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ESSENCE Breaking Dawn pt.2 Bellas secret shimmer powder Review!

 One of the best kept secrets at ULTA right now, is this shimmer powder I'm about to review...

 The absolute must-have for all twilight girls! This delicate shimmer powder offers your face and body a special glow and makes your complexion look beautifully smooth – for ultimate vampire seduction.

Price $3.99 /.38oz
Also available in this Limited Edition release are a blush, pigments, nail polishes, liners, and lipsticks.

This golden champagne buttery powder not only caught my eye because of the color it was inside, but to be honest, I quite like the packaging. 
The clear plastic helps you see whats inside and how much you have left. It also is a plus when all your other make-up products are dirty and this one resists the smudges and scratches.

 Not only is the packaging appealing to me but you get so much product for the price! Seriously, I doubt if I will ever hit pan on this. Not only because I have so many different highlighters that I use in my arsenal, but because you have tons of product. 

The formula is soft and very finely milled. If you rub too hard, it doesn't shed a bit of powder, but when applied with a brush, pat it, don't swirl it.

On younger skin, this looks absolutely beautiful. Talk about a healthy glow! On more mature skin, make sure you have moisturized skin and have filled in those fine lines. I have fine lines under my eyes and if I add too much product or too high up, this will accentuate the cracks and crevices

ESSENCE Breaking dawn bella's secret (left), theBalm Disco Disco solid gold luminizer (right)

Compared side by side in person these don't look like actual dupes, however they are very similar. Both have a buttery champagne tint that can't be denied. 

The BD BS has more of the beige yellow-tan undertone as compared to the theBalm luminizer, which is a frosty light neutral colored champagne color. 
The theBalm luminizer reminds me alot of Stila Kitten eyeshadow, although I did see this compared to the MAC Whisper of Gilt MSF.

As you can see, the BD is more of a soft sheen and the theBalm is more of a chunkier frosty highlight.  
I apply my regular foundation as normal. I don't apply powder because this has no problem gliding over my cheekbones, as apposed to a more matte formula, it would apply patchy if I didn't set a good base. 
I use my Real Techniques stippling brush and pat a couple time to grab a bit of product. 
You really can't add too much product to your brush because the product gets sheered out from the type of brush it is anyways. I start at top of the apple of my cheeks and blend upward towards the outer corner of my eye. Not all the way up to my eye but in that direction.

theBalm (left), Breaking dawn (right)

On my skin, it isn't overly sparkly or glittery (I'm talking to you NARS Hungry heart).
 Its a soft golden glow that I would compare to NARS Albatross, yet not as yellow/light.
I actually recently used this highlighter in my recent Holiday glam looks, which is below:

soft highlighter
natural looking glow

Powdery if you press too hard
Limited edition

A comment by a subscriber of mine, and I headed back to ULTA to look at their lipglosses. She told me ESSENCES lipglosses were amazing, and they are! I picked up a couple and I also found my favorite new lipliner pencil! Its affordable, creamy, same as the Rimmel lipliner but half the cost! I truly can say, the best liner I have found, for the price. I can't wait to try out their concealers, mascara's and eyeshadows! They have something for everyone!

Overall, you can't beat this highlighter for the cost
It is such a great deal, as it is a great highlighter. If you are looking for a soft diffused highlighter that is promised to make you "glow" just right, get down to your local ULTA ASAP! These have been selling out very fast. The last time I was at my ULTA, they still had their display up.


 I hope you all are having a awesome week so far. I am so excited for Christmas day when my Princess gets to open her presents from Santa. We let her open a early Christmas gift which was a Art aisle. She loves coloring and drawing just like I do. 

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 What is your favorite highlighter of this year?


  1. Pretty effecht , so adorable the picture of your child

  2. hi tamara! I just wanted to thank you for your awesome recommendation that you left on my blog. I will definitely have to look into Macs F&B I urge you to do reviews on your current foundations! I actually went with the Nars Sheer Glow wish suited my skin color very well despite it being so yellow. I will have my first impression blog post up tomorrow. Let me know if you get around to doing your review. Im already a GFC follower but just in case I miss it :)


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