Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sephora + Target Birthday haul!

Hello Beauties! 
How have you guys  been? What have you been up to? Anything exciting? I'd love to know!
Where have I been? I know, I know. I feel like my blog has been lacking lately.
As in posts. 
I just have been trying to balance everything here at home, family and events. I used to want to post 4 times a week, but that just isn't happening! I love to blog, so I keep it up because I love it, not because I have to.
Let's face it. I make about 5 cents a year on ads...whooohoo! 

My birthday is this month (27th) and I wanted to share what I hauled! Alot of these products were on my To-buy list and the rest were impulse purchases.

Sephora Haul: 

Urban Decay Dew me
Moisturizing spray, similar to MAC fix +
I don't know about you, but I like the dewy look. 
I'm not talking greasy look. 
I'm talking about glowing, hydrated skin look. Although expensive, I find that this really does give a glowing appearance and like I said. Not greasy!
( I have actually gotten compliments every single time I have used this)

Sephora Perfecting cover concealer in Light creme (20):
Pigmented concealer
This was a impulse buy for me, although I did look up the reviews on my Make-up alley app. The reviews were mixed, so I figured, it wouldn't hurt to try it out. I actually exchanged mine for a shade lighter up.

NARS Sheer glow in stromboli (repurchase):
I really liked the finish this foundation gave me and even though I am not done with my first bottle, that shows how must I like this foundation. I felt I needed a second one for doing my make-up in the car or gosh forbid I lose my regular one. This is great for normal skin, although I have combo skin, more so, oily. I feel like it lasts on me, regardless of my oil, so its repurchase status for me.

Smashbox The master class palette:
 I fell in love when I first saw this, and I knew it had to be mine! At $59, its not the least expensive item, especially being that I have never tried anything from Smashbox so I had no idea of there quality. However, I have heard amazing things about their primers so I figured, this had to be of value too!
I have to admit I am so happy with this purchase. The prize in this haul for sure!

Bare essentials BUXOM:
in Sugar. Lip plumper. Great color for me.

Sugar lip duo:
This is silkier and softer than anything I have ever tried. Even my precious lip butters! Just be careful if you get these. My rose one broke. :(

Target Haul: (all e.l.f)

Brow brush and lash comb duo:
To help with mascara that clumps and sticks together.

Face Kabuki brush:
The ratings on Make-up are pretty spectaular especially being on how many people rated and how they rated it. Had to try it out.

Matte lip pencil in Natural:
Repurchase for me. Not the best quality/quantity for price, but I really like the color.

Eyebrow kit in Medium:
I have heard all the raves about this. I regret buying it though because you have to keep dipping the applicator in the wax/powder and its a waste of time. The color matches my brows perfectly though. However, I will continue to use my regular Eyebrow pencil.

Contouring blush and bronzing duo:
A peachy blush and matte bronzer. What more could I ask for?

Professional Bronzer brush:
I got this for contouring but the bristles are a little harsh for my face than what I'm used to. For a dollar, I still regret buying it.

Professional Crease brush:
I need more eyeshadow brushes, because I hate using a brush that has left over product in it especially when its brightly colored and I am going to be using smokey shadows.

To see my haul on youtube click HERE! I talk more in depth about everything.

I am going to be going to MAC in the next couple of weeks because I have a huge To-buy list and any suggestions of must have's of MAC are welcome. I know their brushes are amazing, but are so expensive (for me), so anything else mentioned would be helpful!
Thanks for always reading and if your a new reader, thanks for subscribing! 

What do you guys think of this look I've been loving!? Isn't it something!

What are you hauling? Getting ready for Fall? Are you sad that summer has ended? I'm not! I love fall!
Comment below!


  1. You got great stuff! I want to try nars so badly

    1. Its a great investment because its a great foundation but trust me, there are drugstore products that do even better! I really love Neutrogena Healthy skin!

  2. hi,

    I was thinking to get a similar brow kit of elf if I find it my hair is black so maybe i need a darker one. Do u pencil over wax formula?

    1. I haven't used both the wax and my pencil at the same time. I have tried the wax and powder that come in the duo and yes, it looks great, however I prefer my Rimmel eye pencil in dark brown. It has a brush on the end that helps blend out harsh lines.

    2. thank you I will keep that in mind :)

  3. You got quite a few interesting things. I've heard lots about the UD (regular) setting spray but didn't know they released a moisturizing one. Might have to check that one out next time I'm in Sephora. That Smashbox palette looks really lovely as well! Their one of my favourite eyeshadow brands (I'd say their singles are comparable to MAC if not a bit better) but not sure if the ones in the palettes are the same formulation though.

    1. Yea. If you hate how your skin looks when you apply foundation and it looked caked on like MAC force, then you should check out the Dew me.
      The Smashbox palette is my gem. I love it. I actually hadn't even tried smashbox brand at all until I got this palette.
      I don't know anything about the formulation but the SA told me that the eye creams are the same exact ones that they sell individually so that was a plus because I was eying some of the eyecream pots.

  4. I have been thinking of getting that palette. I would love to see you do a review! Swatches too. Your makeup looks gorgeous!!

    1. You should! At first when swatching the eyeshadows, I honestly was like, eh, I wasted money because its just eyeshdaows, nothing special here. I have the Urban decay naked palettes and these have very similar colors, however when I got to the eye creams, I changed my mind. They are the jewel in this palette. I love all the colors, however I would have liked a burgandy rather than the brown. I should have a review up for the Smashbox palette soon after I use it and do a few looks and see how the quality/ weartime/ fallout is etc. Thank you!

  5. Hey! Your birthday isn't the 25th of Sept is it? LOL! That's mine too!! Awesome haul... wish we had NARS in NZ.

    1. Its the 27th. :) We are September babies!!! YES!

  6. I love the ELF Eyebrow kit I used it for half the year. I just barley hauled the contour kit. I hope its good! thanks for sharing!


    1. To be honest. To date, I have used it like 4 times. I hate the time it takes to use both products. I just use my Rimmel Eyebrow pencil and go. Its a good buy though for the elf kit. :) Good colors too.


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