Monday, May 7, 2012

OOTD: Low key PYTHON...

Hello Hunny bunnies!!! Ahhh! First off, let me start this post off with a great big blogger hug! I have been running around like crazy, every single day, while my lovies are sleeping, trying to get everything for our trip to CT/NYC coming up. I am so excited with each passing day!
Here's just a running around OOTD that I wore recently. I love laid back looks that look classy but are simple and comfy too.

Please excuse the orangeness..I tired to balance the colors and made the picture alot more vibrant orange.

Above I am wearing Betsey Johnson Snake inlay bracelet ( I have both silver & gold, I love them!) and I on my nails is Hard Candy Sky nail polish. I love how it looks almost white but you can tell its baby blue...<3

Here are the Steve Madden Slingbacks I did a review on HERE. I love the print and style, but I have to say, after 30 minutes, my toes are throbbing! I don't know if its because these are too small (I don't think they are). To be honest, I think it might be the foot bed. Its so cramped. I def would not be able to wear these all day. I love how they look with super dark denim. I also like the thick heel, as it makes it easier to walk in and balances out my thick legs (genetics).

What I wore:
Spense Shirt / Betsey Johnson snake inlay bracelet / Hard Candy Sky polish / GUESS Black onxy ring / Seven 7 denim / Aeropostale cami / Steve Madden Python slingbacks.

I can't find my camera!! I last took it to Seaworld a couple of days ago and I am desperately trying to post my HUGEST HAUL EVER before I leave for NYC, but I might now be able to. :( Crossing my fingers that its down in the car.

Hope you ladies are doing great and can't wait to share all my exciting and fun pictures when we get back. Take care and TTYS!!


  1. looking gorgeous! I really love your nail colour. it kind of looks like this sephora by OPI polish I have called havana dreams but it is such a pain to apply. how is the hard candy application?

    1. I actually like the application. Not too think or thin and dry time is normal. It actually lasted about 4 days (with clear top coat) before chipping. I really like the color too. Its not as contrasting as white would be but add a more dainty look to otherwise bold nails.

  2. Thank you so much Tamara :D
    For the lastest makeup looks I've been using Canon EOS 600D. Just regular autofocus etc. :) I also do tend to use Canon EOS 400D, but the 600D is slightly better;-)

    I love this whole look, and your shoes are amazing ;)
    Not that I can tell if u have thick legs or not, but ha ha I got those genetics thick legs too..hehe:P

    1. Wow, thats a nice camera! I would love to own a nice one and soon! My camera just pooped out on me.
      Lol, and yeah if you can't tell, I have thick legs. When I say thick legs, I mean I don't have the typical skinny leg. I don't mean it like a bad thing, cause no ones complaining, it just means I gotta work out harder to make them look better. ;)


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