Thursday, February 2, 2012

The much raved about Loreal Infallabile 24 hour eyeshadows: purple, cocoa and sage (PIC HEAVY)

I have been dying to get my hands on these much raved about eye-shadows that fill my dashboard with rave reviews almost every time I log on.

I picked up Continuous cocoa, Perpetual purple and Golden sage.
I would have picked up more, but I wanted to be sure I liked them. ALSO... There was barely any selection. It was so sparse that I had to find an associate because these were on a end cap (end of the aisle) and I had to ask if these were on clearance because there was hardly any selection. She assured me, that this was the only display. What a set-back! The other products I was eying were the Maybelline color tattoo 24 hour eye-shadows. I didn't pick any up because there were not any colors I was really that interested in. Go figure, huh?


Also, these are said to be a pretty close formula to the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadows.
I myself, don't plan on shelling out 32 dollars for ONE eyeshadow, and these don't disappoint so if it ain't broke, don't fix it right? Especially if it's more expensive..

I think any of these used as a liner would be so pretty and still give that wow factor.
Initially, when I picked these up, I thought mine were defective because the bottom had the pigment color showing through and I remembered that the swatches and reviews that I had seen, there was a press top inside. But I was wrong and mine were unharmed. Thank goodness! :)

I had to swatch Golden Sage first because I have a pretty large collection, so obviously I love greens. I was kinda disappointed though, I will admit, because this was lighter than I prefer. It had silver sheen to it, that is pretty, but I was hoping for a deeper look, more of a golden sheen or greener green. It was green but the name should be Silver Sage, or Shiny sage. I don't know but its definitely NOT Golden.
The thing with shadows is that. I love dark ones. The reason being, is that you can always lighten them up with a lighter eyeshadow and you get tons of looks out of a single dark shadow. You can layer on for intensity, or keep it sheer and simple. So with that being said,
here's some pictures..

Excuse my lounging t-shirt. My husband has the best comfy shirts.

Here's me wearing Perpetual Purple on the inner top eyelid.

On the middle and out V crease, I added Continuous cocoa.
To blend it out and upward toward my brow, I used Revlon Rich Sable Matte eyeshadow. I actually just bought this and I am loving it so much. It is a perfect all over lid color that it not to dark, but still adds tons of depth where you need it. I used Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in Extreme black and NYC waterproof eyeliner in black.  For my brows, I filled them in with Rimmel brow in Dark brown. 
Blush I used is NARS Desire.

On my lips, I lined it with Rimmel lasting finish liner in Natural, For the lipstick I used Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Pink Sugar and Revlon Colorburst lipgloss is Pink Ice.

Photos of each pot:

 Next up that I swatched was Cocoa. Oh how I love a deep dark brown. You can't go wrong with brown. Any skin color looks great with brown. Light brown, dark brown. It's not as harsh as black, but will define and highlight your eyes all the same.

I love a good deep purple. It's such a underestimated color for making your eyes dazzle.

Makeupalley.comrated 4.4(19 reviews)
An overwhelming amount of people said they would buy again. Only 6% said they
 wouldn't. I saw that these worked for ladies that had oily lids, dry lids, any kind of lid, these worked and did the job to perfection. As for me, I want all colors!

(FYI) I heard through the grapevine, they are coming out with matte versions of these....Guess who's excited...I am !!!

So I couldn't apply these the same way that I do with the powder eye-shadows because, these are almost cream, so the blend-ability is not the greatest because it is alot more moist than dry eyeshadow. I used my index finger and patted it on. In places where I needed to fade it out, I barely touched it so that it was light, but still there.
I didn't use a base at all, because I wanted to test out the 24 hr title.
Do I look mad, or what?...LOL!

This was after 12 hours of wear. It faded, I'd say, a bit, but its still there, no creasing, no smudging, no fallout. 
That's without primer EVERYBODY!! 

What a miracle!

The direct sunlight swatches look light, but don't let those fool you. They are pretty intense!
Okay, so do you own these yet or you are going to skip them...I want to know!


  1. I think I may skip these.. :( Only for the sole fact that I have too many eyeshadows and I really should start building up the concealer part of my kit! :P These look so beautiful on you though :) The brown is DROOLworthy! I'm a sucker for neutrals hehe

    1. :), me too. I always think there's better colors than what I already have.

  2. Woooooow! I want these so much! ♥ They look amazing and the staying power is unbelievable. I almost cannot believe how they stay on without an eyelid primer.

    And thanks for your comment! Sounds really nice!! o: White tee always is classic, a denim suits to everything, a blazer as well (:

    1. Try one, and I swear, you'll want more!

  3. You look gorgeous! Love that purple color!

  4. hey, I just saw your comment on my blog from a while ago! I think your posts are great - you give so many pictures showing the products, trying them out before writing a review, it's really valid info. I'll be probably buying Golden sage - absolutely love the colour :) Definitely following you and coming back soon for next post!


    1. Thank you bonnie! I really try and be thorough and not just give a couple of pictures. I love blogging. Too bad I don't get paid for it! ;)

  5. Beautiful colors. L'Oreal usually makes great stuff. You did a wonderful job with the applications too.

  6. Great post! I may pick up the purple!!


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