Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NOTD: Combo of ESSIE Pink-a-boo & Ballet slippers!

When the ESSIE Resort 2012 collection launched, I figured I had to at least buy one. I mean, looking at these, it just makes my nails tingle! Such complimenting colors, I want them all on my nails, at once!
Seriously, whenever I paint my nails it takes forever to decided on what color to pick..I'm probably the most indecisive person you could meet.

In the collection there is Pink-A-Boo, Sure Shot, She's Picture Perfect & No More Film.
 I chose Pink a boo because the blue glitter flecks, enticed me! It isn't your average creme pink. The blue glitter and shimmer in it give more dimension than you could imagine.
It is almost the exact same color as American Apparel Coney island, but with shimmers and glitters of perfection.

I have yet to find a outfit choice that doesn't go good with a pretty light pink color. My husband says it's blah. As in boring, But I think it's very sophisticated, feminine & pretty. Perfect for everyday life. Nothing that is too out there, but when people notice your nails, they say, hmm that's pretty. :) Plus, pastels are really in right now, and this is a more complicated color then just creme pink.

For this color, I used 3 coats of ESSIE Ballet slippers and two coats of Pink a boo on top. I used a base pink color because Pink a boo is very sheer and I probably would have had to apply 10 coats to get the same outcome as what I got with 3 coats of Ballet slippers.
You have no idea how long this took to dry. I didn't even want to put a top coat on it because it took SOOO long to dry. I believe about 2 hours, and still it was not completely dry. But I do have to note, I saw absolutely NO CHIPP-AGE in the first 7 days. That's pretty awesome, coming from me, because I usually see at least one chipped nail after 2 days.

I don't know if it's because of so many coats I used, but it almost looks like shrinkage on my nails. It might be also because the layer is so thick too though...

You can't really see tons of blue flecks, but they are there, I assure you.

One of the best combo's I've used in a while, and I will def try it again. Maybe not so many coats of ballet slippers or I'll try thinner coats.
Overall, a very big plus in color & quality from the ESSIE brand.

Have you tried ESSIE yet? DO you have any colors to recommend trying? Share it below!


  1. Gorgeous mani! It's amazing that it didn't chip in 7 days though... I never have that kind of luck. It might be that I'm not very kind to my nails either lol

    1. I know. Crossed fingers I get more luck like this!

  2. One of my biggest pet peeves about Essie is that their lighter jelly colours are so NOT opaque. I just bought Muchi Muchi and it took me 4 coats! Brazilliant is a gorgeous colour though, perfect for summer:)

    1. I know what you mean! I have brazilliant but still have not tried it. I thought I did, but it was Meet me at sunset. Both are so pretty and vibrant

  3. I used this Essie resort 2012 collection in my video nail art! :)



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