Thursday, January 19, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses in Pink Ice, Strawberry fraise, Peony & Hot Pink!

Gloss, Gloss, and alittle more Gloss!!!
I believe you can never have too much of any good lip product. You are constantly wiping it off all day (eating, drinking, talking etc) so it's a no brainer to have more than one tube of gloss in your purse. Especially, if your like me, I honestly counted out, and I have 9, YES, NINE Different colours of lipgloss in my purses. Its in the big side pocket of my purse because it keeps them all in one place so I can grab one easily without digging through the bottom of my bag. I'm constantly rotating my glosses and lipsticks so that I use most of them, at least once. ;)

The one main thing that attracted me to these was the packaging..Ah, yes, the creative packaging!
I love the criss cross frosted look of the caps on all the Revlon lipsticks and glosses. It makes it have a high end look. The fact that you can see through the whole bottle of the gloss, is a plus, because you see what colour each is, without having to look for it, and you see exactly how much is left.I actually have two more of these colorburst glosses but I can't find them and I don't know what their colours are. I just know one is a nudey-brown and the other in a more lavender colour.


The other main reason I love these, is because the pigment!
If you are looking for a gloss that can act as both a lipstick that delivers colour, and a gloss that delivers shine, make sure you grab one of these, because both lipstick and gloss is not needed. Especially if your in a hurry and don't have time to apply both. Although, If you are looking for a longer wearing look, I would add a lipstick for a base and the gloss on top, to lock it in.

Colours and textures:

My first purchase was the Pink Ice. I really didn't like how the applicator was because I had to dip it in a couple of times, just to get a good amount of shine on my lips. The colour is a cooled down pink that actually looks blueish because its so cool. Its pretty and great for a top gloss for really any lipstick. It has big chunks of silver glitter that play up the blue undertones. I played it safe with this soft pink because it is a natural pink that is pretty sheer, but I was determined to try a bolder look.

The next purchase was the Peony. When I saw this, I instantly thought this couple be a drugstore dupe for The NARS Orgasm Lipgloss. I was wrong though, because these contain larger glitter flecks and the NARS is a finely milled formula. This is more sheer than the NARS lipgloss. The colour is a peachy-pink gold glitter gloss. It is definitely not opaque, but its also not the sheerest of formulas. I like that even if I wear this on my lips, with just the gloss, it holds the moisture, even if the thicker shiny part has been wiped away.

My last two purchases were similar, being that they are bright and bold!
Starting with Hot pink, which is a raspberry barbie pink, is a pink addicts perfect gloss! This gloss is a must have if you are looking for not only a pop of colour, but alot of girly sparkly glitter gloss!
The best part about these lipstick if that they are non sticky all the way! Meaning, apply how much you want, and avoid the stingy cheese like lines that happen with mediocre glosses, when you talk.
This and the strawberry gloss had the best pigmentation, even being swatched just one time.

Strawberry is such a beautiful bright pink-red gloss that is a perfect match for any fire engine lipstick. It almost looks like a red coral to me. All of these contain large glitter flecks, so if you are afraid of glitter, I'd say keep these in mind, but be wary that if you apply too much, it could be overload.  40 reviews
Alittle more than half said they would re-purchase.
I definitely will be. I plan on getting all of the colours, and repurchasing Pink Ice because it looks great over nude lipsticks.

Heavily swatched, especially for the pink ice gloss

Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss ($7.49 for 0.20 fl. oz.) described as:
“weightless gloss, makes lips pop with 5x more shine than patent leather.” It’s intended to yield mirror-like shine with rich color & a weightless feel. It also includes moisturizers and anti-oxidants such as sweet almond oil and vitamin E.
The awesome thing about this line of gloss is that it includes fifteen different shades, so anyone can find a love among these.

Sorry about the lighting. It's not the best.
With these applicators, I really don't like the indented doe foot applicator. I would love if they change it to the brush type applicator, but this won't stop me from buying these.
As for the smell and taste..This has no taste (to me) which is awesome because I hate tasting really bad flavored lipstick or gloss. It makes me want to take it off.
The, I couldn't smell anything. But I must admit, sometimes, my nose doesn't work, so I guess that doesn't really help. :)
(FYI, Alot of ladies said these smelled like Vanilla)

 It's been cloudy and sprinkling the last couple of days, so I couldn't get good pictures of these on my lips. When I do, I will update this post with the pictures, so make sure you check back to see how I wore them.

What do you think? Will you be getting these or do you own them already?
Share below!


  1. I have a few of these and love them. I love that there not flavored, i hate flavored glosses. Hot pink is my fav!

    1. I know! Well I hate BAD flavored glosses or eve lipsticks. Hot pink is a great gloss. I need all of em!

  2. I love peony an pink ice! Such gorgeous colours! To be honest, I don't have that many lipglosses, I like collecting lipsticks and then just use a gloss on top or use my OCC lip tars but after seeing this, you're making me want to buy lipglosses all over again! :P

    1. Yeah, you can usualy find me with a gloss in a pocket. No need for lipsticks!

  3. Love the colors! I want them all!

    1. Me too! I want double of every one of these, that's how much I like them!

  4. I love the pink ice colour! Probably something what I was looking for in ages so definitely going to try this out soon :) Following your blog aswell, you write very interesting reviews :)

    Angel xxx

  5. those are really pretty colors
    I like pink ice the best!

    Thanks for the swatches hunn ;)


  6. Love the colors. Pink Ice looks like a color I would definitely wear. Thanks for sharing. :)


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