Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tutorial: Bright Leopard fever!!

Something about leopard print makes me feel sexy and sultry! I don't know if its because this wild animal is always in the shadows looking for prey, but I love it! 

Click below to see my tutorial!!

Here's what I used! I actually saw this tutorial HERE, but she does every other nail leopard and the rest with silver glitter. I like my nails looking in unison, so I decided to do a neutral french tip with the spots.

I really love how it came out and believe it or not, even my husband was like wow, those look professional! He stared at them for a good minute, and that's saying something!

I used:
Sally Hansen Hard as nails Solid as a rock (base), Sally Hansen Hard as nails Xtreme wear White on (tips and spots), ESSIE Super bossa nova (spots), ESSIE Meet me at sunset (spots), NYC Long wearing Black lace creme (outer leopard spots).

Step by step starting at the top right

First, you need to pick you base. Whether you want a bright bold pink, or a light baby blue. Just make sure that the inside spots that you pick, will look well with the base. I chose a dark fuchsia, a orange and white! I wanted something that made the spots stand out more, so I opted for the french tip under the spots, but you can do whatever you like. Be creative!

Second comes the white tips (if you want). It doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure its light enough to see through the leopard spots. 

Third, is inside spot time! just dab your applicator into the polish bottle and make sure you don't get too much. You don't want a overwhelming bubble of polish. Just a dab.

Last, but not least, the outer black sides. Don't worry about making them perfect, in fact the more wobbly you are and unsteady, the more natural the spots look. Just don't get too crazy and color outside the lines ;)

(you can always add a top coat, but I didn't, for some reason)

I can't wait to practice doing more tutorials. Its so much fun and I explore my more creative side. If you didn't know, I started a Youtube channel with my first tutorial being a Glowing smokey eye. I realize I say um waayy too much and talk forever! I filmed a tutorial on this leopard spot print, which you can find HERE!!

You can find my page main page HERE! I would love if you watched, rated, subscribed, liked, commented. Any kind of love would be awesome!!!:)
Thanks for visiting!

Would you try this leopard print or do you stick to basic colors? 
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    1. Thanks Miranda. I knew you would, since your a polish lover!

  2. Love how its not on the whole nail, makes it more interesting to me:) Lovely blog doll. Had to follow xx

    1. Thank you S.Lennyn82. I Appreciate the love. :)

  3. Lovely design! They look like so much fun!:)

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

  4. I love your blog and just started following! Check out mine!!


  5. Fiercee! I love it! The colors are gorg & the design is beautiful!

    1. Thanks babe. Seriously, its one of my favs now.


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