Friday, October 19, 2012

NOTD: Wet n Wild Fastdry Silivior!!

This polish has stolen my heart! 
There was something missing in my life, and I have found it!
Its wet n wild's Fastdry Silvivor!

                                                          Wetnwild's claims:                                                           
Impatience is a virtue. One coat dries in 60 seconds! These vivid, can’t-miss-‘em nail colors come in a no wait formula and apply smooth for streak-free, even coverage. Specially-engineered ManiCurve™ Brush is designed with a flat rod for ideal liquid dispersion and a rounded bristle tip to hug nail curves for perfect application.

Price: $1.99

I own only a very small handful of metallic/ foiled polishes. None have really spoken to me like this one has. Essie actually came out with a recent collection of metallic's and not only the price point, but none of the colors were appealing. This will be the only silver I will ever buy. Hands down.

True to real life colors. On my ring finger I have a gold polish for the tip.

I would describe the color as a light chrome silver that is not fully foiled like a mirror, but has a dusty type of look to it. 
I like to think of it as jewelry for my nails. It adds so much flair.

I think this wand is the best I've ever used. Its not too skinny so that there are tons of streak marks and its not too fat, that I can't get along the edges of my nails without getting some on the skin. It is nearly opaque with one coat, and with two, your set! 

I didn't add a top coat because I wanted to see the wear time. I literally had no chips until the fourth day. That's a miracle to me because I use my hands for everything: washing dishes every day, doing house work, laundry, etc. 

The main thing I loved about this formula and effect was that my nails didn't look thick after I applied the coats. I have a pet peeve with cremes and other kinds of formulas that after I apply the coats I need for opacity, my nails look thick and chunky when looking at them dead on. This polish keeps my nails from looking thick, I daresay they look like thin daggers! You can use it for stamping, full color, accents and more! You can even use it for props like swords, daggers and tiaras, since halloween is coming up!

-Inexpensive (you can get it for 99 cents with coupons)
- No need for 5 coats. Even one coat is great
- Long lasting without need for top coat or base coat, good for when your in a hurry
- speaking of hurry, this dries fast! 

None that I can see

Available at your local CVS, Walmart or wetnwildbeauty.
Overall, a really great polish at a really great price. I will definitely be buying a backup just in case its discontinued.

I have a Halloween tutorial coming up on my blog and on my YouTube channel, so keep a lookout. If you follow my Twitter, you will see what it is!

What colors are you rocking right now? Are you excited for Halloween?
Comment below!


  1. omgg so pretty! I'll look for this one!

  2. Oh, wow, that is beautiful! I've been using a black shade by WnW for my glitter polish bases, but I'm definitely picking up this shade now!

  3. ohhhh I have to try this! I love the color and the fast drying (great for mamas!) stop by and say hello if you get a chance xoxo E

  4. It's such a gorgeous metallic silver!! Now all I need to do is stop biting my nails :( Yes.. such a disgusting habit! :'(

    1. It is! You know whats really gross? I used to bite the skin around my fingers. It made my hands look HORRIBLE!

  5. Hey Tamara! You had commented on a look I created a couple of weeks ago and now I have found YOUR beauty blog! :) It is a pleasure to be here. I have and love this polish....especially the price! I answered your question about the camera I use on my blog but in case you missed it, I use the Nikon 5100 and it is phenomenal. Everything from HD video and quality is amazing. IF you have ANY specific questions feel free to ask. Take care! xoxo

    1. Steph, you are the best! Thanks for finding me. :)

  6. Pretty color, and such a fantastic review. I love Wet n' Wild polish. I might just go pick this one up.
    Cheap Makeup Reviews | Girlie Blog Seattle

    1. It is a pretty color. Wet n wild polishes are hits & misses, but this is such a great product and for the price? You can't beat it!


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