Saturday, June 16, 2012

OOTD: Floral essence!

Ever since I was young, I have always be attracted to floral prints. I got alot of remarks that it was "older women's clothing", mainly from in highschool when I wore floral button downs and vests. From my blazers to my blouses, it was love. Some might feel it is too "mature" for my age group (22), But I think of it as classy & girly.

What I wore:
Love scene tank / Roomates lace vest (similar one here) / Forever 21 cami / Forever 21 blazer (similar one here) / Seven 7 denim / Pandora bracelet / Rampage sandals (here) / Deux Lux Luella bag

My toe got cracked when I hit it against the bar stool. It started bleeding and cracked almost halfway down.

To be honest, the reason why I do my toes like this is because my left foot, I was born with them growing up, instead of out. Alot of people don't know because I am so confident with it, but you can google other peoples toes if you wanna see it. :) I just don't like them, but I am not going to put fake nails on my skin for them to be considered normal, like other people do. Thats why you will never see my toe nails.

Deux Lux- luella bag, which my review is HERE!

Its amazing to me how much a article of clothing can dress up your whole look. I wore the blazer and my sister said "you look so dressed up".  I knew it was the blazers effect because when I wore the shirt and vest alone, It had no effect. :)

I just ordered my Nikon Coolpix L810 camera so that I can start taking great pictures again (this makes me motivated to review a product) & start making Youtube videos! I've always wanted to do videos to show how I do the looks I do and go over the reviews of products, but it wasn't until recently I actually considered doing it.
 Being a stay at home mom is challenging at times because I always have been the working type, so staying at home all day long, and maybe even possibly having money coming in from the ads, would be great. Don't worry, that won't stop me from blogging. I have a love for photography and love to write. There's something about still pictures that shows the beauty of a make-up product better than a glimpse in a video. I can't wait to get my camera and I also ordered additional lighting, lens cleaner, tripod etc, so that I could really throw myself into it. If anyone has experience with Youtube videos, tips for making a great video, monetary tips, or even set-up tips, it would be helpful to me. I would love to do tutorials, hauls, style tips, nails, and more! I feel there's no end to what I can do now!

I had been hesitant because of how mean people on the internet seem. I mean, there's bloggers/youtube guru's out there that are supermodel beautiful and still people find mean things to say to them. I am pretty confident and non-insecure, but hearing all the negative and hurtful remarks, makes me hope I don't start believing some of things they say. Anywho, I already have a Youtube channel set-up, so if you could subscribe, that would be awesome! Look out for my very first video soon! Thank you all for always offering a kind word and being supportive. It means alot. :)

Here's my Youtube channel, if you can subscribe, I'd be honored!!

Also make sure you take advantage of this deal. I usually don't post on every little thing that I buy, but this is such a great deal, I would love for you all to be notified. If you love the comfyness of Jessica Simpson heels, the classy and edgyness of Steve Madden, the rocker chic of L.A.M.B, go and buy this certificate right now, or even, just browse and look around and see if you would like anything. You spend $50 for $100 dollar worth of shoes. Whether it's heels, or flats, its an amazing deal! I was just looking at this site a while ago and can't believe this deal is going on. Of course I had to buy TWO!!! One for me and one to gift, but of course Im gonna use the other one. :) Here's the link again because I seriously recommend just checking it out if you love shoes/heels for a great price. Tell me if you find anything! I am looking at the Steve Madden Bolddd heels or the Jessica Simpson Fawnna heels. I can't decide because I literally have 12 pairs of heels in my shopping cart.

What kind of prints do you like? If you have any suggestions on who, on Youtube to watch to get good tips for making Youtube videos, please comment below. I'd love to see who you like and why!


  1. Love the color of your blazer!

  2. love the outfit!! your baby girl is adorable :))

    1. Thanks sweets! she amazes me everyday, always makes me laugh.

  3. stunning! :)
    silly question, but youre only 22?!

    1. :) Yup! I know, I always had people say I look older than what I really am when I was younger, even older than my older sister.


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