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NEW Physcian's Formula pH matchmaker blush in ROSE

Launching Officially this March 2012, Physicians Formula has new products to offer, from their new bronzers, blushers and liners to their first ever, Cosmeceutical line ranging from foundation to powders. I would like to try the foundation. It claims to "melt" into the skin, so I don't doubt it will do that and deliver skin looking foundation. They have a sister blush to this I believe, which is the the bronzer. Same packaging and everything. I might try it but I'm really wanting the Cashmere wear Ultra-smoothing blush in rose and natural.

I have owned a couple of items from Physicians Formula, and to this day, I have had no disappointments. Lets see if this review will continue on, its legacy, shall we?

I love a good pink blush. I believe, any girl would. Whether a coral pink, redish pink, any pink is good for me. I tend to gravitate more towards super bright, pigmented blushes because I can either apply lightly and get a soft pink, or apply heavily, and come up with a bold bright pink.

close up

pH adjusting blush in Rose:
I was so surprised with how this was packaged. They did a very good job at making it cute, attractive and this baby, can sell itself! Although it is pretty chunky and not travel bag friendly, With the dusted silver "lights" in the blush itself, to the LED lights, this blush is worth having in your bag.

-Makeup Powered by You!
-1st Ever Blush with pH Power Complex transforms into your perfectly personalized hue.
-Fluorescein Based Dye-senses the pH level of your skin & adjusts within 60 seconds to create your perfect blushing glow.
-Photochronic Powders-light adjusting pigments adapt to your environment so color looks the same indoors & outside.
-Look your Best in Every Light!
-LED-powered compact lights up and features a full-size mirror for touch-ups anywhere & everywhere!
They actually PROMISE to have to match your skin tone. That's a pretty big promise...

Okay, so this is a real account of what happened when I used this. 
I did my regular make-up routine (foundation, concealer) and went to apply this. Mind you, I had swatched this before hand, and knew it was pretty pigmented, but I guess I thought my blush brush wouldn't pick up the same amount that my finger did, so I swirled it around and applied to the apples of my cheeks..
Clown face alert.
I blended it out as best I could and noted to myself that I would blend it out more with powder after I was done with my other cheek. I applied to the other cheek (lightly, this time) and blended it normally. 

Okay, here's the surprising part..

I grabbed my face powder and was going to go back to the other cheek, and to my surprise, it looked like it matched the other side perfectly! No joke, guys! It really didn't look half-bad. So, I left it and thought nothing of it. Now that I'm writing this review, I had to share it, because I do believe that it really adjusted to my skin tone. I even swatched it with my finger this morning, and when I went to compare it to the PF Happy booster in Rose, I looked at my finger tip, & it looked like it had faded into my skin. Almost like a theBalm's Stainiac. It didn't look like it was a powdery at all. I would dare say, it was like it absorbed into my skin.

As far as the pigmentation goes, its velvety, has a tiny bit of dusty fallout, but overall, I would say, a great purchase and I was surprised and pleased, to say the least. The color is a bubblegum pink. Not too red, but not too pink. To my eyes, It has a tiny hint of coral in it. It also has silver micro flecks of shimmer in it.

 I apply my primer, foundation & concealer as usual. I lightly tap ( I stress, lightly. You can always go back and add more if you need to) the end of my blush brush in the pan and apply to the apples of my cheeks. I blend toward my ears in a circular motion. I usually add a tad more, even if it bright enough, because when I add my HD powder, it fades it out. I found that after my first time wearing this, the wear time is Phenomenal. I would say, on me, it lasted for about 6 hours without noticeable fading. The reason for 6 hours is because I had to take a shower at night and washed my face. The only fading was when the blush "absorbed" into my skin. Even then, it was still bright.

The brush is actually pretty soft and I won't be tossing it. I actually will keep it with the blush, just in case Olivia finds my brushes. (She loves taking my brushes and acting like she's putting on make-up)

The pH adjusting "claims" aren't the only gimmick in this package. It comes with LED lights, so just in case of blackout emergency, you can apply with breeze.

swatched, direct sunlight. You can see the silver overspray on the side of the swatch.

Swatched, it obviously looks alittle dusty, but I swear it absorbs into the skin. Like water to soil.

I did a comparison (above) w/ the Happy Booster blush in Rose. They are both bright pink, candy colors.

Overall, I really like this blush. The color is gorgeous. The LED lights, are a plus. I have only seen LED lights with the Toofaced mascara. The wear time is good and the price is okay, seeing as it's a drugstore product, maybe a tad expensive, at about 14 dollars. I will try and add a face photo of me wearing this, so you all can see how it looks on my skin.

What do you own anything from Physicians Formula line? Any likes or dislikes?


  1. LOL. Clown face is not what I'm looking for. Glad you fixed it up. The color is bright and nice. I am also surprised at the packaging.

    1. :D I know, you have no idea how shocked I was and almost mad because I thought I would have to do my WHOLE make-up face, all over again.

  2. Oooh I love this! I intially wanted the Natural color but since I already have the Happy Booster in the same shade so I might check this one out instead!

    1. I haven't seen the natural color for this blush, but I have seen the cashmere smooth blush one and it looks super pretty. Almost peachy, bronze blush.

  3. Need to try this.
    Thank you for sharing =)

  4. The LED lights seal the deal for me! This looks fun!


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