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Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment Review & Photos!

One of the main things (I believe) that make people, especially women, look great is having a great head of hair or even a great hair day. You know what I'm talking about...
Not only does your hair look great, but it makes you feel great. Even if you are having a bad day and are super tired. If you are standing in line at the Grocery store and someone spots you from behind, they can't tell your having an off day, because you hair is looking phenomenal!

I have waist long hair that I try and take care of because my husband loves long hair. With that being said, research has shown that men, subconsciously seek out women that have HEALTHY looking hair because it means they are healthy and can produce healthy offspring. Now, I'm not saying every time a man looks at your hair, he is thinking about making offspring with you, but there are facts that show that healthy looking anything is a plus when looking for a partner.

Picture from back in November 2011. Long length
Before I grew my hair this long, To be honest, I really didn't take care of my hair and let it do it's own thing. I colored it, put heat damage to it without heat protectants, and pulled out my split ends all the time. I finally decided enough was enough when my hair started to fall out and break off just by brushing it. I looked into heat protections, deep conditioners, frizz control, volumizers, you name it, I've tried it.


I have actually tried one other Moroccan oil that I had purchased at Sally's beauty supply but I forgot which brand it was by, as I had tried it a while back.  I can't even remember other oil product, so it just proves to me, that it was not a great product for me to begin with anyway because I can't even remember if it worked or not. I can't really compare the two so this is just a review on the Sedu Anti-frizz treatment.

The picture on the left is from December 2011, after a hair dye. I had to trim about 5 inches off because the ends were just FRIED.

 Since their launch in 2004, Sedu has become one of the top rated professional styling products. Sedu's success has been driven by understanding the needs of the professional stylists and incorporating what they have learned into the brand's uniquely designed products. Sedu creates superior tools that enable inspiring styles-No other tools compare to Sedu.

Excerpt taken from Sedu empowers stylists with high-powered versatile products and a dedicated and dynamic partnership. We openly collaborate with stylists and technicians alike to fuse the science behind the product with the artistry of hair to design products and programs that meet stylists’ needs for defining, shaping, lifting, shining and polishing hair.

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Lets start with the packaging and shipping. The Customer Service rep that sent me this was EXTREMELY helpful and very gracious. I actually was in the market for getting a new Flat iron. The one I had for alittle over two years, started sparking on me. I believe that was because of the way I kept it stored.

I contacted the rep and she said there was nothing she could do for me about the flat Iron because my warranty had just barely expired. I was determined to find a good coupon to use for the Sedu flat iron because I really liked it. I saw the CHI ones, the Solia ones, etc, but like they say..If it ain't broke, why fix it? I wanted the same quality as my first one. The Sedu rep contacted me and said that she could give me a $25 dollar off coupon & she throw in Anti-frizz oil for me to have. I was all for it because I had recently had a trip planned (this past January) to visit Family, up in Napa & I really needed a replacement flat iron, and STAT! I bought the Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron, for those that want to know. I paid regular price with the 25 discount. (link: click here)

When I opened it up, I was impressed with the amount.
Geez, louis 6.8 fl oz, all for me!!? If you know anything about oils, you don't need alot. Unless you are frying chicken or something, a small dime sized amount will do, to avoid greasy, weighed down hair.
Looking at this package, I won't run out for a LONG time!

Tips for soaking in this oil:
Overnight: Apply all over the tips of your (dry) hair right before beddy bye time. Cover with a shower cap or old sock at the ends. Make sure you cover your pillow with a old pillow cover to avoid any stains or marks.

Shower time: Apply to the ends or all over, put on your shower cap and take a warm shower for about 10 min. The heat and steam from the bath with make the oil soak into your hair so much more because it warms up and your head is covered so that the heat can't get out.

Warmed up: Heat this in the microwave to a warm temp. Not too much heat though, or you will burn your hair. I'd say a little warmer than lukewarm. This is similar to a hot oil treatment. Apply to your ends or however much you need for your damage and wash out after 30 min.
Everyday: As the packaging suggests, use a dime size amount to damp or dry hair. Running your fingers through all parts of you hair until it is evenly distributed. Style as usual.
To wash the oil out of your hair and avoid greasy looking hair, apply shampoo before the water and rub into scalp. This penetrates and cleans before the water has a chance to dilute the Shampoo.

(These tips were not given to me. I experimented with them myself and was able to find the best ways to use it)

After using it for 2 weeks, my hair is noticeably more shiny and healthy looking

If you are curious as to what Argan Oil is, it is a oil produced from the Kernals of the Argan tree, found in Morocco. It is known for its natural enhancements that it gives cosmetically and also in cooking. It has a nutty aroma mixed with a soft perfume smell
Taken from Argan oil remains one of the rarest oils in the world due to the small and very specific growing areas. This oil is a clear slighty orange/yellow color and leaves your hair feeling like it had a drink of water. It's so refreshing.

 I was curious to see what way and when to apply this would be most helpful. You can actually use it before or after. Using it before will help to protect your hair from heat damage and using after will provide shine and make your straightened hair look sleek and smooth. You should keep that in mind.

*****UPDATE Jan 30, 2013*****
Recently my hair has taken a downward spiral. I had stopped taking care of my hair. I use this on days when I am not going to wash my hair. I load up the ends with product and pile it into a bun. The next day (or two, if I have no where to go), I wash my hair as regular and rinse out. My hair has been considerably softer since doing this routine. To be honest, my hair was so dried at the ends, it felt like hay. This puts the moisture back in the ends, without weighing down my hair. I like to style my hair with soft waves and put a dime size in the ends. This helps the waves look more placed and healthier.
If you get oily at the scalp like I do, make sure you reframe from touching there while you have this product on your hands. Anything I put in my hair (hairspray, heat protectant, etc) makes my scalp oily. So adding any type of product to my scalp will make it oilier. 
My daughter has curls and I also use a very tiny bit to help those curls remain curls and not frizzies. I really love this product.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely. Although the retail price for this is kind of high, the price of healthy hair, is priceless. I have seen such a great improvement in my hair after using it for 2 months straight. Even my hairstylists noticed a difference. My hair feels more manageable, softer and overall, healthier.

To buy yours, get it here! Use code Retail20 for $20 dollars off & free shipping. For more codes go to


  1. Your hair looks very health and shiny in this picture! I was like you, I never really used to think about taking care of my hair. Now I have realized the importance of using heat protectants, deep conditioners, etc. This may be something that I need to try!

    1. Yeah, I can't believe all the stuff I did to my hair when I wasn't taking care of it. A big no-no was no heat protectant before flat ironing. I saw steam and such and my hair wasn't even wet. My hair dresser said if yo have no product on your hair, you shouldn't be seeing steam.


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