Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Steve Madden: Snakeprint slingbacks

If were following the Animal Print this season, you know it was all about different styles of Leopard, Zebra, and snakeskin. There were tons of ways to style a pair of loafers, or a cute stylish scarf, but the way you wore your Animal print shoes had to take center stage.  
I have these snakeskin slingbacks and I also have Rough Justice Leopard print sling backs, which I did a review on HERE.

Before I start, I want to admit, for a while, I was addicted to shoes. No joke. I bought a pair basically every weekend. I finally got over buying everyone I liked. I only will buy if I need them. Like lately, I needed boots, because all my closed toe's are too small, after having my daughter.

Now that I'm done buying every cute shoe I see, I am pretty happy with my collection. I have any type of shoe, for any occasion. Although, I am lusting after the Steve Madden Viktoree in ALL COLOURS, if you want to see them click HERE.

Because these are closed toed, and since I wore them around the house for a little bit, I would suggest not wearing these for more than a couple of hours. My toes kept hitting the tip from walking, and in return kind of made my toes sore. :( 

 One of the ways I plan of wearing these is, I have a wedding to go to in May, so I want to kind of go for a simple sexy gown but have these babies on. I kinda liked how Kourtney Kardashian wore these. She's wearing Black label Chiffon Sweet dress which is pretty inexpensive ($170 dollars) and Python Louboutins, which are very expensive, more than a thousand dollars :)
  I am going to pack these for our trip coming up to Napa Valley, so I will make sure I get a Picture of the whole outfit, so If you like these, watch for an OOTD. 

What I really liked about these heels, is that they are sling backs, with adjustable straps. My right foot is bigger than my left by about a centimeter. However when wearing heels, I can feel that difference like its a couple of inches, difference. That's why I always size up, so that I can add gel inserts and accommodate my big a** right foot.  The adjustable straps make it so that both feet can comfortably fit nicely, with out being shoved in there like sausages.

Don't laugh at my foot! It looks chubby, but it isn't really that chubby...tear :')  LOL!
Remember, Heels don't have to hurt! I barely found this out. I always was hurting in my heels after an hour or so, but there are so many products to add to your shoe to make it much more comfortable. I now can say, that I wear heels when ever we go out. Shopping at the grocery store, to visit family, even to go to run errands. I feel that it up's your look by 50% percent. Big girls,skinny girls, average girls, tall girls, short girls, any body can wear heels. When I was heavier, it was harder for me to wear them because after a while they felt like needles, but its all about how you wear them and if you wear them with confidence.

The heel is about 5 inches high and almost an Inch thick. The platform is One inch and a half. I can't remember how much I bought these for, but I do remember it wasn't cheap. My husband thought they were sexy, so he got them for me. Aww, I'm so spoiled! Thanks babe. 

Did you hope on board the Animal print train? Are you still riding it?
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  1. Love your blog!!! xoxo


    Ps. Follow each other???

    1. Thank you and yes, I will check yours out!

  2. Gosh those are some gorgeous shoes! I love Steve Madden!!

    Also, I'll definitely do a review of the OCC airbrush foundation once I've played around with it and see what it's like :D

    1. I know, Steve rarely makes heels that I don't fall in love with. :) And YES! I will be looking forward to it, for sure!

  3. Replies
    1. at least one pair of snakeskin is a must.

  4. I just tagged you in my recent post :)

  5. I love animal print and this is hella cute!lucky gal:)


    1. I didn't think I would know how to wear animal print but its surprising easy.

  6. Love them and I am big on animal/snake print!


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