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wet N wild Mega Last Matte lipsticks in Just peachy and Pink suga'!

Whoever can resist a pretty lipstick, I give you TONS of kudos.
I have been trying not to buy lipsticks because I really don't need any but I figured for about 3 bucks each, what's the big deal?..haha, im a great debater.

My bad, I switched the names around.
I have never tried wetNwild lipsticks before. I have wanted to though, because I figured, If they are made anything like their eyeshadows, then count me in, BABAY!!!
wetNwild have the best pigmentation, application and velvet-y touch BY FAR! I mean, even better than my beloved NARS eyeshadows. (that's saying alot for me). 
I even swatched them together, and the wNw preformed with 10 stars, while the "other"ahem,  brands needed a harder touch to pick up just as much as the wNw ones.

My bad, I mismarked these. Switch the names around and it's right. So the pink suga is actually called just peachy and the same goes for the other.
Okay first things first, the fall-backs of the this product. 
The freakin name of the lipstick isn't on the main packaging, its on the plastic wrapper that you peel off and throw away. 
I mean, numbers for the name, but no where on it does it say the name like just peachy or pink suga. I will forget numbers easily, if you want people to buy your product again or be able to remember it by a cute name like pink suga or just peachy, PRINT THE NAME ON THE LIPSTICK!!! I swear, this made me so mad! I had to google the 903c and find out the name of it again. 
If you don't care about names, then you probably think I'm crazy, but I guess I'm so used to having the name on the package so If I like it enough, I will re-purchase it without having to jot down or memorize each number and worry If I got a number wrong when purchasing another one.
Okay, done with that rant...
Moving on.

When I tried these, I knew I was having de-ja-vu because just peachy looked like NYX Orange Soda that I bought a couple of years ago. I don't have it anymore, but I believe this would be a dupe!

From Lips take center stage! This 4-hour, longwearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke. Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn't cake, feather, or bleed. Made with hydrating skin-care ingredients: Hyaluronic Microspheres provide extraordinary adhesion to lips, an exclusive polymer complex offers cushion-like feel and texture, and natural marine plant extracts Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins A & E help smooth lips.

When it says it glides on easily and it doesn't cake, it is all very true. I usually have a big problem with creamy lipsticks because I have tons of wrinkles on my lips so creamy lipsticks tend to magnify this problem especially if the color is light, like the ones I got. However, all I do is smack my lips together and it blends in because its on been wiped on, its almost like my lips blotted it.
Pigmentation, pretty awesome. I mean these were not a dollar, so I did expect at least some pigmentation, so I would say they didn't disappoint.
The thing I mostly loved about these, was that they are completely matte. No shimmer, no shiny, no glitter, No problem! I sometimes feel that shiny frosty lipsticks make it look..a I think it's because when I was little (13/14 yrs) I would buy cheapo lipsticks and they all contained frosty, shimmery flecks. Ughh! I have yet to find a good frosted lipstick. If you know of a pink or nude one, let me know!

The wear time on the Just peachy was about 2 and a half hours. That's with drinking, no eating. It faded into my lips considerably, but I didn't reapply, I just put gloss back on top.

Makeupalley.com71 reviews

Click on the link to see what everyone said above, but mostly everyone would repurchase this product. They were amazed with the pigmentation and the quality. I will for sure. I would like to get sugar plum or other darker colors to test out the vibrancy and color fade wear.

I noticed these look like my LeBalm balms that I have and not the typical point nose lipsticks, that mostly every lipstick has. It was different, but the packaging looks like it will get banged up pretty quickly because of the plastic clear lid.

Makeupally.comrated 4.4(21 reviews)

This lipstick, on me, was a huge fail! I don't know if its because my undertone is yellow so this was a no-no on my lips. Also, my lips are pretty pigmented, so maybe I need to use MAC lip eraser..or get a tan.

Makeupalley.comrated 3.7(65 reviews)

Just peachy applied looking like a dream. I was trying to compare it to a lipstick I have already, but I had none! That's a relief. I love that this neutralized my lip color, while still giving me a pinky toned lipstick.

Also, they really should switch the names of these lipsticks. If you noticed, pink suga' has no hint of pink in it, and Just peachy, really looks pinky.

 (EDIT): I wore Just peachy lightly today and I like it alot. Not heavily applied though. Lightly swiped and a coat of sparkle gloss on top or you can even use a pink nude gloss to lighten it up to a mauvey pink.

 Overall, I would buy these again, but different colors. Like I said, darker ones. I wasn't impressed too much with Just peachy and as for Pink suga'? It didn't float my boat AT ALL. I would recommend getting these, but EXFOLIATE first and don't be afraid to add Carmex or lip balm as a base. It will make it glossier and help with the product sinking into the wrinkles or lines you have, if you even have any.
TIP: I have religiously used Carmex lipbalm for the last 2 years back when I noticed my lips were very sensitive to the air and peeled alot. Ever since, I have had no cracks and minimal peeling, and the peeling is only when I stop using it. If you apply a super thick coat before bed, I SWEAR, (if your not a bed roller-arounder) that it will still be on in the morning after 12 hours). I always do this. Every night. 

How do you wear your wetNwild lipsticks? Do you like any particular shade?
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  1. I think I'd buy those lipsticks, seems like my kind of alley, hee

  2. I like the Pink Suga shade. Looks good. I am following you now ^_^.

    Btw you have a very beautiful looking family. God bless all three of you <3.

    Btw please participate my 1st INTERNATIONAL giveaway if it fancy your liking ^_^.

    1. Thank-you, and I will stop by. Welcome to my blog! :)

  3. These are GORGEOUS!! I really need to go pick these up! <3

  4. Love wet n' wild and love matte lipstick. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to get these next time.

  5. these colors really are gorgeous! right up my alley.

  6. now i want just peachy!! followed you btw!! ;0

  7. I bought just peachy today! It's my first lighter color of the megalast lipsticks. I have 6 of them right now and want more. Both, sugar plum and smokin hot pink are super pigmented and stay on my lips for about 5 hours before fading. Oh and 5 out of the 6 lipsticks I own have the name of the lipstick on the bottom on the lipstick tube. So hopefully they changed the packaging and I didn't buy 5 old ones. :)


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