Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Great Grandpa got his angel wings.

You never really know what you have until its gone.
Isn't that the famous saying, that isn't true until it happens to you?...
 I hate this saying.

Recently, my great Grandpa Grow's health been on a downward spiral and a couple of days ago, he passed away. I don't usually share pieces of my life that are this public or close to me, but seeing as how my blog is more like a diary and makes me feel better, I wanted to let it out alittle. I was never really close with my Great Grandpa, as I should have been.

I should have visited more often, I should have called once in a while, I should have made the time to see him, I should done ALOT of things and for this I will forever hate a part of me because of the neglect, on my behalf.

Great Grandpa Grow and his great great grandson, Alex.

 My mom was adopted by some people who did not deserve to be parents, and I don't consider them my Grandparents or any type of relative, at all. I'm sure they don't consider me anything to them, and that is how I want it. 
They abused her, and her adopted siblings, physically, emotionally and mentally. I don't care to really explain or go into all of that. The main thing I know is that my Grandpa Grow, while my mom was under their care, provided a safe place and comfort for my mom, when she visited him because he was always so nice and caring towards her.
He and his wife would show her sweetness that she deserved but never got.

My brother, Great Grandpa Grow, my sister and her son, alex

Alittle about my family.
Like I mentioned, my mom is adopted and has no idea who her real parents are or if they are alive. So on my mom's side of the family, We have no blood relatives, and on my father's side of the family, I have never met my father so we also have no blood relatives. When I say we, We is, My mom, my brother, my sister and me. That's it. Four people in our blood family (not counting grand-babies)
That is the reason why losing anyone that we are close to or we regard as family, hurt.

My great grandpa had a long and full life. From what I know, he was a Coal miner, a Military vet, he ran a farm by himself at a very young age, he last graduated from the 4th grade, he loved playing the harmonica, and he died of Congestive heart failure. He made the choice to have his body donated to science, which I think was really neat, because not everyone lives to 102 years old.
Alot is still not known about his whole life, because it was so long and everybody has snippets of his life, but for what I do know, he was a great man, great dad, and great grandpa.

Our last days with him, were alittle short of torture. His conservative guardian was a heartless man and the nursing home that my grandpa was in, has alot of issues and made our last days with him, unpeaceful.
I don't want to go into it, so I will just say, they were very rude and insensitive.

I never have had a family member die, so even though I was preparing for his death, I was not ready for so much tears. Only today, am I feeling better, more like myself, as I have been in a slump. We hope to soon have a personal memorial for him because, seeing as how his body was donated to science, he has no memorial plot or any earthly remains left.

If you read to the end of this, I thank you for taking the time to stop by and continue reading. I have been MIA, and the reason being was because life came up. I have alot to catch up on, so please bare with me.

*update* I received tons of well wishes and emails, and did not make them public, as they are for me. I appreciate all the love, understanding & support I have received. Thank you everyone

If I leave you with nothing with this post, please, just take time out of your day and go visit a older relative or even a younger one. You never know when you won't be able to anymore.

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