Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OOTD: Teal me, Baby!

Outfit of the day! I would love to do more of these, but I always forget, or I can't find my camera at that particular moment, so here it is!
My first OOTD that I titled: Teal me, Baby!

I look super short here, as compared to real life. I am actually 5'8. The last picture at the end of this post is an accurate height dimension size. I am pretty tall for a girl I guess. Lol, My mom is 6 foot.

I didn't have a fresh pedicure so, don't look at my toes! LOL

Excuse the blurry-ness, I forgot to get a photo of it by itself

What I'm wearing:
Forever 21 shirt / Abercrombie & Fitch belt / Seven 7 Jeans / Steve Madden Alex heels / Gold chain link bracelet at Nordstroms / Natasha Gold coined Statement Necklace / Zales Gold Hoop earring.

The shoes are the new Steve Madden Alex ones I just got. As I said, I have been wearing them everytime I go on an outing. They are very comfortable and I love height in my heels.

.Haha, I love playing with the photo editor. although, I look pretty pissed for some reason.

I also am going to be starting P90x soon. We bought it a while ago, but I was breastfeeding so I didn't want to go on a extreme workout/diet and have my milk dwindle. I have lost 67 pounds to date, but would love to tone and sculpt my body again. I love working toward a goal and truly committing and seeing the results. I would like to lose about 15 more pounds but If I lose more, that would be nice too...:) I am going to start this week, so if you have it, you can take the challenge with me. I'd love if you would join me.

What do you think? Do you like teal colors and how I wore it? 
I am lucky to have a husband that is generous, so I stay styled all the time. :) Thanks babe!


  1. Love teal! You look fabulous!!!! I want your outfit...you should shop for me:) I would totally do p90 x with you if I weren't beast feeding still...I need to lose some pounds for sure.

  2. Cute outfit! Loving your shoes (: that teal color looks awesome on you and I envy that you're tall I'm only 5'1" lol

    1. I used to want to be alot shorter in highschool, but ive come to love my height. my husband says I look like a supermodel, but he's just being nice.;)

  3. Hey my comment above is "unknown" blah! It's Jessica Robles.

  4. Hey !!

    Im a new follower, im loving your blog so far- please check mine out if you like at http://suziemakesyouup.blogspot.com

    hahaha i love the "dont look at my toes" photo lol



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