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MAC Club eyeshadow w/ swatches, photos & dupes!

When I think of duochrome, I think eyelids adorned with fleeting sexyness!
The reason I say fleeting is because whenever you open your eyes, if you use it for a eyelid color and not the crease, it hides when you open your eyes or blink and reappears when you blink or look down. I cannot believe how stunning this is, everytime I use it. The flash of teal with red undertones, makes me want to wear this all over my face and body!!
Haha, I wish that was normal.

Read more for my swatches and dupes!!

Swatching Club for the first time, I was slightly disappointed but that was quickly replaced with contentment. I expected it to be alot more pigmented and easier to sample then the other two, but this was the hardest one of them all. I had to rub my finger around a couple of times to pick up the same amount of color as the others. The formula is alot more sheer than the other two, but still produces a beautiful duo-chrome.

MAC Club is a reddened grey brown with teal shimmer to it. This has the least shimmer of all of them and is darker in the grey category.
L'oreal pigment Intrepid is a chocolatey red brown with teal shimmer, slightly richer in color than Club.
wetNwild Comfort Zone Definer is a richer red brown grey, with teal shimmer also. This is the reddest of the bunch.

If you use wet N wild eyeshadows religiously (like I do), you know the wet N wild eyeshadow formula is extremely soft and fallout prone.
It breaks if you even blow on them (sarcastically said).
I have replaced too many palettes already because of how soft these eyeshadows are. 
I think that because the formula is so smooth and soft, its not pressed as hard as other eyeshadows from different brands, so that it can deliver that smooth soft velvety colors that we know and love. Any bump or knock, and you get a shattered palette, in no time.
This Comfort zone palette is actually my replacement, that's why it looks new, because it is. My last one was ruined when it fell from my hands to the counter below it.

The L'oreal pigment, looks like it is wet, although it is an oily-er formula that has tons of fallout, if your not careful.  If you look closely at the jar that its in, the product actually looks like little beads on top of the sifter.
If you use a flat headed eyeshadow brush, you can help keep the teal duo-chrome that usually gets smeared away when you blend it out. Using a flat headed brush like the foil and fuse dual brush from the bare essentials brand make sure you pat it on, don't window wiper swipe it on. When you pat it on, it helps pack it on, so that you don't lose the blue duo-chrome and are only left with the browns/red.
 I love using this for sheer daytime or even night time looks. Although IMO, its not pigmented enough to be a stand-alone stark dark crease color, it looks amazing with a teal base or black base. I love the outcome.

I like using duochromes over other colors. It gives it a dynamic look that looks amazing. Even paired by itself, it looks like you did more work than you did. Just like using any type of duo- chrome, it looks like you used more colors than you really did.
You can use this all over your lid and blend out slightly towards the crease, to give it multi-color look even though in reality, you only used one color.

No primer, just plain finger swatching!

Below, I used the Loreal pigment Intrepid. which I did a review on here.

Overall, I'm so glad I have all my dupes and back-ups, but in order to be a real MAC club dupe, it has to be the real thing. It just is of different quality. You may not like the sheerness lightness of it, but that's what makes it unique. The others are heavier and are more likely to have fallout. I will post a pic using the Club eyeshadow over black so you can see the beauty of it, intensified! 

I shot all my product pictures with my new camera and so far, Im loving it. I filmed a shimmer smokey eye tutorial yesterday, but got cut off half way through and had to start a second film to end the first one. I just have to figure out how to cut and paste two films into one. Hopfully that tutorial will be up soon. Im very excited!

Here is a sneak peek of what the tutorial will be looking like!

Do you own Club, or any of the dupes? Any duochromes you recommend? 
Comment below!


  1. Very pretty color =)
    Great post.

  2. I really like these smokey shades. MAC is great, but I think that L'Oreal dupe is just as pretty.

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  3. Your makeup is beautiful and I love the comparisons!

    1. Thank you! I try to give the best info, as if I were reading it.


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