Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Great Grandpa got his angel wings.

You never really know what you have until its gone.
Isn't that the famous saying, that isn't true until it happens to you?...
 I hate this saying.

Recently, my great Grandpa Grow's health been on a downward spiral and a couple of days ago, he passed away. I don't usually share pieces of my life that are this public or close to me, but seeing as how my blog is more like a diary and makes me feel better, I wanted to let it out alittle. I was never really close with my Great Grandpa, as I should have been.

I should have visited more often, I should have called once in a while, I should have made the time to see him, I should done ALOT of things and for this I will forever hate a part of me because of the neglect, on my behalf.

Great Grandpa Grow and his great great grandson, Alex.

 My mom was adopted by some people who did not deserve to be parents, and I don't consider them my Grandparents or any type of relative, at all. I'm sure they don't consider me anything to them, and that is how I want it. 
They abused her, and her adopted siblings, physically, emotionally and mentally. I don't care to really explain or go into all of that. The main thing I know is that my Grandpa Grow, while my mom was under their care, provided a safe place and comfort for my mom, when she visited him because he was always so nice and caring towards her.
He and his wife would show her sweetness that she deserved but never got.

My brother, Great Grandpa Grow, my sister and her son, alex

Alittle about my family.
Like I mentioned, my mom is adopted and has no idea who her real parents are or if they are alive. So on my mom's side of the family, We have no blood relatives, and on my father's side of the family, I have never met my father so we also have no blood relatives. When I say we, We is, My mom, my brother, my sister and me. That's it. Four people in our blood family (not counting grand-babies)
That is the reason why losing anyone that we are close to or we regard as family, hurt.

My great grandpa had a long and full life. From what I know, he was a Coal miner, a Military vet, he ran a farm by himself at a very young age, he last graduated from the 4th grade, he loved playing the harmonica, and he died of Congestive heart failure. He made the choice to have his body donated to science, which I think was really neat, because not everyone lives to 102 years old.
Alot is still not known about his whole life, because it was so long and everybody has snippets of his life, but for what I do know, he was a great man, great dad, and great grandpa.

Our last days with him, were alittle short of torture. His conservative guardian was a heartless man and the nursing home that my grandpa was in, has alot of issues and made our last days with him, unpeaceful.
I don't want to go into it, so I will just say, they were very rude and insensitive.

I never have had a family member die, so even though I was preparing for his death, I was not ready for so much tears. Only today, am I feeling better, more like myself, as I have been in a slump. We hope to soon have a personal memorial for him because, seeing as how his body was donated to science, he has no memorial plot or any earthly remains left.

If you read to the end of this, I thank you for taking the time to stop by and continue reading. I have been MIA, and the reason being was because life came up. I have alot to catch up on, so please bare with me.

*update* I received tons of well wishes and emails, and did not make them public, as they are for me. I appreciate all the love, understanding & support I have received. Thank you everyone

If I leave you with nothing with this post, please, just take time out of your day and go visit a older relative or even a younger one. You never know when you won't be able to anymore.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses in Pink Ice, Strawberry fraise, Peony & Hot Pink!

Gloss, Gloss, and alittle more Gloss!!!
I believe you can never have too much of any good lip product. You are constantly wiping it off all day (eating, drinking, talking etc) so it's a no brainer to have more than one tube of gloss in your purse. Especially, if your like me, I honestly counted out, and I have 9, YES, NINE Different colours of lipgloss in my purses. Its in the big side pocket of my purse because it keeps them all in one place so I can grab one easily without digging through the bottom of my bag. I'm constantly rotating my glosses and lipsticks so that I use most of them, at least once. ;)

The one main thing that attracted me to these was the packaging..Ah, yes, the creative packaging!
I love the criss cross frosted look of the caps on all the Revlon lipsticks and glosses. It makes it have a high end look. The fact that you can see through the whole bottle of the gloss, is a plus, because you see what colour each is, without having to look for it, and you see exactly how much is left.I actually have two more of these colorburst glosses but I can't find them and I don't know what their colours are. I just know one is a nudey-brown and the other in a more lavender colour.


The other main reason I love these, is because the pigment!
If you are looking for a gloss that can act as both a lipstick that delivers colour, and a gloss that delivers shine, make sure you grab one of these, because both lipstick and gloss is not needed. Especially if your in a hurry and don't have time to apply both. Although, If you are looking for a longer wearing look, I would add a lipstick for a base and the gloss on top, to lock it in.

Colours and textures:

My first purchase was the Pink Ice. I really didn't like how the applicator was because I had to dip it in a couple of times, just to get a good amount of shine on my lips. The colour is a cooled down pink that actually looks blueish because its so cool. Its pretty and great for a top gloss for really any lipstick. It has big chunks of silver glitter that play up the blue undertones. I played it safe with this soft pink because it is a natural pink that is pretty sheer, but I was determined to try a bolder look.

The next purchase was the Peony. When I saw this, I instantly thought this couple be a drugstore dupe for The NARS Orgasm Lipgloss. I was wrong though, because these contain larger glitter flecks and the NARS is a finely milled formula. This is more sheer than the NARS lipgloss. The colour is a peachy-pink gold glitter gloss. It is definitely not opaque, but its also not the sheerest of formulas. I like that even if I wear this on my lips, with just the gloss, it holds the moisture, even if the thicker shiny part has been wiped away.

My last two purchases were similar, being that they are bright and bold!
Starting with Hot pink, which is a raspberry barbie pink, is a pink addicts perfect gloss! This gloss is a must have if you are looking for not only a pop of colour, but alot of girly sparkly glitter gloss!
The best part about these lipstick if that they are non sticky all the way! Meaning, apply how much you want, and avoid the stingy cheese like lines that happen with mediocre glosses, when you talk.
This and the strawberry gloss had the best pigmentation, even being swatched just one time.

Strawberry is such a beautiful bright pink-red gloss that is a perfect match for any fire engine lipstick. It almost looks like a red coral to me. All of these contain large glitter flecks, so if you are afraid of glitter, I'd say keep these in mind, but be wary that if you apply too much, it could be overload.

 Make-upalley.com:  40 reviews
Alittle more than half said they would re-purchase.
I definitely will be. I plan on getting all of the colours, and repurchasing Pink Ice because it looks great over nude lipsticks.

Heavily swatched, especially for the pink ice gloss

Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss ($7.49 for 0.20 fl. oz.) described as:
“weightless gloss, makes lips pop with 5x more shine than patent leather.” It’s intended to yield mirror-like shine with rich color & a weightless feel. It also includes moisturizers and anti-oxidants such as sweet almond oil and vitamin E.
The awesome thing about this line of gloss is that it includes fifteen different shades, so anyone can find a love among these.

Sorry about the lighting. It's not the best.
With these applicators, I really don't like the indented doe foot applicator. I would love if they change it to the brush type applicator, but this won't stop me from buying these.
As for the smell and taste..This has no taste (to me) which is awesome because I hate tasting really bad flavored lipstick or gloss. It makes me want to take it off.
The smell..eh, I couldn't smell anything. But I must admit, sometimes, my nose doesn't work, so I guess that doesn't really help. :)
(FYI, Alot of ladies said these smelled like Vanilla)

 It's been cloudy and sprinkling the last couple of days, so I couldn't get good pictures of these on my lips. When I do, I will update this post with the pictures, so make sure you check back to see how I wore them.

What do you think? Will you be getting these or do you own them already?
Share below!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Steve Madden: Snakeprint slingbacks

If were following the Animal Print this season, you know it was all about different styles of Leopard, Zebra, and snakeskin. There were tons of ways to style a pair of loafers, or a cute stylish scarf, but the way you wore your Animal print shoes had to take center stage.  
I have these snakeskin slingbacks and I also have Rough Justice Leopard print sling backs, which I did a review on HERE.

Before I start, I want to admit, for a while, I was addicted to shoes. No joke. I bought a pair basically every weekend. I finally got over buying everyone I liked. I only will buy if I need them. Like lately, I needed boots, because all my closed toe's are too small, after having my daughter.

Now that I'm done buying every cute shoe I see, I am pretty happy with my collection. I have any type of shoe, for any occasion. Although, I am lusting after the Steve Madden Viktoree in ALL COLOURS, if you want to see them click HERE.

Because these are closed toed, and since I wore them around the house for a little bit, I would suggest not wearing these for more than a couple of hours. My toes kept hitting the tip from walking, and in return kind of made my toes sore. :( 

 One of the ways I plan of wearing these is, I have a wedding to go to in May, so I want to kind of go for a simple sexy gown but have these babies on. I kinda liked how Kourtney Kardashian wore these. She's wearing Black label Chiffon Sweet dress which is pretty inexpensive ($170 dollars) and Python Louboutins, which are very expensive, more than a thousand dollars :)
  I am going to pack these for our trip coming up to Napa Valley, so I will make sure I get a Picture of the whole outfit, so If you like these, watch for an OOTD. 

What I really liked about these heels, is that they are sling backs, with adjustable straps. My right foot is bigger than my left by about a centimeter. However when wearing heels, I can feel that difference like its a couple of inches, difference. That's why I always size up, so that I can add gel inserts and accommodate my big a** right foot.  The adjustable straps make it so that both feet can comfortably fit nicely, with out being shoved in there like sausages.

Don't laugh at my foot! It looks chubby, but it isn't really that chubby...tear :')  LOL!
Remember, Heels don't have to hurt! I barely found this out. I always was hurting in my heels after an hour or so, but there are so many products to add to your shoe to make it much more comfortable. I now can say, that I wear heels when ever we go out. Shopping at the grocery store, to visit family, even to go to run errands. I feel that it up's your look by 50% percent. Big girls,skinny girls, average girls, tall girls, short girls, any body can wear heels. When I was heavier, it was harder for me to wear them because after a while they felt like needles, but its all about how you wear them and if you wear them with confidence.

The heel is about 5 inches high and almost an Inch thick. The platform is One inch and a half. I can't remember how much I bought these for, but I do remember it wasn't cheap. My husband thought they were sexy, so he got them for me. Aww, I'm so spoiled! Thanks babe. 

Did you hope on board the Animal print train? Are you still riding it?
Comment below!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless eye Corrector & Concealer!

Oh, how I hate dark under eye circles.
Almost as if my eyeshadow smudged under my eye from the night before, But unlike pretty eyeshadow,  its not a pretty sight. I have always struggled with circles under the eyes, sometimes I even get puffiness, which typically goes away after waking up, But hey, I'm trying to help you conceal one problem here, not two! :)
 The good news is that not only is this a review for a concealer, its a review for both the Covergirl &  Olay Corrector and for the Concealer!!!
 YAY! I knocked down two birds with one post. 

I bought the corrector shade first because I already have a good concealer that conceals my darkness just fine. When I got home though, I figured its only fair to use the recommended concealer in conjunction with the corrector to find out the outcome of using sister products together, so I went back and bought the concealer.
So therefore, I will be reviewing the Corrector first.

^That white stuff on my lashes is previous white liner that wouldn't come off. Sorry it looks gross.
This is my bare naked under right eye with no foundation, no concealer, no corrector, nothing on here, but my skin. You can see my light purple bag and discolored skin here.

The picture here, is showing where I apply it. I apply it liberally right below my eye and blend it out toward the end of my eye. I also apply it to my brow bone to camouflage any stray hairs and make a good canvas for eyeshadows.

I patted and blended with my index finger so that I have just enough pressure to blend but don't blend too much. You don't want to blend it all away.
You can also use a stippling brush or damp beauty blender to even it out.

As you can see it is very yellow toned but it blends out very nicely.

Corrector applied

Taken from Amazon.com (corrector):
-----This unique formula transforms from solid to liquid on contact with skin, creating a liquid "suspension" that floats over your skin's surface without gathering in wrinkles or texture. The Olay Regenerist serum infused in the formula has a combination of vitamins, skin conditioners and anti-oxidants that help improve skin texture----

-Fixes dark circles
-good prep step before concealer and foundation to eliminate redness/ dark bags. 
-can be worn without the concealer (meaning, it doesn't need the concealer to do its job). I do this regularly. 

- one shade
-dries fast

It literally glides onto your skin like butter and almost feels slick. Not that that's bad, just very VERY buttery??
 What I didn't like, was, that literally 6 seconds after it touching my face, it started drying up.
Maybe too fast? I like to use my fingers to apply my concealer and I could feel how fast it was drying. Almost as if it was puttering along instead of gliding.
I like that it is very pigmented and you can add more for more coverage, however, you really don't need more than a swatch full if your like me. If you do plan on using more, and when I say more, I mean A TON more, it will only look cakey and thick. Sorry, but true.

Make-up alley reviews: (36 reviews)

The corrector is yellow based and swirled with Olay formula. Don't worry! The white actually blends invisible so it doesn't even affect the color of the shade you chose. Which is naturally a plus because you don't really want to go home and find out its 5 shades too light for you, do you??
Both corrector and concealer have a look of swirled ice cream ( Im hungry, obviously) or as others have said "peppermint style". I think this is attractive since its so different. What surprised me too is that there is ONLY ONE shade for the corrector. That's great news for me because its perfect shade for me, but what If I was darker or lighter? This would just not work if I wasn't the shade I am. I guess I should just feel lucky.

On to the Concealer...

  This is applied right on top of the Corrector shade.

The above picture is with both the corrector and concealer.

Lets be honest!
Choosing a good concealer is far from easy but always worth it. If you choose wrong, you could end up enhancing your flaws!!
Oh, the terror!
To choose a good concealer, the best way is to buy it first, seeing as how if you swatch it on your hand, it won't be much help because the skin that you are trying to cover up on your face is a different color. You can use a swatch to access what the main undertones are and what the formula is.
Apply it and go outside or in bright light. If you look worse than before applying it, its not for you.

The advantages are:
-Brighter eyes
-slimming effect, if done correctly
-flawless skin
-skin protective elements if thickly applied to block out the suns rays, even more if it has SPF in it
- and did I mention flawless skin?

The Disadvantages:
-You might have the wrong shade for the concealer and ENHANCE imperfect skin
-If you have "mature skin, this will make your lines even more visible
-drys quickly
-Only 4 shades to chose from

I'm glad I got the concealer because I needed to venture out past where I'm comfortable. This concealer is super creamy and pigmented. I chose a very light color, so I might need to go back and get a slightly darker shade. When in doubt, I found out, always get the darker shade. This one also has the swirls of Olay formula and is in a plastic pot.
What I didn't like was that the concealer has a pinkish tint in it, so it makes my skin look unnaturally light if I put too much. I don't know if its because I got a wrong colour or its too light. 
Make-up alley reviews: (111 reviews)

I have been using these for the past 10 months and they are still going strong. I like to use alot because I want flawless under eyes and these will def be a repurchase for me because of what they do and how long they last. They work well by themselves and together.  I literally have more than half left, and that's pretty significant because I am a concealer freak!

*******UPDATE #2******
I have had these for 15 months and use them religiously. I actually started to love the concealer more than the corrector, which is strange because I swore by the corrector shade. Some of my favorite concealers to date include the Sonia Kashuk concealer palette, the Maybelline age rewind concealer and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. If you are worried that these pots will start to dry out or crack. No they don't dry up, but yes, I have noticed cracking in mine. I still have yet to even hit pan.
I noticed that when I apply alot, it creases in my under eye wrinkles. I think its a given for ANYONE with wrinkles under the eye that it will do that. You can also set with a translucent powder to prevent creasing. Overall, I would still purchase again, but I doubt I will, as it seems I have collected quite a few more concealers since originally writing this post.
Almost two years later, and I found out they are discontinuing this line. Grab them if you can. I found a backup at Target for $6!!! Seriously, don't miss it.

Overall, I will buy these again.
They are kind of expensive for being drugstore, but if you go on Amazon.com, you can get the subscribe and save price for almost 9 bucks, which is pretty awesome, compared to the retail $14 dollar price tag.
 I would recommend these if you are looking for a good concealer and an excellent corrector. Even if I don't buy the concealer again, this is a great corrector. I will use this for blemishes and freckles too!

What do you think? Do you own one or the other? Love or hate?
Comment below!

   (Disclaimer: I bought everything mentioned here)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The versatile blogger award from Miranda

I was surprised at what happens when you enter the blogging world. I have a new hobby, I meet great new people, I am able to buy make-up for a reason, theres tons of giveaways to enter, and you explore your creative side, whether it be make-up looks, or editing photos. 
This is the very first award I was given to when I started my blog. Its Miranda, check her out HERE!! She is a Country babe, who really is a sweet person and has a cute blog on all things ranging from nails, make-up and more!!
Her award for me was the Versatile Blogger award!!

I was so excited to be apart of a award because to me, that means, I am touching reaching each of you, a different way. :)
The Rules:
1: Thank the person who nominated you and give them a shout out on your blog with a link to their blog.

2: Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3: Send on the award to 15 bloggers whose blogs that you appreciate and then let them know that they have won the award.

My 7 random facts:
1: I swear WAYY too much. I have such a potty mouth sometimes. Especially driving. LOL. I am changing though, for my 1 year old daughter, so that she won't say bad words either. Its hard though, because sometimes a bad word just fits what I feel.

2: I am VERY Indecisive. Example, I want to place an order for make-up online. I make a list, go to work looking up swatches and what people had to say about it. Add it to my cart. Wait three or four days before going back and seeing if I still want that item. If I do, I re-look at swatches to make sure that I REALLY do want it. Then I place the order. When I get the order, either I love it or hate it.

3: Since having a baby, I cry really easy when things touch my heart. When I see things about kids that get hurt or cry, it makes me think of my own daughter and how sad that would make me if it happened to her. 

4:I was Supposed to join the ARMY when I was 19, but I had to wait, because I was alittle overweight. While I was on my way to losing weight, I met my now-husband and asked me to stay, so I did. I don't regret it at all.

5: Now that you know about the ARMY, I can tell you, alot of people when I was in highschool judged me because I was pretty and they thought I was a stuck -up B*tch, but when they got to know me I'm pretty funny, and laid back. People think I am such a girly girl, when really, I am very mellow and would rather be doing laid back things. I'd rather be a firefighter, getting dirty, than a model, paid to be pretty.

6:  I have an addiction to watching treadmill falls...or even anything with people falling or tripping. Not the mean videos on youtube where a person actually gets hurt. But the ones that are funny and the people are laughing too. I love looking up funny videos on Youtube. Click HERE to see my all time favorite one. Seriously, Just watch it once, you will want to repeat it 10 times. SOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!

7: I hate scary movies, and I'm still afraid of the dark. I have some bad memories of when I was a kid. My mom scarred me for life about being scared of the dark. Ugghh, I have to sleep with night lights all over the house, and I swear theRing movie was the scariest movie of all time. I used to be able to watch Scary movies with my husband, but now I don't because I always have nightmares.

Now to pass on the award!

I cannot just put 15 bloggers, and plus I want to get this up before I leave, so I pass this on to all of you! I love all your blogs, so if you want take this and copy and paste it and fill in the info for you. I love getting to know beauty bloggers for more than just what they think on a product. :)
Hope you ladies are having a good week so far. I am having a great one.

Just a couple of pics...:)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here's the Big Mama!

I own tons of items from theBalm line (which you might be tired of, or love) so this was a purchase was to test out both, the Hot mama blush that is part of this trio, that I did a review on here.

theBalm Big mama
 Although all theBalm products I have bought were good quality, this ones packaging, seemed messy, however, I know the product has nothing to do with the packaging, so with that being said, The product is great!
The other reason I bought this trio is because I wanted to try out the bronzer. Although I have a good bronzer I use already (rimmel shimmer bronzer) I was looking for a dark one with no shimmer.
I love to contour so this seemed like a no-brainer when it came to dark non-orange bronzer sans the shimmer. It includes Bahama mama bronzer, Hot mama shadow/blush and Sexy mama powder

I figured for about 42 dollars, this would be a good trio to try out. I got it on Amazon.com (my favorite site) to be redirected click here
Shipping was good amount of time (7 days wait time)and arrived in good condition.

What I love about theBalm products is that they deliver pretty consistent products that are good quality. I fell in love with the packaging, although not the most expensive materials(cardboard) it makes for easy access with it magnetic closer and good size mirror included in all of palettes and most of the single item products as well. Also you can always use the product as a eyeshadow too, except for the sexy mama powder. :)

Again, I fully swatched them here, so check it out if you haven't already.

I actually already bought the full size products of both the Hot mama blush and the Bahama Mama blush and the oil free powder is not something I would buy again. I didn't think it really did anything terrific for me. I might have to blog sale this because I really won't use it now that I have the others. 

Would I recommend buying this trio? eh, only if you want to try out all three products at once. Other than that, if you know you love one item more than the others, buy the single blush, bronzer, or powder by itself if you really want it, because now I have this trio, and I really won't use it. :(

So I have been not posting as much, because once again, I am very busy. I have alot of cool exciting posts coming up, but I have been trying to take a break because my eyes and head have been hurting. My eyes get really dry, staring at this screen, so I let them rest a bit. Stay tuned my lovies!!!

Do you own any of these in full size? Do you like 'em?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Be prepared to be amazed by a dollar...Tons of photos!

I couldn't pass up any of these $1 dollar lipsticks because, seriously, $1 dollar? Com'on, that's the reason right there. I have seen a couple of bloggers talk about them and use them, so I figured, might as well try them too since I'm placing an order already. I really liked classy in some of the photo swatches so that's why there's two. However, now that I have the order here in front of me, I am liking Nostalgic because it is such a pretty nude lippie.
Top to Bottom: classy, classy, nostalgic, and flirtatious
I have seen these at my local Target but I honestly didn't even think these were lipsticks, so I always browsed right on by them. Now though, I realize what they are. I guess I thought they were eye-shadows or something because of the packaging. (WTH??)
I like that you can see the color of the actual color through the clear plastic. When you open it however, it makes it look super cheap. I guess because it is??

I was very careful to open these, because I heard these break if applied with too much pressure on the lips (haha, you will see). The formula isn't the greatest, if you hadn't guessed. You need to press firm if you want better color and they almost feel plastic, when applying it to your lips because the lipstick is pretty hard. I was surprised though, for it only being a dollar, they give good color. Like I said, you just have to be careful with them.

good representation of the actual color. In real life, these are alittle darker in color.
The first thing I noticed when opened was the smell. Classy smells like kool-aid, nostaligic smells like crayons, and flirtatious smells like play-dough. When I went to roll these back up, they kept getting stuck at different parts.

After swatching them, my favorite one is nostalgic. I'm a lover of nudes. To my shoes to my lipsticks. I love all nudes!

For these above lip photos, I did lightly line my lips with Rimmel lip liner in Natural.
Crap packaging
Make-up alley:42 reviews

Alot of the women liked these, but the packaging is CRAP
sidenote: I had to get lip shots of these, so I had to apply them, and I FREAKING broke the classy one. Good thing I ordered two. I barely was pressing on it, so I suggest not rolling it all the way up or remembering to roll it down after photos and before you apply it. I was mad at myself but also, I am not used to lipsticks being so dang fragile.

What I will rave about is the colour. I will for sure be buying these again because, $1 dollar is super cheap and the fact that these are surprisingly pigmented and apply well. I like that. I almost thought that because the formula was so plastic-y, that the colour would suck too, but I was dead wrong. They should change the packaging to black, in my opinion, because the grey packaging looks like a 9 year old would own it...Jussayin..

Classy: A berry pink with blue undertones. Applies sheer, but build-able with each coat.
Nostalgic: A pinky nude that applies deliciously. Almost peachy, Great for a nude lip or to tone down any colour that is too bright.
Flirtatious: A darker barbie pink. I'd say deeper bubblegum pink. Very pretty.

I also wanted to note that I applied these with a magnifying mirror, because I wanted to see the application up close, and I saw that these are semi-matte. Meaning they might highlight lines and cracks if you have bad lips. There is also a level of application that when you reach it, it will start denting in the original coat. Get it? Like, going over it too many times, will make it lighter.
EXAMPLE: Take a dry erase marker and mark on a white board, once it starts drying, if you mark over it again, it will take off the layer, thus making it lighter.
I have been using these, so when I am able to do a FOTD, I will. These look great for anyday.

Overall, I'd repurchase Nostalgic for sure, and the others only if I run out of these, I probably won't because I doubt I will reach for these alot. I need to try out the rest of the colours before I say if I'd never repurchase again. 

Have you tried these or want to? Share below!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dazzle with Milani's Diamond dazzle!!

Since I don't have anything going on tonight for New Years, I figured I would at least sparkle my nails up.
Plus, aren't Diamonds a girls best friend...

My friend Daisy always has cute nails and toes, so I'm always like, "oh, what are you wearing". One day, I actually caught her putting this on, and I had to have it. She let me use it, but I never did. I just went out and bought it because of how it looked on her nails. Ladies, if you want the ultimate girly look on your fingers without being to over the top with rhinestones and crystals on your nails, that tend to fall off anyways, Pick this nail polish up! It has the perfect touch of girly, unique look without the high price tag.
Its called Diamond dazzle, by Milani.

I mean, really though, is this not so GORGEOUS???
In the bottle, this stuff, you can tell, is not for the glitter-phobes. It is meant to sparkle and shine like the manufacturer intended it to be. It is a clear polish with tons of different size glitter flakes in it, to give it dimension.
It reminds me of holographic nails, but isn't as finely ground with glitter as them. The holograpghic polishes usually also have a color mixed with them. This is clear and can go on top of any thing. The only difference I noticed about the formula besides being glitter, is that because the glitter is so big, it doesn't feel AS smooth as regular nail polishes. I paired my nails with OPI's pandamonium pink and Milani diamond dazzle. The result is a new favorite of mine.

I wear this on top of a coat of color or even sometimes by itself. What's cool about this is that, I have a tendency to let my nails go a while before taking off the old polish. Which mean, chipped, ugly nails. Slap a coat or two of this on and you get a different color, without having to take of your old color, and it looks like you did tons more work than you did!

Make-up alley:9 reviews

 Everyone is loving this, except for a couple that said it popped off. I know what they mean, but have yet to experience it with this polish. I would imagine, that taking this off with remover will be alittle difficult, but that has yet to be seen. 

This polish is still a favorite, but I noticed it got thick fast. Its almost impossible to use because of how gunky and thick it is. If you don't have a nail thinner, I suggest getting one when you buy this, or don't buy it at all. Mine has been sitting, unused, for the longest now. :(

If you are looking for a polish that will jazz up your nails from the same ol' boring one color polish, and you are jealous of these chicks that have tons of stuff going on, on their nails. GRAB this!!

I adore each and every one of you! Thank you for reading my blog and your sweet comments and support.
Do you love polish that sparkles, or do you stay away?
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