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Loreal 24 hr Infalliable eyeshadows in: Iced Latte, Sultry smoke, Endless pearl, Eternal black & Bronzed Taupe

This review doesn't contain all the swatches in just one post, because I already did a review on the rest HERE!

 Here's me wearing the Sultry smoke eyeshadow with Maybelline's Tough as taupe.

 Above is a excerpt photo from a OOTD I have yet to put up. :)

These are my newest babies:

New ones

L'Oreal product description:
For the first time ever, L'Oreal Paris introduces an Ultra intense eyeshadow that lasts from day until dawn-a full 24 hours. This revolutionary formula fuses the ease of a powder with the velvety caress of  a cream to create a unique hybrid that glides effortlessly. With it's unique technology, your eyes are enhanced with the pure, magnified pigment. Make a lasting impression without batting an eye.

These are about 10 dollars each & you can usually find at your local Target, Walmart or Drugstore.
The Infallible 24HR eyeshadows are available in 12 different shades. Two are mattes, and the remaining 10 contain shimmers. I noticed that Canada has different colors which are not included in the US distributions. :( Oh, well.

When I first saw that these were 24 hour claims, I thought, hmm, well first of all, who the heck would need to wear make-up for a full 24 hours. I mean, yes I understand people do. Like me, I would have loved this when I was working almost 100 hours a week, because it would have saved alot of make-up applying time, but now, I mean, 24 hour wear time? How can they claim that? There's no one to hold them accountable...Im jussayin. I'm not saying that it doesn't last for 24 hours but I really don't buy into all the companies saying that it lasts for 24 hours-and beyond...Give me a break.
 Anywho....Here are my thoughts and descriptions on these..
Lets take a look, shall we?... 

 My thoughts on each Product:

 Iced Latte:
Oh my, what a pretty champagne shimmer eyeshadow. The color is soft enough to use in the inner ducts of your eyes or to highlight brow bones or lower lash lines. I love using this on the inner of my eye lid and blending toward the middle to blend-out to the next color.
 The color is very similar to the Endless pearl, but none of the same qualities...I will get to that later.
Sultry smoke:
Mama mia! I am really loving grey's & Taupes right now. 
I would describe this color as a smokey grey matte color. Although it looks like it has shimmer to it, it really doesn't. Applied, it has a matte look
When swiped, it has a velvety soft touch like theBalm eye shadows have, but sans the glitter. This and bronzed taupe are fast becoming my loves from this collection. I love pairing this color with tough as taupe from the Maybelline color tattoo line. It really brings out the blue undertones without being full-on blue-mania.

Endless Pearl
Where should I begin?... I had high hopes for this color. I wanted it to be a runner up for MAC's Blanc type (which I LOVE) However, applied, it is chalky, lacks pigmentation, and makes me look like I dusted powdered doughnuts on my browbone & inner eyes. I use this when I want a matte highlight on my brow bone & I only apply lightly, because like I mentioned above, I am a olive complexion, this does not look too smart on me. I would love for them to have a matte color like this of a grey brown or light brown that I could use for a base all over eyelid color. Or even more matte colors, at all. That, would be AWESOME.

Eternal Black:
Oh how I love black with sparkles!
If you are looking for sparkle galore, and possibly a dupe for the Glorious MAC Black tied eyeshadow, get this ASAP! It is so pigmented and can be used as a eyeshadow or liner, although I haven't tried liner yet, but I will not be held by limits of just an eyeshadow! This is a black of blacks with tons of glitter. No fallout, I can safely say. I can't wait to wear this like Kris Jenner. She always wears black blocking on her eyelids. Like it, but everyday wear, is too much for me.

Bronzed Taupe
I saved the best for last, of course! This is probably my favorite because its not black but it still shows up on my lids and adds depth. I love a eyeshadow that is smokey but not black. I think black is pretty harsh in everyday light, but when you have a smoked out green like MAC's Greensmoke, or this eyeshadow, Bronzed Taupe, it is a perfect balance of depth and has shimmer in it. I would say foiled slightly but not full force.
It is a light taupe brown. Hint of grey in it and it has tons of shimmer.

I applied these using my index finger. I swipe the product and when applied, it almost applies opaquely (meaning not transparent). I love blending my eye shadows to make new colors by building up layers of different colors and lets just say, these, combined, did not really blend well. It mostly looked like it over lapped, but didn't blend. The good thing though, there was No fallout or glittery scratchy mess. Also, when blending, I find with mostly any eyeshadow, that the glitter/shimmer effect becomes dull and loses it vibrancy, but these...oh, no...these babies, kept their shine and held up nicely to my blending.
I have never had to use a eyeshadow primer because of oily lids. It's mainly because of fallout, for me, that happens when you buy dusty or cheaper eye shadows. I didn't use any type of base primer when wearing these, and there was no creasing or fallout at any time.

I noticed when I bought them, in a previous post, that I thought mine were tampered with because the Continuous cocoa looked like the Matte side of the picture below. It looked like water had gotten in. But I realized that because they are not shimmery, they have a different formula.

Glitter vs Mattes

Above you can see how they have different formulas. They glitter formula is alot more attractive.

I also would like to note that they come with what I call a "presser" cap that holds in the hard pressed pigment and I think keeps it, "moist"? That's what I think about. These are so pigmented, they seem to be cream shadows, even though, they clearly are not.

Below is swatches from my first post that I reviewed with the Golden sage, Perpetual purple & Continuous cocoa.

LtoR: Golden Sage, Perpetual purple & Continuous cocoa

I would like to note the Pros and Cons of the product, all around:

  •  Long lasting
  • Pigmented
  • No fallout if your careful not to dig in too deep
  • Velvety, 
  • Not dusty at all, 
  • comes with a "presser" cap to hold in the pigment
  • Inexpensive
  • Tons of product
  • Vibrant and muted colors available

  • Fallout when pressing too hard
  • Not too good at blending with other shades from line, overlay shimmer
  • Not alot of variety

That's about it. I would recommend at least getting one of these eyeshadows to test out if you would buy more, but take my word for it...they are AWESOME!

Okay, so after all my blabbering, what do you think, or do you already own them? How do you like to wear them or pair them?
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  1. I'd be willing to try them. It's really not a bad review. The bronzed taupe looks so pretty.

  2. oh i bought a couple of these and love them too! think i may pick up another shade xo

    1. You have too! I loved how the purple loved on you though.

  3. Thanks for the swatches! I want more matte shades as well in these. I was going to pick up Endless Pearl because I thought it would be a great dupe for my fav blanc type, but when you mention it is like powdered donuts...LOL that definitely makes me want to steer clear lol

    1. I really love blanc type, I would've done comparison swatches, but I got my make-up bag stolen awhile ago at work, and have yet to repurchase it. I might have to though, for the sake of comparisons!

  4. Your so pretty! Love the shadows, very pigmented


  5. GORGEOUS! I saw like a midnight blue colored one at Walgreens but left it behind & now I'm kicking myself lol. These look amazing. Iced Latte looks beautiful. I love how shimmery they are! xx

    1. Yes, I have yet to get the midnight blue one! I love these!


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