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MAC Her Blooming cheek = a bright blush for all!

This blush is not for the faint at heart, so if you consider your self modest when choosing blushes, you might be surprised if your mind changes after reading this! You can use a super light hand when applying... If you happen to be looking for a bold blush that can be used for many different looks, is perfect for summer & makes you say ohhh YEAH BABAY....keep reading!

Va-Va-Va-Vooom! I love bright blushes.
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With soft flash, in sunlight

Launched in the MAC A Tartan tale Holiday 2010 collection, Her blooming cheek (satin) is a bright bold blush that delivers full force color with just a light tap from your brush. It is a bold blue toned fushia pink. It has no visible glitter, just a nice sheen. It is not in the Permanent line, but you can likely find it on ebay ($25, like I did) or swap with someone who has it. I know Amazon sells it, but for about $55 dollars. When I saw this swatched on, I couldn't, NOT search the vast thing called the internet, looking for it!

Being that I am fairly new to the MAC line of cosmetic ( I own about 15 products, to date), I had heard many high praises of its pigment powers. This is the first product that I own from MAC that is so pigmented that I need so little of it. With the eyeshadows and lip-glosses, I need a full swipe, sometimes two to get an opaque application. I was so excited to place my order because I LOVE bold blushes. The brighter, the better!

First and foremost: Be aware of how much of your blush brush swipes the pan. You need only a small swipe to get color (You can always add more later). I blow the excess off until I see barely any color and apply to the apples of my cheeks. I don't own a stippling brush so I use my regular blush brush to apply. For more pigmented blushes i.e clown colors, I heard applying with a stippling brush helps grab the color but not too much.  I start at the apples of my cheeks & circle out towards the highest point of my cheekbones. Blending the rougher edges with my powder brush so that there is a soft blended look instead of hard edges.
To get a bolder look, just apply a second coat.

Tip: I apply full foundation and powder before applying this blush because when you have a powder base, it won't stick to the dewy parts of your cheeks, making you look smudged and blotchy.

Lightly swiped
Side view, just blush
Looking at these two pictures, I see much more color in the right picture, however, it is the same blush so I think it might be the lighting.
On my skin, the color actually looks like a red pink, with no blue undertones, but I believe that that's because its just paired with my skin and is very lightly applied.

(I am not wearing concealer, or bronzer so that you can see the true color)

I won't be using an bronzer or highlighter with this blush because it is so beautiful, it just doesn't need the extra bells or whistles. I can't wait to wear this with some lush falsies, a bold lip color and neutral eyes. This is something that you can just swipe on before heading out that doesn't need too much time. Adds a gorgeous flushed look.

Guess what? I am wearing the blush on my cheeks and eyes!!! To match my necklace, I needed a super bright pink that would match the blush color too, so I figured, why not use it for a eyeshadow too? It blended out amazingly and looks great (I think so).

I used the blush and MAC Knight divine for the darker outer crease and V.

Overall, I love this blush! I can use it forever because it is so pigmented, I actually pick up two because for some reason I had a feeling I would love it, and I do. 

The past couple of days, I have been waiting for my camera so that I could continue to blog and also start doing some Youtube videos! If you have any requests of suggestions on what kind of video I should do if, I would love to hear from you! I was thinking maybe a favorite make-up look I like doing and an Intro to who I am.I check the mail everyday, but still no camera. Im getting pretty antsy...:) Hope your having a great mid week and hopefully I will have a video up soon!

Are you a MAC addict or do you stick to other less hyped brands? 
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  1. I love it! it looks stunning on you!

  2. Self confessed MAC addict! They just have such great pigmentation, color choices and lasting power whats not to love? The blush look on eyes looks beautiful very vibrant paired with Knight Divine good choice!


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