Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo by eyestudio in: Painted Purple, Edgy Emerald, & Bold Gold!

I cannot believe how many new products are coming out this year! From Physician's formula's line, Milani, Covergirl, Loreal and everything in between! I guess its because I just started blogging a couple of months ago and now Im aware of all the "new" stuff.  It makes me want to try everything. I knocked down two lust list items already with my post on the New Loreal Infalliable 24 hour eye shadows which I did a review on HERE.

Aren't they GORG-GOUUESSS???!!!

How I wore it:

I wore the the bold gold mainly on the inner top eyelid, and kept it pretty neutral blending towards my crease and outer lid. 

I used Loreal infalliable eyeshadow in continuous cocoa for the crease and outer V.

I also smudged some of the bold gold on the bottom of my lower lashes to do the full effect of golden goddess-like look.

I love using gold because it has the lightness of shine so that it's not too dark, but it still adds depth when the light isn't hitting it.

Below is a close up and shows where I placed the Bold gold on my eyelid.

I did apply a very light dusting of e.l.f losse pigment in Golden goddess to set the shadow and give extra shine.

Okay, so I cried a tear (a dry one) that I couldn't find the Tough as Taupe. Seriously, I NEED IT ASAP!!! I CANNOT for the life of me, find it anywhere, or come to think of it, not the whole collection of Maybelline color tattoos. I only find morsels left buy other shoppers, when they know I am Starving for it!
Okay, I'm not starving, but I have been on the lookout for it every time I go to the store, which is basically every week

Formula: The formula is a buttery semi solid eyeshadow that when first touched, is definitely a cream, but when dried on the lid or where ever applied, it sets and does not smear. Therefore, it is important to apply these quickly and accurately.
Bold gold
Bold Gold: Ahh, a gold that is not only brilliant, but bold, as well! What a clever name. I liked this one because on lazy days, I throw on gold/bronze make-up and done. This on was very easy to swatch but left me with tons of shimmer. I didn't particularly like that so much. I am getting back into the Matte eyeshadows.

Painted purple: Can you see from the swatch that it was patchy?
Painted Purple: Okay, so this was the hardest one to swatch. I dunno if it was because of the formula, but I would advise using a primer with this on because it will help blend it out better and not have such a drying effect when blending.
I would describe as a violet shimmering purple that has a medium level of shimmer. Not too much though. I really like that it didn't lean all the way over to glitter effect.
The color is so vibrant and bold that I need only one layer. However, it does apply patchy like I mentioned, so make sure to use liberally so that you have no skin showing through.

Edgy emerald
Edgy Emerald: I got two of these because...dun dun dun! Another giveaway Item?... I dunno!!!..You'll have to see! I love this sea foam green. The shine and shimmer on it, compliments the color so well. In the pot, it looks like its has a tiny tiny gold shimmers, but it really has tons of different colored shimmers in it. I like that this has shimmer, but is more of a muted shimmer than over-the-top-too-much shimmer look.

ALERT, ALERT!!: I heard through the grapevine that they are coming out with Mattes on these, so don't quote me, but I would drool if they were going to have them made in mattes. That would complete me. :)

Makeupalley.comrated 4.4(112 reviews)
After looking through the reviews for negative comments or posts, The only ones I could find, weren't even relevant to the reviewing product. Many compared it to the MAC paint pots, and I too, was very curious to try them out because they were compared to them. But honestly, the negative reviewers on Makeupalley, I thought, just wanted to say they suck because they are high end snobs or just want to be different. I love these eye-shadows and plan on getting TWO of every kind. Maybe even THREE, for fear of discontinuation.

Like I mentioned above, I did set the Bold gold with a light layer of pigment powder so I do know these last for a while with a setting on top. However, a couple of days ago, I wore turquoise accessories and I paired the Edgy Emerald eyeshadow cream with theBalms Caught in the act courtnery as the crease shadow. I used my finger to pat it in, as a brush applicator would not give the full effect. I didn't know if these would mesh, but I lightly applied theBalm eyeshadow and blended well, and BAM! Looked perfect. (tooting my own horn, here, Toot Toot!)
I even had to scratch my eyelid because my bangs were itching it and I poked my eyelid (that's how I scratch it with make-up on so it won't mess it up) and GUESS WHAT!? I looked at my finger and absolutely nothing was on it. Didn't smudge, smear, wipe off or fade. When this stuff sets, IT SETS!
(tooting my own horn, here, Toot Toot!)
I also like the fact that these are glass. It makes them seem Higher end and more durable. I also like the sound the top and the pot make together when twisting it. (im weird?)
If you don't own these, or have been holding out. STOP IT!!! Own at least one now, so you can try it out yourself and stop listening to me, blabbling about them!

So, after all that, what do you think? own 'em or over 'em?
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  1. Your eyes look so beautiful! The gold is stunning on you :D

    1. Thank you Phoebe. I love gold ANYTHING!! :)

  2. you're so beautiful! love these colors.

  3. Very pretty look:) I love these maybelline color tattoos. now following great bolg girl:)

    1. Thank you Lorena! These are amazing!


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