Sunday, January 8, 2012

Be prepared to be amazed by a dollar...Tons of photos!

I couldn't pass up any of these $1 dollar lipsticks because, seriously, $1 dollar? Com'on, that's the reason right there. I have seen a couple of bloggers talk about them and use them, so I figured, might as well try them too since I'm placing an order already. I really liked classy in some of the photo swatches so that's why there's two. However, now that I have the order here in front of me, I am liking Nostalgic because it is such a pretty nude lippie.
Top to Bottom: classy, classy, nostalgic, and flirtatious
I have seen these at my local Target but I honestly didn't even think these were lipsticks, so I always browsed right on by them. Now though, I realize what they are. I guess I thought they were eye-shadows or something because of the packaging. (WTH??)
I like that you can see the color of the actual color through the clear plastic. When you open it however, it makes it look super cheap. I guess because it is??

I was very careful to open these, because I heard these break if applied with too much pressure on the lips (haha, you will see). The formula isn't the greatest, if you hadn't guessed. You need to press firm if you want better color and they almost feel plastic, when applying it to your lips because the lipstick is pretty hard. I was surprised though, for it only being a dollar, they give good color. Like I said, you just have to be careful with them.

good representation of the actual color. In real life, these are alittle darker in color.
The first thing I noticed when opened was the smell. Classy smells like kool-aid, nostaligic smells like crayons, and flirtatious smells like play-dough. When I went to roll these back up, they kept getting stuck at different parts.

After swatching them, my favorite one is nostalgic. I'm a lover of nudes. To my shoes to my lipsticks. I love all nudes!

For these above lip photos, I did lightly line my lips with Rimmel lip liner in Natural.
Crap packaging
Make-up alley:42 reviews

Alot of the women liked these, but the packaging is CRAP
sidenote: I had to get lip shots of these, so I had to apply them, and I FREAKING broke the classy one. Good thing I ordered two. I barely was pressing on it, so I suggest not rolling it all the way up or remembering to roll it down after photos and before you apply it. I was mad at myself but also, I am not used to lipsticks being so dang fragile.

What I will rave about is the colour. I will for sure be buying these again because, $1 dollar is super cheap and the fact that these are surprisingly pigmented and apply well. I like that. I almost thought that because the formula was so plastic-y, that the colour would suck too, but I was dead wrong. They should change the packaging to black, in my opinion, because the grey packaging looks like a 9 year old would own it...Jussayin..

Classy: A berry pink with blue undertones. Applies sheer, but build-able with each coat.
Nostalgic: A pinky nude that applies deliciously. Almost peachy, Great for a nude lip or to tone down any colour that is too bright.
Flirtatious: A darker barbie pink. I'd say deeper bubblegum pink. Very pretty.

I also wanted to note that I applied these with a magnifying mirror, because I wanted to see the application up close, and I saw that these are semi-matte. Meaning they might highlight lines and cracks if you have bad lips. There is also a level of application that when you reach it, it will start denting in the original coat. Get it? Like, going over it too many times, will make it lighter.
EXAMPLE: Take a dry erase marker and mark on a white board, once it starts drying, if you mark over it again, it will take off the layer, thus making it lighter.
I have been using these, so when I am able to do a FOTD, I will. These look great for anyday.

Overall, I'd repurchase Nostalgic for sure, and the others only if I run out of these, I probably won't because I doubt I will reach for these alot. I need to try out the rest of the colours before I say if I'd never repurchase again. 

Have you tried these or want to? Share below!


  1. Unfortunately we dont have e.l.f in my country, but these colours look so pretty. :) ♥

  2. Wow! The colours are GORGEOUS and it looks so so creamy and beautiful! Thanks for the swatches :D

  3. I love the pinks!!! I was at cvs the other night an got some makeup for 75% off..i thought of you =). Hope all is well!

  4. I have a couple of these and was really pleased with them! You got some great colors!

  5. All the colors are pretty!

  6. Oh noes! I remember you saying yours broke too. Such a sad moment lol. But I totally agree with everything you said. The color payoff is freakin awesome for a dollar.. they just need to figure something out with the fragileness. My fav is Nostalgic too! Well I only have two of these but I love it too!

  7. @ chicara, they really are though. I don't know if the shipping international, so I would check. These are a bargain!
    @Phoebe, They are very creamy, I was so surprised. I thought they would be hard and very difficult to apply, but the far exceeded my expectations. :)
    @ Bori, LOl. Coupons and make-up just go together. :) Did you ever see my other comment asking if you had my phone number? I wanna take the kids to the park!!! Play date!
    @Miranda, me too, I was happy with my choices, although I did google them first to make sure its what I really wanted. ;)
    @Hunter87, Thanks hun, If you haven't tried these already, you should! I prolley will add a couple in giveaways to let you guys see for yourself!
    @Dinorah, Oh girl!!! I swear, I remember your post and how you had me cracking up with it. I love your blog!! I tried to like you on Facebook, but Yours is a Timeline thing, which I don't know how to use.


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