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Cortez Solo 450 degrees 1 1/2" Flat Iron review + photos

Searching for a HG hair styling tool is a must when you have any type of hair, on your head. Something that gets the job done in a decent amount of time (or when your in a rush) & keeps it looking great from the moment you turn it on, to the moment you wash it out. 
I actually already own a great flat iron already (Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron 1")

However, because I am a blogger, I will never "rest" with a product because there are so many others out there that can do the job as the more expensive products. I was recently sent the Cortez solo 450 titanium flat iron review. 
First thing I noticed, was that this was almost identical to the packaging of my Sedu flat iron, in that it was housed in the same fake velour casing and had a hard cardboard outer shell. It even looks the same with the rotating wire head and the sleek black body.

The Cortez goes up to 450 degrees, as does my Sedu flat iron. Even though it does go up that high, I never EVER use it that high because anything above 400 degrees, and you are bound to ruin your hair. I put mine to 398 degrees (I er, on the side of caution) and let it warm up. I noticed that it has two different lights. One red and one green.When its ready and hot, the green light switches off and its just the red light.

Side by side.
The plates are alittle bigger than what I am normally used to. It is 1 1/2 inches, each plate. I wanted the bigger plates because I figured that would give me the bigger waves. I have long hair and tight little ringlets do not look cute on me.

Click the link below to read more!!...

       Cortex Features:
  • Premium surgical grade titanium plates
  • Ionic technology
  • Far infrared technology distributes heat more evenly and prevents damage
  • Sleek, ergonomic, non-slip grip
  • Designed for professional comfort
  • Heats to maximum temperature swiftly
  • Floating plates optimize styling efficiency
  • Swivel cord prevents tangling
  • Hooked end for easy hanging
  • Variable heat up to 450F
  • Dual Voltage: 110/240V
  • Lifetime warranty (Make sure you register your product online at
  • Different designs in the collection such as: 1'' plates, Giraffe design, Zebra design, and skulls or your simple black rubber design. 
 Price: $150.00

There was no specifications for the warranty, even though it says lifetime warranty because when I clicked on the details it just gives's warranty policy. follows pretty good customer service policies and likes to add the warranty on for free even if the main manufacturer doesn't add it themselves.

    How to use (PRE):
    Its simple, really!
    Wash your hair! Many times, if your hair falls limp or doesn't hold well, its because your hair has too much build-up or heat already in it, and more will not alleviate the problem, It will just make it fall flat faster. Not a good flat either! A dull, lifeless limp, and goodness knows, no ones likes lifeless bodyless hair.
    After you hair is washed, make sure to have almost completely dry hair, about 90% dry. If it is damp or still dripping, all you will end up doing is steam cooking your hair. OUCH!
    I recommend using a good heat protectant. I love using Tresemme's heat shield because it is inexpensive and works really well without adding greasy-ness and dullness to my hair. Spray that on and let it settle in. Brush your hair and your ready for the big ShaBANG! 

    Using your Flat Iron:
    Divide your hair into four or more small sections- This helps ensure that you don't miss sections. It really helps because you don't want to be that chick with the huge bump in the back of her head because you missed a spot flat ironing your hair!
    Whether you are flipping your hair out, waving it, straightening it or curling it, start on one side of your hair and work your way all the way to the top. If you start on the bottom sections, its easier to work up than down because if you start at the top, you finished hair gets in the way of the hair you still need to finish.
    After you have finished your whole head- Go through the whole head and make sure you didn't miss any spots.
    Finish with hairspray of volume booster- Spray and tease your roots to add volume, only if you need it, and Voila! Bombshell hair!


    Day 1
    After 2 hours. I had alot more curl right after curling, but the curl let out and offered a soft wave. I didn't like how much it let out the curl, but I figured it was because I put too much product before and after.

    Day 2
    After 4 hours. No real curl, just soft loose flowing waves.

    Day 3
    After 4 hours of wear. It almost looks like a flip-out. It is very soft and lacks real definition. This day was with the anti-frizz oil before styling.

    Day 4
     About an hour after curling. Looking like the regular style, I know and love.

    My experience...
      The first time I tried this flat iron, I have to say, I was impressed. Its no Sedu, but it would be a good replacement if mine ever quit on me. It reaches the same highest temp, and the quality is equally as stunning. I love that it also is lighter than my Sedu, so my arm doesn't give out halfway through my mess of hair. The plates are super easy to clean and don't pinch and pull my loose hairs out. I liked that hair doesn't slip through the plates, they are held pretty good in between to prevent slippage. I noticed that I haven't experienced any crimped looking hair sections like on my sedu. If I accidentally hold my Sedu in one place too long when I am waving it out, you can tell where I started to flip it. You might like this flat iron as it does give the curled look, but a more relaxed, softer and natural looking wave as the hours pass on, which can be both negative or positive, depending on how you like your hair looking at the end of the day.

    The bad...
    I was disappointed at the very end of the day when my hair fell flat as a wooden board and it looked like strings of hay instead of strands of curls. The last four days I have tested it with a pre-oil, without the pre-oil, on a higher setting, on a lower setting and all four times, at the end of the day, my hair falls flat. With my sedu, my hair will hold for DAYS! I can wear it down and the next two days in a ponytail full of curls. Eh, I will keep experimenting...
    Also, if used on a lower setting like 370 degrees, it takes longer to curl, from my experience. Now, I don't have medium, curly, or other-wise high maintenance hair, but my hair is not stick thin and requires alittle bit of patience when styling. I had to be extra patient when waving my hair out and even sometimes had to re-do a wavy because it didn't pick up too much heat the first time around. I usually slowly slid the iron down my hair shaft and end in a curled position. When I was rushed, I just upped the heat and was able to get done faster, but with more damage...and that, I am not happy about.

    Overall, if I had to buy this because my Trusty ol' Sedu was done and out for the count, I would definitely buy it because it delivers the wave that I like in the end, but only as a back-up and not as a main boo type of thang.
    When you want to have a great head of hair, and don't want to spend almost $200 like I did, I would pick one of these up. At $60 dollars (on, you can't go wrong.

    You can get it HERE!


    1. Good review. I like big plates, so this product would work for me. But it's too bad that the hold doesn't last all day.
      Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

    2. Thank you! I liked the big plates for the bigger curl, but sadly it isn't a replacement for my SEDU

    3. Such a amazing result.You are try flat iron first time and your hair looking smooth,silky and shiny.I'm impressed by this flat iron.

      Good Hair Straighteners


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