Monday, April 16, 2012

April MyGlam beauty bag & Winner of my first giveaway!!

Back in November 2011, the MyGlam subscription sample service launched, to bring its customers beauty samples for only $10 dollars a month (yearly $110). I saw the first month's beauty bag and let's just say, I really wanted it. However, any new subscribers were not being taken and I had to sign up on the waitlist to be informed when they would open up. 
I waited...and waited...and waited some more and finally got an email that they had spots available. I jumped on the computer and signed myself up.
I love how they give sneak peeks on facebook, of what the upcoming bag will be consisting of, unlike other subscription services. First sneak peak was lashes, then it was liner, last was the lipgloss.

I have wanted to try the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil's because of the colors. has some great photos of the liners that make these irresistible. I got Junkie, which is a foresty green with hint of blue & lots of gold glitter. They are 0.03oz as opposed to the regular 0.04oz. These honestly make me think this would be the color of a mermaids tail (if mermaids existed). I really wanted to try woodstock but HEY, I'm not complaining!

Swatching was a delight, because of how smooth it glided on. I love the consistency. I will be purchasing more for sure!

When I saw that both of these would be included, I was thrilled! I love new brushes and the eyeliner pencil was meant just for me!
 I just purchased NARS Chealsea girls and I was contemplating on not keeping it because of the small glass pot that it is in. I have longish nails now, and get product stuck under them is irritating. Now, I can use the liner brush as a lip applicator. These are made from pony hair and are pretty good quality. I would definitely buy from the MyGlam line.

All-Belle eyelashes were the first sneak peak and even though I barely use falsies, I am trying to do more looks and glam styles these days. These are perfect for a night out, or even if you never wear falsies, a costume add-on. 

Last, but not least is the DermStore lip quench-Moisture Infused lip treatment. I love a good lipbalm and these are great! My staple lipbalm is Carmex, but the slight pink tint of these and super smooth balm-eyness if enough to make me forget my beloved Carmex...for awhile anyway...:)
I also liked that the bag it came in is reusable. I give all my small purses and bags to my daughter because she is 100 percent total girlie girl. Love bracelets, make-up, and my heels. LOL. So cute when she tries brushing blush on with my blusher brush. :)

Although I had to wait a while to get a subscription, it was worth it. All the girls out there who complained about the products being drugstore or cheap & who cancelled their subscription, I say, Thank you. I am very happy with MyGlam and hopefully they continue to send great products.

Although I am several days late in announcing the winner, with all due respect the winner is:

(winner was chosen through
Congrats! Look out for an email in the next couple of days and I should be getting it out ASAP!
 Thank you all who entered! I appreciate the support and "love" you guys give. I would like to do another giveaway soon before I go to NY, so cross those fingers!!
I have been spoiled rotten this past week because of my anniversary with my husband. He is too sweet.  Some of the things he bought me were two Micheal Kors purses, Zales diamond earrings, clothes, and TONS of make-up. Thanks babe!
Hope you all are doing great and are enjoying your Monday!

Did you sign up for the MyGlam bag or any other subscription service? 
Comment below!


  1. Great post! It's great to see more reviews on the MyGlam bag!!

    1. Yeah. I hope they continue to do well

  2. To bad My Glam does not ship international

    1. It does suck. I think they are expanding though, so pretty soon, maybe they will??? :)


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