Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh, Bahama Mama!!

When you find a good product, you just want to share it with the world right? That's the case for my perfect fit bronzer I like to call, Bahama mama! Plus it is named after a delicious adult drink. Whats not to love?!

I first tried this out when I got the Oh mama palette a while back. I was mainly using it for the Hot mama blush that came in it, but really always looked past the bronzer and translucent powder. Finally, I gave it a go, and Im glad to say I did and I should've slapped some on before, because this stuff is legit!

Natural Sunlight

The Packaging, is ideal for me, because its cardboard (recyclable and light weight), thin and the cute images of cute retro women on the front always make me feel Glaaaaam-orouus!!
(FYI, it does get dirty easily and can't really be cleaned) 
It also is magnetic closing, so that is a huge plus because you dont have to risk digging your nail into one, just to pop it open. 

Website claims:
 Bahama Mama Bronzer
Finally a Caribbean getaway, contained in a compact. This matte bronzer creates beautifully bronzed skin, for a fresh off the beach glow. Our paraben-free features mica and silica for sheer yet pigmented color.

Price: $19.00

Random note: The packaging colors remind me of Vanilla wafers and banana pudding. I remember eating that when I was like 5 years old at the babysitters house.

I have actually dropped two of my theBalm palettes, accidentally from the height of the kitchen counter, and it barely bounced and nothing broke. That's how light it is. Which is cool because if it was heavier and hard plastic, I'm almost positive something would have broke,
 along with my heart...:)

The formula of this bronzer is not the softest. I'd be crazy to say it's soft, but rather on the dry side. But don't be mistaken when I say dry, meaning, patchy and non pigmented. Its exactly as they say when it is sheer but pigmented. It packs a punch and since I am heavy handed I have to be careful not to go over the same area on my cheeks too many times, or I look like I have muddy cheeks.

I love that the color is a "real" milk chocolate brown. No red tints here! I don't want to look like I have clay on my face, just brown, thank you!

I love it!

I honestly don't even swirl this around on my brush. I pat it, lightly. The reason being, is that, if I would swirl, it makes a mess, but also, it packs on too much product so I end up, blowing it off anyway.
I tap and lightly go over the places I need it, like my cheek hallows, under chin, forehead side, etc. I am very careful to not go over with too much product, or I end up looking like I wayyyy too much contour on and therefore, muddy. I want it natural looking. This product is very easy to over apply, so be careful of how much you have on your brush.

I follow Leina, who is a Youtube guru and a beauty extraordinaire. She gives great tips and I actually started contouring after watching her video on How to contour and highlight round faces. 

When I contour, I hardly use highlight also because with Bahama mama, it has its own golden sheen that is in it.  
In almost all my pictures posted since November 2011, I have been using this powder, so that says how much it means to me. I have had this for 9 months, and have barely put a dent in it. I bought a back-up, so that I will not run out, should they decide to pull this product. :)

I fact, this morning, I left this on my bathroom counter in a rush, forgetting to grab it so that I could do my make-up in the car, and when I added blush, it felt like my cheeks weren't even there. I am so used to have my cheeks contoured and defined that If I only use blush, it won't cut the mustard anymore! I have to have this is my bag when I apply my make-up.

Above, I used it to contour my cheeks and sides of forehead.

Also, this friday, theBalm is doing Triple play friday where you pay for one shady lady palette ($39) and get the other 2 shady lady palettes for FREE!!!!! You betta get on it ladies!!

Enough about me, what about you? Do you love theBalm, like I do!?? What is your favorite product!?
Comment below!


  1. you have such amazing eyes, i also just got this yesterday form hautelook in the mail

    1. Thank you! Your too sweet. <3 I always kick myself when the sales for theBalm are over, swearing I will order the next time, yet I never do. I'll catch it next time ;)

  2. This looks like a great bronzer! I'm kind of in the market for a new one, so it's great to hear your thoughts! :)

    1. It is a great bronzer. Thank you for the feed back. I appreciate it.

  3. Where did you find out about the triple play Friday

    1. Im a follower on their facebook page so they give updates to what they are going to do. They actually did it alittle while ago also.

  4. The color is gorgeous. Looks great on you. I totally understand your need to share.

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