Monday, April 23, 2012

theBalm, ESSIE, MAC, Maybelline + Personal events

I have been all about the neutral make-up lately. Whether individual eye shadows or palettes full of them, I can't get enough! 
Recently I picked up theBalm's Nude tude palette (which is mainly neutrals) in order to do a comparison with the Stila in the light palette and Urban decay's NAKED palette. However, I thought I had placed an order with Urban decay but I guess it didn't go through, so I have to wait until I go to Sephora again.

To be completely honest, I really bought the Balmbini palette to try out the Strawberry and nude lip tints. They look so pretty. Never can get enough nudes!

Doesn't this palette look delicious!??? I love the entire right side.

I wanted to do a DIY nail-polish rack that I see all the time on Youtube. Just google it to see what I'm talking about. They are so cheap and cute, but I am scared to make it out of foam, seeing as nail-polishes aren't made out of the lightest material. They are glass, ya know.

Sneek peek picture of my upcoming review on this beauty. If you don't have it, check ebay. I got mine there.

Since I couldn't get the NAKED palette, I had to grab the dupe color that I wanted from its palette, which was Knight Divine. I really wanted to try Gunmetal, so I got this instead. Darkhorse looks promising too. :)

I went to Sephora and Gunmetal is def lighter and less smokey than Knight Divine. I like it still, but not as much as KD.

What I got: 
theBalm Nude 'Tude palette
theBalm Balmbini Vol 2.
MAC Her blooming cheek
MAC Knight Divine
Hard Candy Sky
ESSIE Luxeeffects As gold as it gets
Maybelline color tattoo Audacious asphalt
ESSIE Mink muffs

I have found myself reaching for Knight Divine so often that I am thinking about buying a back-up.

Tons of things have been going on lately. My husband and I's anniversary just passed and we were able to go out to dinner & have a romantic time. I surprised him with cheesecake at the end of the meal. The waitresses came out carrying them and he was shocked. He said, "when did you plan this??" Lol, it was so funny to see his reaction. 

Lol, my husbands buddy was saying he looked weird with this smile. :D

We also got our Family Easter pictures done and they came out so cute! My Olivia is such a ham!

I also have tons of hauls, because my husband spoils me rotten! I was able to get my wishlist item NARS Chelsea Girls lip lacquer, so expect a review soon. I absolutely love it, but I just wish it wasn't so dang tiny!

I feel like I have been kind of out of it lately. I am so super busy, getting ready for our visit to NYC and a wedding in CT. I have been searching for the perfect dress, working out like crazy, and dealing with my own personal health problems. I won't go into too much details, but I will explain a little. About a month ago I had a dull ache in the right upper abdominal area. It felt like contractions (I know, sounds crazy). I was throwing up all day, I had the chills and when I tried to lay down and go to sleep, the pain in my right side would not let up and let me sleep. I finally went to the ER where they drew blood and gave me pain meds. The doctor thought I had gallstones so he ordered me a ultrasound. I went to the ultrasound and I recently got a message from my doctor saying that my liver has replaced the liver tissue with fat, likely with being overweight when I was preggo. Basically the starting of something called NASH or Non-alcholic fatty liver disease. This is quite normal for a 30 or older person, that is obese, but I am not obese, and I am barely 22. This means I have to schedule a appointment with a hepatologist. It scared me so much to think I might have a disease that could kill my liver, and ultimately me if I don't take care of it at this early stage. I am still learning about this, so I don't know all the details yet. I just know I have to continue to workout and eat right. I might be MIA for a bit. I will be blogging still, but I have to focus alot more time and energy on things that need to be done. Just wanted to let you all know what's going on. 

Also if anyone knows a good photo editing program that works well with Macbooks. Picnik just closed and I don't want to sign up for Google+ MonkeyPic. Any advice would be appreciated.
Talk to you guys soon. I have alot of posts but I need to edit the photos I took so that I can get them up soon. :)


  1. Oh my gosh girl! So sorry to hear about that. Hope you feel better soon and everything gets worked out! I love love the nude tude is awesome!!

    I use this site for basic edits and I really like it:

    I am still trying to find a great one I like but for now this works really good!

    1. Thanks Miranda! I hope so to. I was feeling totally worried and in the slumps, but realized my life isn't over. I can still be healthy! I will check that site out too. Thanks babe!

  2. You have a beautiful family:)
    Sara xx

    1. Aw, Thank you Sara! My daughter is a ham. She loves the camera. :)

  3. Try Pic Monkey out! It's free... I just used it for my recent blog post.

    I LOVE your Easter picture! Such a gorgeous family!

    And I've heard such amazing things about theBalm's NUDEtude palette - a definite want :)

    1. Rebecca! I was so sad because I heard that Mac's weren't able to get adobe flash player, but I did it! Now I use Picmonkey. Thanks girl!


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