)

Makeupalley.comrated 4.4(112 reviews)
After looking through the reviews for negative comments or posts, The only ones I could find, weren't even relevant to the reviewing product. Many compared it to the MAC paint pots, and I too, was very curious to try them out because they were compared to them. But honestly, the negative reviewers on Makeupalley, I thought, just wanted to say they suck because they are high end snobs or just want to be different. I love these eye-shadows and plan on getting TWO of every kind. Maybe even THREE, for fear of discontinuation.

Like I mentioned above, I did set the Bold gold with a light layer of pigment powder so I do know these last for a while with a setting on top. However, a couple of days ago, I wore turquoise accessories and I paired the Edgy Emerald eyeshadow cream with theBalms Caught in the act courtnery as the crease shadow. I used my finger to pat it in, as a brush applicator would not give the full effect. I didn't know if these would mesh, but I lightly applied theBalm eyeshadow and blended well, and BAM! Looked perfect. (tooting my own horn, here, Toot Toot!)
I even had to scratch my eyelid because my bangs were itching it and I poked my eyelid (that's how I scratch it with make-up on so it won't mess it up) and GUESS WHAT!? I looked at my finger and absolutely nothing was on it. Didn't smudge, smear, wipe off or fade. When this stuff sets, IT SETS!
(tooting my own horn, here, Toot Toot!)
I also like the fact that these are glass. It makes them seem Higher end and more durable. I also like the sound the top and the pot make together when twisting it. (im weird?)
If you don't own these, or have been holding out. STOP IT!!! Own at least one now, so you can try it out yourself and stop listening to me, blabbling about them!

So, after all that, what do you think? own 'em or over 'em?
Share below.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hard Candy, Stay in line!

Even the best routines, get tired of the same-ole at some point. 
You knooooow what I'm saying... You like a make-up routine but want something different. A spark of color or a hint of sassy. Well I will introduce you to something that is different but also will still help you stay in line...
(lol, do you watch Family guy where peter always says " uh, uh...he said it!!!" when the title of a movie is said in the movie....hahaha, okay, im done)

I am always on the lookout for better and creamier quality eyeliners that aren't 100 dollars, because I use eyeliners quite a bit and I would hate to shell out 30 bucks everytime I run out. I mean seriously, What a DRAG.
I have liked Hard Candy products from day one, because of my first run in with their eyeshadow in Lunar eclipse that I did a review on HERE.
Also, please excuse the bad photos on that review above. I had just started blogging and had NO IDEA how to work a camera, except for on, off and flash. LOL!

I picked up Hard Candy Stay in Line-Black pearl

the smudger actually works incredibly well
‘Not much of a liquid liner lover? Stay in Line is a new formula that infuses our Lash Grow Serum into a mechanical pencil for the first time ever! The self-sharpening retractable pencil allows for easy, smooth application. These must-have pencils are available in basic, bright and shimmering shades. 6 beauty editor-named to choose from and only $5 each.’- HardCandy.com

Although this does have glitter particles in it, as you can see, it did not apply gritty or rugged. It felt like a normal creamy liner, but sans the glitter.
The black is black but because of my skin, it looks kinda purple. Black pearl is a good name for this because I imagine it black, but the glitter is little pearls in it.

First swatch and second swatch is heavily swatched

I actually got two of these, simply because, I want to do a giveaway soon.
I love doing reviews and connecting the Giveaway, so that if you are interested in the Giveaway, you can click on my past review, to see if you want to enter or not. :)

Line eyes with maximum control with Hard Candy Stay In Line Eyeliner, a precise mechanical eyeliner and smudger. The self-sharpening retractable pencil allows for easy, smooth application. Each liner is infused with growth serum to promote long-term lash growth."- walmart.com

When first opened, I would advise, swatching it out over the back of your hand or arm. It first applies dry and hard but when warmed up, it is very creamy and glides and slides, easily on.
Because this doesn't have a sharpener included, if you have a mechanical eyeliner sharper, I would suggest keeping it handy, when using this liner. It gets dull and you might like it sharp at all times, especially if you are going for the sleek and sultry, cat-eye look.

This claims to have a lash infused serum (a first from them) that is infused with Amino Acid and Protein laced lash serum that is similar to their Walk the Line 24 hour lash grow system. I Highly doubt this "serum" will actually work, but hey, I am willing to try, seeing as how I don't have the bushiest lashes.  ;)
I just will avoid it on my lower waterline. I mean, if the lash serum does work, I would be scratched to DEATH from new lashes sprouting in my eye.

I couldn't find anything on Make-upalley.com so I'm guessing that

I wore this last week and let me tell you, This liner did NOT smudge on my eyes. I was surprised because for 5 bucks, I underestimated it.

I would really like to try out Santorini, which is a deep baby blue with a hint of teal in it. It looks so pretty and vibrant.
Do you own any Hard candy liners or products? Any favorites or fails? Share below!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

wet N wild Mega Last Matte lipsticks in Just peachy and Pink suga'!

Whoever can resist a pretty lipstick, I give you TONS of kudos.
I have been trying not to buy lipsticks because I really don't need any but I figured for about 3 bucks each, what's the big deal?..haha, im a great debater.

My bad, I switched the names around.
I have never tried wetNwild lipsticks before. I have wanted to though, because I figured, If they are made anything like their eyeshadows, then count me in, BABAY!!!
wetNwild have the best pigmentation, application and velvet-y touch BY FAR! I mean, even better than my beloved NARS eyeshadows. (that's saying alot for me). 
I even swatched them together, and the wNw preformed with 10 stars, while the "other"ahem,  brands needed a harder touch to pick up just as much as the wNw ones.

My bad, I mismarked these. Switch the names around and it's right. So the pink suga is actually called just peachy and the same goes for the other.
Okay first things first, the fall-backs of the this product. 
The freakin name of the lipstick isn't on the main packaging, its on the plastic wrapper that you peel off and throw away. 
I mean, numbers for the name, but no where on it does it say the name like just peachy or pink suga. I will forget numbers easily, if you want people to buy your product again or be able to remember it by a cute name like pink suga or just peachy, PRINT THE NAME ON THE LIPSTICK!!! I swear, this made me so mad! I had to google the 903c and find out the name of it again. 
If you don't care about names, then you probably think I'm crazy, but I guess I'm so used to having the name on the package so If I like it enough, I will re-purchase it without having to jot down or memorize each number and worry If I got a number wrong when purchasing another one.
Okay, done with that rant...
Moving on.

When I tried these, I knew I was having de-ja-vu because just peachy looked like NYX Orange Soda that I bought a couple of years ago. I don't have it anymore, but I believe this would be a dupe!

From wetnwildbeauty.com: Lips take center stage! This 4-hour, longwearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke. Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn't cake, feather, or bleed. Made with hydrating skin-care ingredients: Hyaluronic Microspheres provide extraordinary adhesion to lips, an exclusive polymer complex offers cushion-like feel and texture, and natural marine plant extracts Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins A & E help smooth lips.

When it says it glides on easily and it doesn't cake, it is all very true. I usually have a big problem with creamy lipsticks because I have tons of wrinkles on my lips so creamy lipsticks tend to magnify this problem especially if the color is light, like the ones I got. However, all I do is smack my lips together and it blends in because its on been wiped on, its almost like my lips blotted it.
Pigmentation, pretty awesome. I mean these were not a dollar, so I did expect at least some pigmentation, so I would say they didn't disappoint.
The thing I mostly loved about these, was that they are completely matte. No shimmer, no shiny, no glitter, No problem! I sometimes feel that shiny frosty lipsticks make it look..a bit..ahem..cheap. I think it's because when I was little (13/14 yrs) I would buy cheapo lipsticks and they all contained frosty, shimmery flecks. Ughh! I have yet to find a good frosted lipstick. If you know of a pink or nude one, let me know!

The wear time on the Just peachy was about 2 and a half hours. That's with drinking, no eating. It faded into my lips considerably, but I didn't reapply, I just put gloss back on top.

Makeupalley.com71 reviews

Click on the link to see what everyone said above, but mostly everyone would repurchase this product. They were amazed with the pigmentation and the quality. I will for sure. I would like to get sugar plum or other darker colors to test out the vibrancy and color fade wear.

I noticed these look like my LeBalm balms that I have and not the typical point nose lipsticks, that mostly every lipstick has. It was different, but the packaging looks like it will get banged up pretty quickly because of the plastic clear lid.

Makeupally.comrated 4.4(21 reviews)

This lipstick, on me, was a huge fail! I don't know if its because my undertone is yellow so this was a no-no on my lips. Also, my lips are pretty pigmented, so maybe I need to use MAC lip eraser..or get a tan.

Makeupalley.comrated 3.7(65 reviews)

Just peachy applied looking like a dream. I was trying to compare it to a lipstick I have already, but I had none! That's a relief. I love that this neutralized my lip color, while still giving me a pinky toned lipstick.

Also, they really should switch the names of these lipsticks. If you noticed, pink suga' has no hint of pink in it, and Just peachy, really looks pinky.

 (EDIT): I wore Just peachy lightly today and I like it alot. Not heavily applied though. Lightly swiped and a coat of sparkle gloss on top or you can even use a pink nude gloss to lighten it up to a mauvey pink.

 Overall, I would buy these again, but different colors. Like I said, darker ones. I wasn't impressed too much with Just peachy and as for Pink suga'? It didn't float my boat AT ALL. I would recommend getting these, but EXFOLIATE first and don't be afraid to add Carmex or lip balm as a base. It will make it glossier and help with the product sinking into the wrinkles or lines you have, if you even have any.
TIP: I have religiously used Carmex lipbalm for the last 2 years back when I noticed my lips were very sensitive to the air and peeled alot. Ever since, I have had no cracks and minimal peeling, and the peeling is only when I stop using it. If you apply a super thick coat before bed, I SWEAR, (if your not a bed roller-arounder) that it will still be on in the morning after 12 hours). I always do this. Every night. 

How do you wear your wetNwild lipsticks? Do you like any particular shade?
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