Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OOTD: Tan, I am +any suggestions?.....

Being that its been overcast and nasty weather, I wore my new peep toe booties! I know its supposed to be summer, but can some one remind the sun please & Thank you!

I have been trying to think of tons of new tutorials and video ideas for my Youtube channel and so far I have come up with tutorials, DIY and reviews. I probably will be doing hauls and whatnot when I buy things, but does that seem boring to you? I actually just bought a Shellac starter kit by CND that I cannot wait to try out! I had such a good experience with the manicure I got in NYC that I decided to buy my own system. I will save money and my nails have never looked better and stronger! If any of you have the shellac system, any tips would be appreciated. I bought topcoat, base, the curer, alcohol, and dotting tools.
Im going to try and "sandwhich" the nail polish, meaning take a regular nail polish and put it in the middle of the shellac layers. 

What I would really like to know is, with my loyal readers, what makes you come back to my site for more? What do you love? What would you like to see more of? Tutorials, hauls, DIY?? I would really like to know so that I can do it more and take notes to what you like. I think as readers you really have say in what I put out and I'd like to indulge you! I would really appreciate the feedback!!

What I wore:
F21 Trenchcoat, F21 cami, BCBG studded crystal ring, F21 necklace, ViGoss denim, G by GUESS Farleigh (you can get them HERE), Ulta polish, Micheal Kors Leopard belt.

Did you notice I always have on red polish? I am loving the ish outta my ESSIE ole caliente. It really makes my tan pop and looks great with all my summer sandals.

Little Miss Olivia kept coming over and lifting her feet, copying me, posing. It was SO funny, so we had to capture it! She loves copying me especially when I'm putting on make-up. I hand her a clean make-up brush and let her "pat her face", while Im doing mine. :)

My In-laws are coming to town and Im super excited! We just saw them a couple of months ago, but its so precious when Olivia just wants to hug and kiss them and gets sad when they leave the room. They live pretty far away so any time that we have to spend with them, is cherished. Family time is quality time!!

What have you been wearing lately that you rock the ish outta? Are you having a heat wave where you live, like I've been hearing about?

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  1. nice ring, and also liked the nail polish.
    liked the blush also very pretty

    1. Thanks hun! Thats one of my favorite polishes, even thought its a fall shade.

  2. gorgeous! =)
    love the necklace and jeans.. and your eyes lol

  3. You do not need any suggestion and you already do really nice job, I also want to learn make up and choose the right suits, but too hard to me. >_<
    I just think you can adding a black chain strap bag to you!


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