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Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless eye Corrector & Concealer!

Oh, how I hate dark under eye circles.
Almost as if my eyeshadow smudged under my eye from the night before, But unlike pretty eyeshadow,  its not a pretty sight. I have always struggled with circles under the eyes, sometimes I even get puffiness, which typically goes away after waking up, But hey, I'm trying to help you conceal one problem here, not two! :)
 The good news is that not only is this a review for a concealer, its a review for both the Covergirl &  Olay Corrector and for the Concealer!!!
 YAY! I knocked down two birds with one post. 

I bought the corrector shade first because I already have a good concealer that conceals my darkness just fine. When I got home though, I figured its only fair to use the recommended concealer in conjunction with the corrector to find out the outcome of using sister products together, so I went back and bought the concealer.
So therefore, I will be reviewing the Corrector first.

^That white stuff on my lashes is previous white liner that wouldn't come off. Sorry it looks gross.
This is my bare naked under right eye with no foundation, no concealer, no corrector, nothing on here, but my skin. You can see my light purple bag and discolored skin here.

The picture here, is showing where I apply it. I apply it liberally right below my eye and blend it out toward the end of my eye. I also apply it to my brow bone to camouflage any stray hairs and make a good canvas for eyeshadows.

I patted and blended with my index finger so that I have just enough pressure to blend but don't blend too much. You don't want to blend it all away.
You can also use a stippling brush or damp beauty blender to even it out.

As you can see it is very yellow toned but it blends out very nicely.

Corrector applied

Taken from (corrector):
-----This unique formula transforms from solid to liquid on contact with skin, creating a liquid "suspension" that floats over your skin's surface without gathering in wrinkles or texture. The Olay Regenerist serum infused in the formula has a combination of vitamins, skin conditioners and anti-oxidants that help improve skin texture----

-Fixes dark circles
-good prep step before concealer and foundation to eliminate redness/ dark bags. 
-can be worn without the concealer (meaning, it doesn't need the concealer to do its job). I do this regularly. 

- one shade
-dries fast

It literally glides onto your skin like butter and almost feels slick. Not that that's bad, just very VERY buttery??
 What I didn't like, was, that literally 6 seconds after it touching my face, it started drying up.
Maybe too fast? I like to use my fingers to apply my concealer and I could feel how fast it was drying. Almost as if it was puttering along instead of gliding.
I like that it is very pigmented and you can add more for more coverage, however, you really don't need more than a swatch full if your like me. If you do plan on using more, and when I say more, I mean A TON more, it will only look cakey and thick. Sorry, but true.

Make-up alley reviews: (36 reviews)

The corrector is yellow based and swirled with Olay formula. Don't worry! The white actually blends invisible so it doesn't even affect the color of the shade you chose. Which is naturally a plus because you don't really want to go home and find out its 5 shades too light for you, do you??
Both corrector and concealer have a look of swirled ice cream ( Im hungry, obviously) or as others have said "peppermint style". I think this is attractive since its so different. What surprised me too is that there is ONLY ONE shade for the corrector. That's great news for me because its perfect shade for me, but what If I was darker or lighter? This would just not work if I wasn't the shade I am. I guess I should just feel lucky.

On to the Concealer...

  This is applied right on top of the Corrector shade.

The above picture is with both the corrector and concealer.

Lets be honest!
Choosing a good concealer is far from easy but always worth it. If you choose wrong, you could end up enhancing your flaws!!
Oh, the terror!
To choose a good concealer, the best way is to buy it first, seeing as how if you swatch it on your hand, it won't be much help because the skin that you are trying to cover up on your face is a different color. You can use a swatch to access what the main undertones are and what the formula is.
Apply it and go outside or in bright light. If you look worse than before applying it, its not for you.

The advantages are:
-Brighter eyes
-slimming effect, if done correctly
-flawless skin
-skin protective elements if thickly applied to block out the suns rays, even more if it has SPF in it
- and did I mention flawless skin?

The Disadvantages:
-You might have the wrong shade for the concealer and ENHANCE imperfect skin
-If you have "mature skin, this will make your lines even more visible
-drys quickly
-Only 4 shades to chose from

I'm glad I got the concealer because I needed to venture out past where I'm comfortable. This concealer is super creamy and pigmented. I chose a very light color, so I might need to go back and get a slightly darker shade. When in doubt, I found out, always get the darker shade. This one also has the swirls of Olay formula and is in a plastic pot.
What I didn't like was that the concealer has a pinkish tint in it, so it makes my skin look unnaturally light if I put too much. I don't know if its because I got a wrong colour or its too light. 
Make-up alley reviews: (111 reviews)

I have been using these for the past 10 months and they are still going strong. I like to use alot because I want flawless under eyes and these will def be a repurchase for me because of what they do and how long they last. They work well by themselves and together.  I literally have more than half left, and that's pretty significant because I am a concealer freak!

*******UPDATE #2******
I have had these for 15 months and use them religiously. I actually started to love the concealer more than the corrector, which is strange because I swore by the corrector shade. Some of my favorite concealers to date include the Sonia Kashuk concealer palette, the Maybelline age rewind concealer and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. If you are worried that these pots will start to dry out or crack. No they don't dry up, but yes, I have noticed cracking in mine. I still have yet to even hit pan.
I noticed that when I apply alot, it creases in my under eye wrinkles. I think its a given for ANYONE with wrinkles under the eye that it will do that. You can also set with a translucent powder to prevent creasing. Overall, I would still purchase again, but I doubt I will, as it seems I have collected quite a few more concealers since originally writing this post.
Almost two years later, and I found out they are discontinuing this line. Grab them if you can. I found a backup at Target for $6!!! Seriously, don't miss it.

Overall, I will buy these again.
They are kind of expensive for being drugstore, but if you go on, you can get the subscribe and save price for almost 9 bucks, which is pretty awesome, compared to the retail $14 dollar price tag.
 I would recommend these if you are looking for a good concealer and an excellent corrector. Even if I don't buy the concealer again, this is a great corrector. I will use this for blemishes and freckles too!

What do you think? Do you own one or the other? Love or hate?
Comment below!

   (Disclaimer: I bought everything mentioned here)


  1. Such a great, in depth review! Thanks for that dear :) Your eyes are such a gorgeous colour too!

  2. Thank you Phoebe! I try and make every post detailed. :) I'm your newest follower! I thought I had already subscribed a while back, but I guess I hadn't.


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