Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dazzle with Milani's Diamond dazzle!!

Since I don't have anything going on tonight for New Years, I figured I would at least sparkle my nails up.
Plus, aren't Diamonds a girls best friend...

My friend Daisy always has cute nails and toes, so I'm always like, "oh, what are you wearing". One day, I actually caught her putting this on, and I had to have it. She let me use it, but I never did. I just went out and bought it because of how it looked on her nails. Ladies, if you want the ultimate girly look on your fingers without being to over the top with rhinestones and crystals on your nails, that tend to fall off anyways, Pick this nail polish up! It has the perfect touch of girly, unique look without the high price tag.
Its called Diamond dazzle, by Milani.

I mean, really though, is this not so GORGEOUS???
In the bottle, this stuff, you can tell, is not for the glitter-phobes. It is meant to sparkle and shine like the manufacturer intended it to be. It is a clear polish with tons of different size glitter flakes in it, to give it dimension.
It reminds me of holographic nails, but isn't as finely ground with glitter as them. The holograpghic polishes usually also have a color mixed with them. This is clear and can go on top of any thing. The only difference I noticed about the formula besides being glitter, is that because the glitter is so big, it doesn't feel AS smooth as regular nail polishes. I paired my nails with OPI's pandamonium pink and Milani diamond dazzle. The result is a new favorite of mine.

I wear this on top of a coat of color or even sometimes by itself. What's cool about this is that, I have a tendency to let my nails go a while before taking off the old polish. Which mean, chipped, ugly nails. Slap a coat or two of this on and you get a different color, without having to take of your old color, and it looks like you did tons more work than you did!

Make-up alley:9 reviews

 Everyone is loving this, except for a couple that said it popped off. I know what they mean, but have yet to experience it with this polish. I would imagine, that taking this off with remover will be alittle difficult, but that has yet to be seen. 

This polish is still a favorite, but I noticed it got thick fast. Its almost impossible to use because of how gunky and thick it is. If you don't have a nail thinner, I suggest getting one when you buy this, or don't buy it at all. Mine has been sitting, unused, for the longest now. :(

If you are looking for a polish that will jazz up your nails from the same ol' boring one color polish, and you are jealous of these chicks that have tons of stuff going on, on their nails. GRAB this!!

I adore each and every one of you! Thank you for reading my blog and your sweet comments and support.
Do you love polish that sparkles, or do you stay away?
share below!


  1. It looks like such a pretty top coat but because glitter (as you've mentioned) isn't as smooth as a normal lacquer, I get really irritated and I always chip it all off. Bad, I know :( But it looks beautiful on you! :)

  2. Very pretty! Love it with the pink too. I love how a glitter polish just transforms a mani!

  3. @ Phoebe, Thats one of the negatives. I like my polish looking shiny and new. Thank you, by the way.
    @ Miranda, it is sooo pretty! My friend wore it with white, and it looks so pretty too. :)

  4. pretty! x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from fox house if you'd like to check it out. :)

  5. i love this nail polish|!! it's so fab!
    FAB POST!!super ideas for shopping and cute cute blog!!


    1. It is. Even by itself. I will check it out!

  6. so pretty! i dont think i have ever spotted this or seen this nail product by milani...

    1. I know, I just spotted it when my friend was using it. I went back to pick up another one, and I couldn't find one anywhere!


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