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October Favorites + My halloween!!

I have gotten alot of questions on everday make-up that I use and some of my favorites.
Many of the items that I have included, I have been using for 6 months or more consecutively. 
Some are newer "loves" that I would recommend purchasing.
I have reviews for alot of these products, just follow the links. 

Mac Face & Body:
When I first heard about this, I mainly wanted to try it out because it was labeled for face AND body. Meaning you could wear it on blemishes or scars on your body and it wouldn't look too fake and make-up looking and a plus was that it is water resistant. I was really sold when I found out that it not only works for the body, but it was a great foundation also, that could be layered for the desired coverage. Let me not forget to mention that it comes in a 4oz bottle as compared to most regularly sized foundation bottles that come with only 1oz of product. 
You can either see this as a negative or minus, being that you have a lot of product, so you must use it pretty regulalry, before it starts to expire. 
Most likely I will be doing a full review on this one, but I wanted to state that this is a great purchase. You can build your coverage, its a dewy formula, its breathable, comes in a variety of different shades (olive toned ladies, Im talking to you) and most importantly, you don't look or feel like a cakeface when you wear it. 

CoverGirl & Olay Simply ageless Corrector:
The fact that I already did a review on it HERE, and I still use it regularly enough that its a staple in my make-up bag, means alot;
That I didn't get tired of it, nothing compares in my book, its reasonably priced, its perfect for my skin tone, and its small and travel friendly.

 Non-creasing, perfect shade for me, hides my bags, and is blendable. 
Enough said.
I have a full review on this and its sister product, the concealer, HERE.

Mario Badescu Facial spray:
I was introduced to this when a SA at Ulta raved about it claiming it was better than MAC Fix+. 
The fact that she STILL worked for MAC and claims that this was a better bargain and product, had me intrigued. I went home and googled it and lo and behold, take a look at Makeupalleys reviews on it here.
It has a 4.5 rating out of 72 people. Thats pretty darn awesome!
I spray two pumps before my foundation and concealer routine to gently moisturize the skin and again after I apply my contour and blush. This spray is designed with all skin tones in mind but be careful, if you spray to much and have a oily complexion. It will look overly dewy. 
I own the Urban Decay Dew me and the e.l.f studio makeup mist & set spray and in my book, this facial spray is better than both. The elf spray I feel really does nothing and the dew me works, however its so dang expensive.  The Mario Badescu spray works just as well and is a whole lot cheaper. If you have a chance to buy it, do it! You won't be disappointed!

Tarina Tarintino Fuchsia revolution smudge and crease brush:
After hearing so much about the fact that you need good brushes for a good application for make-up, I was looking into getting some MAC brushes. I was hearing the good and the bad about them, especially that the prices were steep.
Paying $30+ for one brush isn't to exciting for me, but hey, I heard they last a while. When I was on my way up to MAC to check them out, I stopped at Sephora first. I saw these for 40% off because Tarina was no longer being carried by Sephora. I goggled the kit and the reviews were pretty good. I bought them and let me just say. If you looking for a good brush set, want to pay less than $10 for each brush, and want a steal, get down to your local Sephora or shop online. These are amazing and since I have yet to own a MAC brush I can't compare. I did however go to MAC afterward and have the manager help me compare these to theirs and she said they look and feel like the brushes they carry. Basically dupes. I am still going to be buying the Holiday brush set (duo fiber) but for now, these will definitely do!

Maybelline Colortattoo by eyestudio Bad to the Bronze:
These little pots of joy will be sure to spark your interest. Whether it be that you are a cool, neutral make-up lover or a bright, bold color wearer. I own all of the original colors ( I have yet to buy the newly released shades) and I have to say I love them all, except I wanted to point out that the purple is almost dried up and I have only used it a couple of times. What a bummer.
The bad to the bronze is a neutral browned golden taupe color. It looks like it would have stronger red undertones, however it is very faint. I thought that Tough as taupe would be my favorite, but this wins in my book for being the color I want and adding a nice shimmer overcoat. Very simple and understated but gorgeous all the same.
I have a review on it HERE.

Benefit The porefessional:
I didn't believe this would work. I mean, I have pretty decent, regular pore sized skin already, so why would I need a pore filler, right?
I tried this and let the record state, I was beyond amazed. This made my skin look even better, without the heavy foundation.
It has a slightly tinted look that makes this a must have in my book. It fills in pores and lines like no other. This is HG status in my case because recently I was looking in the mirror and noticed that I have very fine lines on my forehead. Now call me vain, but even though maybe you can't see them, I CAN! Botox wasn't really calling my name and I feel I'm too young for it anyway so when I found this, I was relieved! No plans for botox anytime soon! It makes your skin flawless looking, like you just were airbrushed.

theBalm Bahama mama:
Being the self proclaimed theBalm lover that I am, I couldn't not mention the Bahama mama! Its one of the products that made me fall in love with them in the first place!
A chocolate rich colored brown with a very slight golden sheen is all I need to make my day. With a swipe of this you have perfectly contoured cheeks and blending this out is a beauty. The formula is perfect. A swipe will give you a light color and if you need, you can build up the color for added intensity. Its sheer without being invisible. Don't apply with a heavy had and dewy make-up though, because you will look like you have mud streaks on your cheeks. I use this for contouring and it is a perfect crease color. All around, a A+ in my book.
I have a full review on this, HERE.

Urban Decay Primer potion Original:
I own about 10 of of these, so it would be wrong of me to never use them. When I finally did, I was happy I had 9 little backups. This primer is great for enhancing the pigment of your eyeshadows and for keeping them on, all day. No creasing, just pleasing. LOL. Im so silly!
I love these little bottles for traveling because they are so convenient.
I will be buying a full sized bottle when these run out.
(I forgot to include it in the photos, sorry)

Revlon Colorstay Mineral lipglaze (timeless nude)
 I love a nude lip, just as much as the next girl so when I found this, it was no surprise that it became a favorite. Its not entirely nude, but it helps lighten up my own lips and adds peachy undertones, so that's why I call it nude.
It is a soft peachy pink brown creme with very tiny shimmer particles in it. In my video, you can see what it looks like. For the Olive skinned ladies, this is a perfect nude lip to try out. Being that its drugstore, you won't break the bank either!
I will forever love this and repurchase when needed.

Sonia Kashuk Sunset blush:
This blush puts melon colored blushes on a pedestal. I love this blush!
The price is $8, and I cannot believe how beautiful it is.
Its is a brightly colored melon blush that has added sparkles in all the right places.
 This looks coral on my cheeks and gives me a healthy radiant color when I wear it on the apples of my cheeks. I have to admit that the packaging is perfect as well. Its magnetic and gone are the days of blush packed under your finger nail tip as you struggle to open the clasp. This is genius.
I have a full review on this, HERE.

NARS Torrid blush:
When I first started blogging, I heard from all corners of the blogging world how NARS Orgasm was something to behold. Finally I got down to Sephora and swatched it, and to my dismay, I wasn't impressed. I wanted something that would make my cheeks come to life! I think its a beautiful color, however on me, I need a heavy hand, meaning more product to have it even show up. With the Torrid blush, all I needed was one swipe and I got the effect I wanted. Beautiful cheeks, without the caked on looking cheek I would have had if I had gotten the Orgasm blush.
Great for darker skinned ladies as well.

theBalm bahama mama, Sonia sunset blush, NARS torrid, Maybeline color tattoo bad to the bronze, Rimmel pure white, Rimmel Dark brown, Rimmel natural, Revlon colorstay Timeless nude, Urban Decay Perversion

Rimmel Soft kohl eyeliner (pure white)
This helps my line my waterline for wide open eyes and defines my brows for preciseness.
It is a pure white, that has no sheen or sparkle. 
This actually stays on my waterline and doesn't fade off. A+ all around.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 kisses (natural)
I have tried the Urban Decay, the Toofaced, Revlon, Loreal etc lip liners in natural, and none compare to this color.
This warmed brown peach is perfect for defining lips and looking natural all at once. I line my lips with this, add the Revlon Colorstay lipglaze and the outcome is a peachy nude lip.

Rimmel Professional eyebrow pencil (dark brown)
The color is warm toned chocolate brown that helps add warm undertones to my dark brown ashy colored eyebrows. I dye my hair to a mohogany brown so this helps warm up my brows to match my head of hair.
It also comes on the top, a brush to help soften the look of harsh lines. I always use it because I hate sharpie looking brows. I have used the lorac eyebrow pencils and I cannot find the difference between this and that. This is so inexpensive and lasts a long time. I use the pencil on the side so I don't get the harsh one line effect.
Tip: Using the side of the pencil, and not the tip, helps mimic a natural looking brow.

Watch my video below!
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Hope you guys enjoyed my favorites! 
Comment below if any are yours as well!
Hope you guys had a safe and happy halloween.
Here's some pictures of my Halloween!

I was a butterfly and my daughter was Olivia the pig. :)

Making Halloween cake!

My friend Sandra tried my Cyborg tutorial. How awesome does she look!

Our haunted Mansion

Cream cheese and jalapenos stuffed chicken breast. YUM!!!

Big thanks to MyGlam for adding my Cyborg photo last night to their page. Over 160 likes already! Whoohoo!

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo


  1. I love your Halloween photos!!

    Great favourites, my mom raves about the face and body foundation and loving the shade of the lipgloss :)


  2. I'm a huge fan of the MAC Face & Body foundie as well. Just feels great on the skin and really easy and non-fussy to wear. Hope you had a safe and fun Halloween with the kiddies.

  3. Im in total love with all the colors here! lol i want to go buy each product now haha


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