Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking for a good stain? Try the STAINIAC

Do you hate seeing you lipstick all over your shirt collars, or beverages? Would you like a flushed look, while still looking natural? Tired of DRYING lipstains? Your in luck because I bring you....
the STAINIAC, by theBalm!!

The only lip stains I've tried are NYC, revlon and Victoria's secret Very sexy lip stain. I really don't like lip stains, because I swear, they all dry up so fast or change colors on me. The reason I bought this one is because, this is not the typical felt tip, scratchy, blotchy applicator. Its a doe foot applicator, which I don't love because when I run out, I will be hating it, but for now, it gives a good amount of product on each dip and its not messy at all.

The color is such a flattering color to all skin types, I presume. On me, if I want a darker hue, I just apply 2 coats instead of one. Being that my lips are already pretty pigmented, this is perfect for "my lips, but better" looks. A fond memory of me using lip stains every morning was when I had first started seeing my now-husband. It was quick easy, and lasted awhile(victoria's secret). I hated the applicator though, so I only used it till it dried up, and never repurchased it.

Because I tend to chew at my lips, I have overlooked lipstains, because they highlight imperfections on my lips. I will show in photos shortly.
The color that I picked is Beauty Queen. It is a deep raspberry color that is very loud in its container, but when blended, it is a red berry color.

Wait! You heard me, I said blended. It's that crazy that I said blended and was referring to a LIPSTAIN all in one sentence??!!!
That's right ladies, this isn't your typical lipstain. It is a gel based lipstain that gives enough time to blend. How unique is that?!

I applied this right before I went to the gym, and to my surprise it stayed put. Didn't bleed or fade much. I noticed that it did fade a bit because I do wipe my sweat with a towel when I work out and I forgot that I put this on. It didn't fade alot, just a hint. When I swatched it on the back of my hand, It stayed, until bedtime! I applied it at 11am.

Make-up alley 62 reviews

Many compared these to high end brand lip stains and still preferred this to them. Negative feed back was because it was overly bright, or didn't have enough shades for different skin colors.

FYI, I only post reviews on products that I believe need to have attention brought to them because they are great or to rant about them. This is a good lipstain and awesome formula but, maybe, if you have lips like mine, then I would suggest trying this as a blush instead, seeing as how, this highlights my skin chewing lips. GROSS. sorry.

nice natural look, but not an even all over color
applied and taken off after 6 seconds.
The above photo is when I applied it lightly, and took it off exactly 6 seconds later. You can see that in the middle, it was still drying, so it kind of look uneven in coloring. I think, if I left it sitting until it was totally dry, it would be even.

I haven't yet used this as a blusher, so I don't know for sure If I will be repurchasing, but going off what it looks like on my lips, I would say, yes, I will.
I hate having lipstick rims on my cups and it rubbing off on my shirts and everything else. My husband will probably appreciate that he doesn't have to worry about lipstick color on HIS lips when I kiss him.
I will update with a good photo of me wearing this as a blusher when I get the chance.

Would you rather wear a lipstick, or lipgloss?
Comment below!

Friday, December 30, 2011


I found a secret place that I never knew was so special, until yesterday. Its called Angels beauty store and it sells Stila, NYX, Lorac, OPI...and MORE!!! 
Too bad everything was full price. :(
But still.
I got so excited to walk up to the NYX row because, If you live in San Diego and can't find any place that sells this stuff, besides online, you would be excited too!
Its in Mission valley by the Sports Chalet and Pat and Oscars. Its teeny tiny so you have to look closely, if you were wondering where it is. 
So, I'm looking up and down the aisles and thinking about what I want to test first. I like to save the best for last, because then I won't get caught up on things, I might not really like, at the end of looking at everything. See, there is a method to my madness!

I swatched out the round top lipsticks that I have heard mighty big things about. Like fig, Louisiana, narcissus.
eh, Im excited, but to be honest. I have these colors already, but in different brands.
I swatched the I would loved to purchase more, but I really have alot of similar colors already. I really need to use more of my make-up. Make-up DOES go bad, ya know.
Side note: Go through your make-up bag and see how many look alikes you have of each item. I always find that we tend to buy the same colors we like, but from different brands. I know the shades aren't exactly the same, but its funny to me, when I'm like, "I need that one, 'cause I don't have it!" When I get home, I'm like, hmm...well. I really don't have that one, with THAT brand. LOL.
Okay, back to NYX Red!

Can you see the tiny tiny shimmer flecks? This blush almost hit me as a bright red pink-y blush. I know why!! It has undertones of blue that make it look pink. This would also look great as a lipstick.

The first thing to note about this blush, it is very pigmented. As in, I swear, I didn't even touch the pan and the color jumped onto my finger! lol. JK. But seriously, very pigmented and colorful.
This is my first NYX blush that I have tried, but not my first NYX product. I own a Professional make-up artist kit and some stand alone eyeshadows and lipsticks. Being the first time having the blush, I am extremely happy with it and didn't expect anything less from NYX.

I was trying to find a blush that was remotely close to this in my make-up collection. Couldn't find one, HOWEVER, I found a NYX eyeshadow from my Professional make-up artist kit that is red/orange to compare.

The blush is a deeper, cherry red than the eyeshadow. The eyeshadow also contains alot more shimmer than the blush. It actually has a orange tinge to it.

This is, as others have found out, a dupe for Frankly scarlet by MAC. I don't own Frankly scarlet. so I can't do a comparison, but click here,  cause KAREN can!

Can you see the undertones of blue?

Applying as a first time user to this blush, would be very hard seeing as this blush is very pigmented, and hard to blend once applied. Meaning, if your new to blushes, this is a shade I would not suggest because, usually newbies apply with a heavy hand. The way this applies, is where it applies, UNLESS you powder FIRST!!! 
I cannot stress that enough. If you powder first on your cheeks, you will be fine. The powder acts as a base so that it won't stick to dewy parts and float over the dry parts. It will apply much easier and mistake free.
(I will try and remember to post a picture of me wearing this soon. I actually applied some tonight after my shower because I was so curious, and let me tell you!!! You really need only a TAP of this blush. It is THAT pigmented!)
Make-up alley:8 reviews
All of the girls loved this. You can tell its a must have. Nuff said!

Product description from NYX:

Brighten and define your cheeks this season with NYX Powder Blush. NYX Powder Blush has fabulous check colors to choose from. For a touch of soft color on your cheeks, apply these sheer and easy to wear shades.
Available in more than 20 shades.

Overall, is this a repurchase?
I confidently will say, YESS!!!!!
If you are looking for a bright cherry red blush that won't break the bank...track this down today!
What do you think? Will this be on you "to buy" list?
share below!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Loreal HIP pigments: Intrepid

I will be the first to admit, I am a SUCKER for duo chromes. I will buy a gigantic palette if I spot a duochrome that I like. To me, its like a surprise! One minute, someone is looking at you and sees brown eyeshadow. You blink, and BAM! They just saw..wait..what?? Was that a flash of blue? lol. Thats what goes on in my head when I look at this eye pigment. The color is a brownish plum with blue/teal being the chrome color.
First of all, let me say, I have been seriously looking at MAC club for the longest time. This is obviously not it but its similar color and less expensive too, at a little over 12 dollars.

I knew that when buying pigments or loose powders, usually you will have a sifter cover or open container, which I LOATHE!!! I always, always, always seem to get them all over my purses and clothes, which is why I tend to avoid them. But I could not resist this time, and most likely will buy this again. ;O

with flash
If you are a long time follower of my blog, you must know by now, I love swatching make-up I JUST bought right when I get out to the car. I simply cannot wait until I get home. Its like an itch that must be scratched.
This was no exception. I got in my car and opened this up so fast. like seriously. I pulled the plastic cover off and replaced the lid to get some product onto the lid, and when I opened it???

worn on lower lash and eyelid along with meet matte palette.

Here, after driving home, I took off the puffy cover and the pigment was already all over the top.

Top of outside package

I will say, that besides highlighters, I LOVE duo-chromes, so this is a repurchase forever in my book. When I opened it, the only thing that disappointed me, was the size, for some reason, I thought the pot would be MUCH bigger.:(

I loved also that it came with a brush, because, they were very generous. This brush is great at applying this shade. Just make sure to tap off any extra or you might find tons of dark fall-out on the tops of your cheeks. 

Compared to the WetNWild palette, the loreal pigment is MUCH more pigmented and the WnW is on the sheer side. Like a muted shade of intrepid. As you can see, Intrepid is much darker and more "duo-chrom-ey" than the WnW shade.

Make-up alley: 83 reviews
I took this from hiitskaren, who commented on the reviews post and she put it this way:
"BTW: MAC Pigment Size: .26 oz= 19.50......
HiP Pigment Size: .05 oz=11.99
So that means with mac you're paying under 4 dollars per .05 oz of pigment, compared to HiP where you're paying 12 dollars for .05oz. If you really love this color and want to buy it again, MAC Pigment is a better bargain."

Although alot of women love this pigment, I will agree with them, that it is pretty expensive for such a small container of product. I mean 0.05 oz??Really? (sighs) My love for this is strong.
When I went to rub this off my hand, the blue was instantly gone and I was left with a redish brown shade. You have to be careful not to blend to much when you apply it to your eyelid, because the blue can disappear.

It comes with a handy dandy eyeshadow brush, that I hardly use, because I have enough brushes, but I like it, because it does work. Its super small too, so you can pack it to go. I apply this on the tops of my lids or on my lower lash line. Just be careful for the fall out and do your foundation after you apply this stuff.
With that being said, I haven't tried the MAC bluebrown since its the better buy, but when I repurchase this one, maybe in a year or so, since it has tons of product, I will do a review!

Are you loving this as much as I am?? Comment below!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

theBalm Hot mama, makes me blush

I am recently addicted to all things Balm. Seriously, If I see it, I have to try it. So that's why it is no surprise that I ordered Hot mama and Bahama mama, although I am only reviewing Hot mama in this review. :)

For the longest time, I wanted the NARS orgasm blush, however after looking at swatches and what beauty bloggers had to say about it, I went with Torrid instead. I am not fair, when I use my tanner,(I usually have some remnants on) so the main reason I ordered Torrid is because darker skinned women, said that orgasm just didn't show up on their cheeks. I even went ahead and bought candid coral because tons of ladies said that it is a good dupe. I didn't want to buy Orgasm and it totally not show up on me. When I received candid coral, it barely showed up on me, so I never used it again. I'm actually glad I didn't get Orgasm because Im sure I would have had to return it. I know e.l.f products are not the same quality as NARS but the color sure looked the same. :( Okay, so Hot mama is a dupe for orgasm, but its much prettier, without all the glitter and grit. It has a gorgeous sheen to it, which I die for.
I was able to swatch Orgasm when I was at Sephora, and am very glad I got Hot mama instead.

Okay, so going over this blush, I really like it. HOWEVER, I love much brighter blushes because I can apply them to get a more defined look. As in, this blush, will give you a frosty, no-no look. I don't like that when I apply it, its pretty sheen, when I go to apply more for a more colored look, it makes it looked caked on. Its hard to explain. I always try to apply lightly because my foundation tends to be dewy. This sticks to patches of wet and when I go to fix it, it smears. Maybe I need to wait more time for my foundation to dry..I dunno. That's the only complaints I have with this blush. I do love the packaging and the fact that it is not glittery, is a plus. Sometimes, I don't want glitter, ya know?

The pan itself is pretty big, so I don't think I will be needing a new one, if I were to buy this again. I am on the fence, because I like the color, but the way it applies, kind of makes me wary.

flash with direct sunlight
The color is a peachy pink frost with tiny tiny shine flakes in it, that give it its glow. It almost is a full duo-chrome, though Im happy to say its not, because that would look pretty unflattering if your were going for a natural look. The blush is like a highlighter AND blush in one, although, on the packaging, it states that this is, in fact, a blusher and a eyeshadow. I haven't yet used this as a eyeshadow, and I don't believe I will be. This seems to me, best used as a blush.

no flash, direct sunlight
Make-up alley reviews:136 reviews
I noticed tons of people said that they loved this blush. It may be too sheer, or maybe not to fond on the packaging(cheap), but all in all, most said they loved it.

If you liked this review or swatches, then I would suggest picking up this blush. It is a very pretty blush and a good addition to any make-up collection.

Do you own Hot mama or any other theBalm products? Comment below!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NARS Eurydice eyeshadow duo

For the record, NARS is the ONLY high end make-up brand I usually buy (for now, anyway). I started off with Albatross and from there, I loved the blushes, the lip-glosses, eye-shadows, etc. The reason being, if you hadn't noticed from my blog, I buy drugstore item, review them and love them BECAUSE they work. I also know alot of you, like myself, would love to spend tons of money on the big ticket items, but if your like myself, other things are more important, like diapers, school, clothes, shoes, rent. Stuff like that. I'm not knocking the people who buy it, Because that's awesome if they can afford it. I just don't want to spend 50 bucks on a blush. I find that just because its high end doesn't magically mean, its awesome. It is alot to do with the name brand. I'm not saying high end items aren't worth it, but if you buy it only because its by  and its pretty in the pan, does the fact that its way expensive mean nothing? I guess if it lasts along time, which I do know is true with some of the higher end brands, you don't have to buy it every other month. So theres always pros and cons. :)
ANYWAYS, so for the tangent.
I want to review this BEAUTIFUL, NARS eyeshadow duo in Eurydice.

Upon first opening it, my eyes thought the grey was actually green. As I looked closer though, I realized it was grey, but because it has gold flecks in it, it made it look green when the grey and gold combined.
The second color in the duo is a maroon shade with big chunks of blue glitter in it. It almost looks like a duo-chrome.

I instantly fell in love with it and will be purchasing a replacement when I run out. With that being said, here's some pics.

FYI, if you own NARS products and you hate that they get dirty so easily and won't get clean by wiping them. Use baby wipes, it gets everything off!!!

Make-up alley reviews:  24 reviews
 Overall, tons of girls(guys) said this eyeshadow was a awesome purchase, and if it was low ratings, its because the maroon color was so hard to apply.

The application is very easy. When I swatched it, the maroon color was alot different than the grey color. For one, it was a harder eyeshadow, meaning, hard to the touch. The second thing I noticed, it took about 4 swatches to get a good, even swipe because it was patchy on the first swipe. I like the color but the formula for this one is not so great. The grey color was velvety to the touch, and had a soft application. Because of these difference, it made me like the grey color more.
I love using any type of pink or red around my eyes, because if you didn't know, I have green eyes, and it makes them POP like crazy. ALittle bit goes along way, so I don't see myself repurchasing this anytime soon. 
When I researched this product, I found that alot of people compare this duo with the wetnwild palette in Lust. I always like to put a dupe if I can find one for higher items I'm reviewing, if you like the colors, but not the cost. :)

I usually wear this on my lower lash line or right on top of my eyelid when closed. That way, its a hint of color when you blink. Another side mark on the maroon color, was that the blue glitter barely showed up on my lids, if any, at all. That was kinda a bummer because the blue glitter accents the maroon color so perfectly. :(

Overall, I love this Duo and am looking to buy Mandchourie or Rajasthan next.
Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate it). What are you guys doing for the New Year?
Do you own any NARS eyeshadow duos or even, any products from NARS that you love? Comment below!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa came with a HUGE e.l.f Haul!!

One of the many things my husband got me this Christmas was a order from
I actually placed the order, but he said I could get whatever I wanted. Isn't he a nice Santa Claus??
On a regular make-up basis, I use the e.l.f concealer and highlighter duo end, which was a main reason I was turned onto the brand in the first place. Also their brushes are superb for applying foundation(recently found out) and their eyeshadow brushes are also great at application.
I will not be doing a full review in this post, just pictures of my haul. I want to be able to use each and everyone and report the goods and bads. I already own a couple of make-up products that I wayyyy regret buying so I might or might not, have things to add to my list of useless products.

UPDATE: I did a review on the lipsticks and I was amazed at what great quality and pigmentation they had. Click HERE to read it

Here's what I got!:

1 24K Glitter Gloss Set
1 2301 Natural Radiance Blusher Shy
1 2304 Natural Radiance Blusher Flushed
1 1815 Eye Shadow Brush
1 2403 Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder Luminance
1 7707 Nostalgic
2 81126 Coffee Bean
2 81129 Amethyst
1 83331 High Definition Powder
1 83137 Pink Passion
1 83138 Fuchsia Fusion
2 83139 Gotta Glow
1 81222 Golden Goddess
1 7710 Flirtatious
2 7702 Classy
I was able to use a code to get free shipping.

What about you, did you get any make-up you've been wanting? I want to see!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

NOTD: Revlon Carbonite

Before I started a blog, I was pretty much stuck in neutral with my make-up. I would only do one look all the time and kept it pretty basic. Now that I have a blog, I feel I am FREE!!! lol.
I am more inclined to try different products, because you readers like different things and I'm sure you don't want to always hear about nudes, pinks and blahhh from me.
Grey nail polish is one of those new things, to me. I am a pink, nude type of girl for pretty much every thing. My lipstick, blushes, nail polishes etc. So this Revlon Carbonite nail polish was a exciting new venture!
I have a matte grey that I love but that's pretty much it in the dark colors besides my review on the plum seduction here.

I'm very surprised with this polish because it is stunning! The color is so pretty being a silvery grey gold. Its a weird description, I know. But it really is a grey color and once out of the sunlight(indoors), it looks like it has a tint of gold. The fact that it has a foil look, is awesome because I don't own any foiled nail lacquers. PLUS!!! This is supposedly a DUPE for Chanel graphite. I was looking for comparisons on the two and alot of them preferred the Chanel Graphite because I noticed that it has ALOT bigger glitter flecks, but if you cannot even fathom spending $25 on a nail polish, I would really recommend grabbing this one for about 5 bucks.

close up

Hitting the sunlight at different angles
 The application is soooo good, you really only need one coat, however, I still put two because Im cool like that. :)
One coat
I was surprised and thought it would turn out to be sheer because of the glitter, but I was dead wrong. It has crazy pigmentation and shine. I think this will be perfect on anyone because it is a neutral color that is very flattering. I have been trying to get darker colors, but for some reason, I think they look too BLAH for me. This is both darker in color, but shiny, so it lightens it up. Does that make sense?

I've been wearing it for the last 3 days with no topcoat, and still I have yet to experience chipping. I am actually loving catching glimpses at my nails when I'm doing something, because if your like me, your nails chip fast because i'm always doing something. This did not chip yet, and I wonder if I had applied the top coat, if it will last LONGER!! I'm sure it would.

If I spot this again, I will be sure to buy a back up. Given that I don't own many dark nail polishes, this is a true keeper.
What about you? Do you own this or the Chanel graphite? Comment below.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Giveaway, sneek peek from ME!!!

I have scrambling doing tons of things, all before Christmas gets here. I mean seriously, I have barely even had time to type a post. I have a couple that I have already written, but I need to take photos of the products and swatches. As I had mentioned, I wanted to do a giveaway and I figured, why not include something in my latest haul?!!! So you can see swatches and I can tell you what I think!! What an amazing idea, right??? Like, instead of wondering if you should enter and Googling the products I'm giving away, I have them here for you to see.
Its all in the plan, baby!!!

I usually go with product reviews and raves before I even think about buying make-up, whether it be low cost, mid-range or high end....But this was a special case ladys!!! 
Im talkin', I saw these, and I had to have them! These are the ALMAY intense i-color light interplay technology. 
Woah! Long ass title, right?!
I initially picked up the trio for the greens, but the hazel trio was also calling my name. Don't worry, this works out for you too. You get to have both too!
It says to use, specifically for green eyes, and the other one is specifically for hazels, however, I feel, if I like the colors, I will still purchase it. They can't tell me what looks good with MY eye. I figure, for this giveaway, it will look great on any ones eye whether its blue, green or in-between.

Trio for Greens:
The palette for green eyes is such a great combination of colors and so popular already because I see this combo from other brands, that I knew I couldn't go wrong with getting it. It has a beautiful light chocolate brown with tons of shine, a golden olive green and a yellow champagne highlight shade. The only color that gave me problems by swatching, was the brown color because it was so sheer. I literally had to swatch about 4 times, just so it would show up. The green was perfect and the highlighter was swatched about 2 times because its a lighter color than the others. 

The packaging... clear acrylic cheap looking, no mirror and flimsy looking applicator. It doesn't really bother me because I didn't buy it so it can look expensive. The only thing that was getting on my nerves, was the fact that the pans are horizontal, not vertical, like I'm used to, so I had to swatch it side to side, instead of up and down. Maybe its just me...?
Did you also notice the little a's in the pans. How cute, right? I loved the details. :)
Seriously, I'm so glad I'm giving this one away, It is so gorgeous for day looks that won't look to dark, or for night when you can layer it up and bring out your inner vixen.

The hazel one won me over overall now because it swatches beautifully and the colors are afreakinmazing!!! Really, I actually bought four! One for me, the winner of my giveaway, my sister and my friend, because these are worth sharing.

Trio for Hazels
This trio is best for the smokey, going out eye. Its amped up alot more than the green trio. The colors are darker and better pigmented. They apply alittle dry, but not in a bad way.  Just not velvety like Im used to. That doesn't mean they aren't pigmented, its just a different formula. I really liked the black shade, because it is a matte formula. I swear, every eyeshadow that I come across in black, has some type of shimmer or glitter in it. I have been looking for a good matte black. I know carbon by MAC is supposed to be awesome, but I honestly, once in a blue moon go to the mall, so I'm not going to drive there just for one thing.

Did you also notice that I said these have highlighters, and the thing that amazes me, is that they are bigger than the darker colors, which leads me to believe that they are supposed to be used for highlighting..all over?
...Is it only my imagination?

 Both of these palettes are beautiful and seeing as how I've never bought from the Almay brand before, I am loving these little combos. 
Here is some pictures of our early Christmas get together, because my husband is working on Christmas, and I was going to be busy. We had it last night(friday) and It was pretty fun.

Can you spot our tree? LOL!!
Her own new sofa chair..AND it rocks back and forth!
Taken from my phone
I have no idea, what to include in my first giveaway, so bare with me! I might add more to this, but I wanted to keep it simple and not too big, since I will also be doing a 100 follower giveaway!! Check back because I will have the official post up in no time.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My tricks on how I lost 60 pounds of baby weight+ some!

As you might have guessed, this is a post on WEIGHT LOSS!
fun, fun FUN!
I say not, because its NOT fun losing weight. Maybe when you actually lose a significant amount of weight, its fun to look in the mirror and like what you see. 

But let's get real, Its NOT fun to watch everyone else eat whatever they chose. Its NOT fun to, have to get sweaty and stinky, working your ass off in the gym. Its NOT fun to always weigh yourself. Its NOT fun to worry about if you lost a pound or gained it because you ate one bad thing.
Before I got pregnant, I was a bulimic, gym rat, who was never happy with the size I wore. 
You can read my post here.
 Here are some pics of myself pre-preggo just to give you guys an image:

And my tanner days...
I worked out EVERYDAY, ate plain steamed broccoli, 100 calorie popcorn, and crackers, threw up everything bad I ate, my hair was always shedding, went tanning everyday and was generally not healthy in the least bit. I was terribly anemic. Like my scores on my blood test, were WAY lower than standard. I was literally surviving off of crackers. That's what I mainly ate.
I decided when I got pregnant, This is exactly what I wouldn't be doing again. Now that I am on the weightloss road again, I can say I haven't done ANY of these things besides, working out every day and I still love 100 calorie popcorn snack bags. 
I now work out mainly 5 days a week and right now its mainly cardio. I love to be toned, but I don't have the flexibility of time to give it my all, so Im waiting alittle while longer. I have lost 60 pounds so far, so maybe another 10. To be honest, if I stayed at this exact weight, I wouldn't mad at all. I actually like how my butt fills out my pants. My legs have always been thick, but Im sure I can lose/tone some more on them.
 Not thick as in rolls of fat, But you can see my quads and calves pretty well. My back fat where my bra goes is not as prominent (or maybe its just loose?) compared to when I was heavier, so thats a good sign.
 Anywho, here are some tricks and tips I learned/am learning along the way:

1. Don't expect to workout everyday and STILL eat badly to lose weight.
Sorry, but if you are eating fast food every day and exercising for 30 min, IT DOES NOT DO ANYTHING!!! You have to be dedicated to a new lifestyle and stick with it. I don't know how many people have asked me what's my secret, and I tell them that losing weight is 95% your diet, and 5% is your exercise.  This is what I call HALF-ASSED. You have control of your exercise time, but not your eating habits. Yeah, your doing good by exercising, but if your are still eating big mac's every day and super sized fries, you are not helping your heart.I would say you can have a cheat day, but don't go overboard with it.

2. Know your calories!!

You will be surprised at how much calories every thing has. Almost everything that is edible has calories. Think about it. Would you rather have 3 cups (9 oz) of broccoli florets at 90 calories or 9 oz of Cheetos at 1,440 calories. The 3 cups of broccoli are not only lower in calories, but has no fat, no saturated fat, no cholesterol, and way lower carbs then the cheetos do. PLUS, in your stomach, it fills you up better, than the Cheetos do. Think of it as empty space. You are probably still hungry after 9 oz of just Cheetos (and probably feel alittle sick). That's why its important to know how many servings per calories you are eating.
You don't need to be a math wiz. Just know how to add and subtract your calories, or if your like me and want to know the EXACT calorie consumption, go here! Its and it gives the exact calories eaten. You can look by name or restaurant. It also shows how much exercise you have to accomplish in order to burn it off, and what the calories are made of, ie: fat,carbs etc.

3. Write it down.
If you take the time to write down every thing you eat in one day, you would be surprised in how much you actually eat. We had a project in one of my college classes, where we had to make a 7 day chart consisting of 2,400 calories each day. Sooo many people were surprised in how little calories 2,400, actually was. It was super easy for me, because I know my calories. I think of calories as money in the bank. You don't want to go over your daily allowance, and at the end of the day, if you have "left over" calorie balance, thats always really good.

4. Don't eat it all.
You don't have to eat everything in front of you. I used to feel so guilty throwing away food that I didn't eat because I thought of it as a waste. If you always serve smaller portions and leave a bite or two on your plates, then you have nothing to feel guilty about. When you are not hungry anymore (not full, but satisfied) STOP eating!! You will eat again, so don't worry about when you will eat again.

5. Don't let a treat, turn into a habit
When I say this, I mean, YES, you can have a cookie or two after your dinner if you have done a great job working out or eating great. That does NOT mean have a cookie or two EVERY night after dinner. You can allow your self a treat, but when it becomes a habit, then its not a treat anymore.
6. Substitute where it counts
Instead of take-out grease pizza, make your own, if your craving sour cream, try Greek yogurt instead, want flavor? add spices or hot sauce. Basically anything you are craving, you can substitute. Alot of calories eaten come from sides and toppings. Just substitute, and you'll be fine. Or try a diet type and, you get what you want with half the calories, and usually alot of the same great taste.

7. Drink more water
I know you have probably heard this a million times, but try drinking more water. It fills you up, and overall, is wayyy better for your skin, insides and appetite. I am bad at this, so its something I am working on. I'd rather have a coke zero. 

8. Strength train
Lots of women that I know don't strength train simply for the fact that they think it adds bulk and "man's them up" or makes them look bukky. This is far from the truth. It gives the appearance of a leaner body. Muscle and fat weigh the same but they look so much different. A woman weighing 150 pounds with 19% fat will look much smaller (and be much healthier) than a woman at 150 pounds with 35% fat. They weigh the same, yet the composition is different. Because muscle is more dense than fat the person with less fat and more muscle will look smaller.-taken from
This is an awesome visual, because as you can see, muscle is much more visually appealing.

That's about it. I have the link to calorieking if you are interested. It really helps and I love it. I hope I have helped you if you are losing weight or have already lost weight, and are looking to maintain it. I will be updating this list with more tips as I remember them.
Hope all is well.

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