Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here's the Big Mama!

I own tons of items from theBalm line (which you might be tired of, or love) so this was a purchase was to test out both, the Hot mama blush that is part of this trio, that I did a review on here.

theBalm Big mama
 Although all theBalm products I have bought were good quality, this ones packaging, seemed messy, however, I know the product has nothing to do with the packaging, so with that being said, The product is great!
The other reason I bought this trio is because I wanted to try out the bronzer. Although I have a good bronzer I use already (rimmel shimmer bronzer) I was looking for a dark one with no shimmer.
I love to contour so this seemed like a no-brainer when it came to dark non-orange bronzer sans the shimmer. It includes Bahama mama bronzer, Hot mama shadow/blush and Sexy mama powder

I figured for about 42 dollars, this would be a good trio to try out. I got it on Amazon.com (my favorite site) to be redirected click here
Shipping was good amount of time (7 days wait time)and arrived in good condition.

What I love about theBalm products is that they deliver pretty consistent products that are good quality. I fell in love with the packaging, although not the most expensive materials(cardboard) it makes for easy access with it magnetic closer and good size mirror included in all of palettes and most of the single item products as well. Also you can always use the product as a eyeshadow too, except for the sexy mama powder. :)

Again, I fully swatched them here, so check it out if you haven't already.

I actually already bought the full size products of both the Hot mama blush and the Bahama Mama blush and the oil free powder is not something I would buy again. I didn't think it really did anything terrific for me. I might have to blog sale this because I really won't use it now that I have the others. 

Would I recommend buying this trio? eh, only if you want to try out all three products at once. Other than that, if you know you love one item more than the others, buy the single blush, bronzer, or powder by itself if you really want it, because now I have this trio, and I really won't use it. :(

So I have been not posting as much, because once again, I am very busy. I have alot of cool exciting posts coming up, but I have been trying to take a break because my eyes and head have been hurting. My eyes get really dry, staring at this screen, so I let them rest a bit. Stay tuned my lovies!!!

Do you own any of these in full size? Do you like 'em?


  1. Sounds to be a good product i need to give it a try Thank you for sharing =)

  2. Oh, I would so love to try this! I love the color of that blush!

  3. The colours look gorgeous! I've been wanting to try the Balm's highlighter since gossmakeupartist said it was fabulous... I may have to get it now!!

  4. love bahama and hot mama! pretty

  5. I love the colors!!

    Check my fashion blog


    Greetings from Finland


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