Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hard Candy, Stay in line!

Even the best routines, get tired of the same-ole at some point. 
You knooooow what I'm saying... You like a make-up routine but want something different. A spark of color or a hint of sassy. Well I will introduce you to something that is different but also will still help you stay in line...
(lol, do you watch Family guy where peter always says " uh, uh...he said it!!!" when the title of a movie is said in the movie....hahaha, okay, im done)

I am always on the lookout for better and creamier quality eyeliners that aren't 100 dollars, because I use eyeliners quite a bit and I would hate to shell out 30 bucks everytime I run out. I mean seriously, What a DRAG.
I have liked Hard Candy products from day one, because of my first run in with their eyeshadow in Lunar eclipse that I did a review on HERE.
Also, please excuse the bad photos on that review above. I had just started blogging and had NO IDEA how to work a camera, except for on, off and flash. LOL!

I picked up Hard Candy Stay in Line-Black pearl

the smudger actually works incredibly well
‘Not much of a liquid liner lover? Stay in Line is a new formula that infuses our Lash Grow Serum into a mechanical pencil for the first time ever! The self-sharpening retractable pencil allows for easy, smooth application. These must-have pencils are available in basic, bright and shimmering shades. 6 beauty editor-named to choose from and only $5 each.’-

Although this does have glitter particles in it, as you can see, it did not apply gritty or rugged. It felt like a normal creamy liner, but sans the glitter.
The black is black but because of my skin, it looks kinda purple. Black pearl is a good name for this because I imagine it black, but the glitter is little pearls in it.

First swatch and second swatch is heavily swatched

I actually got two of these, simply because, I want to do a giveaway soon.
I love doing reviews and connecting the Giveaway, so that if you are interested in the Giveaway, you can click on my past review, to see if you want to enter or not. :)

Line eyes with maximum control with Hard Candy Stay In Line Eyeliner, a precise mechanical eyeliner and smudger. The self-sharpening retractable pencil allows for easy, smooth application. Each liner is infused with growth serum to promote long-term lash growth."-

When first opened, I would advise, swatching it out over the back of your hand or arm. It first applies dry and hard but when warmed up, it is very creamy and glides and slides, easily on.
Because this doesn't have a sharpener included, if you have a mechanical eyeliner sharper, I would suggest keeping it handy, when using this liner. It gets dull and you might like it sharp at all times, especially if you are going for the sleek and sultry, cat-eye look.

This claims to have a lash infused serum (a first from them) that is infused with Amino Acid and Protein laced lash serum that is similar to their Walk the Line 24 hour lash grow system. I Highly doubt this "serum" will actually work, but hey, I am willing to try, seeing as how I don't have the bushiest lashes.  ;)
I just will avoid it on my lower waterline. I mean, if the lash serum does work, I would be scratched to DEATH from new lashes sprouting in my eye.

I couldn't find anything on so I'm guessing that

I wore this last week and let me tell you, This liner did NOT smudge on my eyes. I was surprised because for 5 bucks, I underestimated it.

I would really like to try out Santorini, which is a deep baby blue with a hint of teal in it. It looks so pretty and vibrant.
Do you own any Hard candy liners or products? Any favorites or fails? Share below!


  1. awesome, would love to enter your giveaway, and I like the smudge part there, handy for quick smokey look.

  2. No smudge is a good quality. This liner looks promising.

  3. I always love reading your reviews :) The eyeliner looks so pretty but I have a thing with matte products at the moment hehe Thanks so much for the review!

  4. Doll, thank you for the compliment! You are absolutely STUNNING! I've always wanted green eyes. Your family pictures are so precious and I am loving your blog! I haven't been able to blog forever but will check yours when I am able! Best wishes* ♥

  5. Hi hun, I really enjoyed reading some of your posts. I subbd to your blog and I deff gotta try this hard candy item. I new to using hard candy only have a few products as of right now =). Would love for you to enter my blog giveaway at http://Ramblings

  6. This looks good, I definitely want to try it out. I like how it has little shimmers in it



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