Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OMG!! An Albatross dupe?!

For some reason, I have been fascinated with highlighters every since I started to run low on my go-to albatross. I love to look glowy in pictures and in person without being overdone. I was loving the Loreal HIP eyeshadow pigment shadow and I didn't even notice but I think I have a dupe for NARS Albatross!!!

I know, I'm sorry for being such a freak about this but seriously, I love my NARS highlighter but I definitely don't love the cost. As you can tell with my blog, I love beauty on a budget. It's all about making it work for you and not having to spend a bundle, so that is why I'm excited to share with you, my find.

 Okay so look.
First off, yes I will still be buying NARS when I run out of it, but this is for the beauty lovers out there (which might be you?) that just hate the price but still love some action.

Okay, with that being said, here is Loreal HIP in Restless.

For some reason, I love, love, love duo chrome anything. I get excited just thinking about swatches of blushes or especially eyeshadow's that are duo chrome. I think it add such a shocking pop of color when you look once and look again and the color seems to have changed.
 Random note due to duo you guys remember when cars had the duo chrome look and they were considered super hot but now I see them no where?? WTH??
Okay, back to restless.
I loved this color and my exact thoughts were, wow, this is a dupe for albatross. 
Not so fast lady!
I opened this up and took a peek but on first application, this formula is how you would describe, chunky. As in it almost seems wet when you place your finger tip in it. Mine actually had little balls clumped inside. That was a warning sign for me just because, that meant it has more oils in it, like the MAC pigments.

When swatched, it has a very beautiful maybe even overwhelming glitter to it. It is a champagne/ buttery color. The glitter flakes in it are peachy and gold flecks that catch the sunlight perfectly. I was disappointed at the size. For some reason, I was expecting a bigger bottle? I don't know why. Maybe because I couldn't see the whole bottle because it has a cardboard packaging outside. I really liked that it came with it's own brush to apply, even though I won't use it. Its the thought that counts.
Plus, its super tiny and you can store it anywhere. :)
Next up is albatross...

If you don't know, albatross is an excellent way to go from drab to dewy with just one swipe.

So maybe its not an exact dupe, but I sure did use it for highlighting and all that. 
Albatross is more toned down and has very tiny finely milled shimmers. It is more reminiscent to a candlelight glow. It blends easier with your skin whether you apply to cheeks or use as highlighter. Restless is louder with its color, has blue undertones along with pink undertones (depends on which way you look at it). It is harder to make it seem natural and needs to be applied with a light hand. If you don't want something so obvious, then stick with albatross. I love both and will be using both for sure.

What about you, do you own any of these? How do you use them? 
Comment below!

Monday, November 28, 2011

NOTD: Revlon Plum seduction

This color really caught my eye as I was wondering the makeup aisle lost and cold....
Jk. Jk.
Buuut, It really did call my attention enough for me to pick it up and place it in my cart.

I wanted a purple-y color that would be good for fall and I don't have this color so I thought I'd give it a go. It almost looks neon in the pictures, but it really is more of a maroon color. So here we are.
Excuse the bubbles.
The application is very smooth, like all the Revlon nail polishes I have tried in the past. It is not too thick, maybe a tiny bit watery, but it thickens as you apply to each nail. The thing I really did love about this polish and all Revlon to be exact, is that they really do dry fast. Having a baby, I need the time I put into something, to count. That's why I have grown fond of these because no matter how many coats I apply, I find that they still dry relatively fast compared to my OPI polishes or Essie's. My OPI polishes seriously take forever to dry and its rare if I don't find a smudged mark in it days later.
The color is true to bottle, which means, when its on your nails, it looks the same maybe a tad darker because the air has hit it.
I love that it has no glitter or shimmer in it because It gives it a more regal look rather than, In my opinion, sometimes when you have a polish with shimmer, it looks cheaper.
I will update with chipping throughout the week.

It has peeled after 5 days and that's with the Topcoat of Sally Hansen Diamond strength, something that I expected of course.

This last Saturday was my nephew's birthday and I wanted to share some pics....
As you can see I finally chose mahogany as the new hair color. I absolutely love it!

We all had so much fun at the party. My daughter actually has a double ear infection that she has been fighting on top of a cold. We went into the doctors 4 different times this week and after a 104 fever, they finally found the culprit. Ugghh..Sleep has been very hard these last couple of days.
It hurts her to sleep laying down, so my wonderful husband sleeps with her in the rocking chair. What a great daddy :)
How was your thanksgiving and festivity's? Did you get anything for black friday or cyber monday? I really wanted to get tons of things, but alot of our money went to the parties and bills so I'm just buying for other people's gifts.
Share below!

Secret Santa..shhhh.

I was so excited to involve myself in a secret santa through one of the girls that follows me. If you don't know what secret santa is, it usually consists of more than 3 people and each person gets a name of another person in the group to buy a gift for. You buy the gift for that person you have been assigned and it's a secret because that's the whole point. 
In this case, a whole bunch of beauty bloggers and myself are all in it to share beauty/gifts from around the world. You email the main leader, this case being melina's Only a flight away's blog and give a few facts about what you like. There is a $10 minimum in the gift giving products so that it can be fair to everyone involved. I thought this was so cool because I used to do this at Young women's and it was pretty fun guessing who got you what and what you would get and also, you get things from another part of the world. Probably from where you have never even visited before.
Sorry to say, the deadline for entry is closed but I will be sure to share what I get when it arrives. They wanted to do it before Christmas so that everyone can have their package by then.
I plan on including a product I use in my everyday make-up routine and something that they have hinted they wanted in the email.
If your at all interested in the person(melina) who started this santa giveway check out the lovely blog   here!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birthday Fun turning One!!

Lol. I swear, all my pics look like I got jay leno's chin.
I just can't believe that my daughter is 1 already!! Ahhh!!!!! :) Really though, the time had pasted so quickly that I feel like it was just yesterday that I was a wobbling, swollen Preggo mamma-to-be. I kept swearing I'd be pregnant forever because I was 1 week and 3 days past my Delivery date. My pregnancy was great. It wasn't horrible. Only the peeing every 5 minutes and sleeping at night was hell. Other than that. no complications. Anyways. I just wanted to dedicate this post to my daughter who just turned one today. I love her so much and I would do anything for her. My life was brightened the day she was born. Today, when she had to get her shots (seven of them) she cried so hard, all I could do was hold her. I felt so bad. Next time, i will tell them, I will only do 3 and we will do the others at a later date. :( . On a brighter note, Here are some pics of the party that we had on Saturday and such.
My nephew, Alexander's first birthday cake and my daughters.
We had the cupcake cake done at Albertsons and I think they did an amazing job. For 32 dollars, it buys you 40 cupcakes, way more than enough to feed my 25 guests and kids. Plus, its great to not have to cut anything and they are already pre-portioned. Haha. think outside the box right? :)
Everything went off without a hitch (is that the saying?) and we were able to have such a good time. Ordered pizza, had veggies, chips and dip, brownies, pasta salad, cookies, cheese bites and sodas. 
Here is my sister, Brianna, me, and my good friend Daisy.
P.s. My sister is wearing that skull dress I won. I forgot to take a picture, but it looked so FIERCE!!!!
We opened the presents, and my daughter was not interested.
My nephew's birthday party is this weekend so its been so crazy planning this one, and helping my sister plan hers. She really is a great sister and I'm glad she's mine!!!! :) Plus we have Thanksgiving coming up and then soon after is Christmas so tons of things going on so budgeting is a must.

How are your holidays coming along? What are your plans? Have you ever tried these awesome Albertson's cupcake cakes? Hoping you well.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New hair color advice please!!!!

Tomorrow morning I set up a appointment with a salon to color my dark dark hair. I bought this voucher through should check it out, they have AMAZING deals)which was $125.00 dollars worth of salon care for $39 bucks! Incredible right? I actually have bought so many different deals from this site ranging from Halloween costumes, pumpkin patch tickets, Jamba juice, etc.. and their customer service is the BEST! I didn't like one of the deals I had purchased and I thought it was a ripoff, I emailed customer service and they refunded the whole amount right away! That's how you keep customers. You let them know, you understand.
Okay, anyways, I bought this voucher and I wanted to save it for something special like the wedding we will be going to in May of next year because having my hair done at a salon is not something ordinary for me. Actually, come to think of it, I was last in a saolon getting my hair done, 7 years ago. Im' that old! So I'm thinking I kinda wanted a change from the norm because I am having my daughters birthday party on saturday (2 days away) and I want a more done-up look? Like I want to keep the dark hair but maybe add some ommph to it. Make it more vibrant and dimensial. I have a dilemma because I want to keep it dark, but I also like lowlights, but the kind I like, my husband thinks are super ugly. So I'm trying to decide what color to do. Keep in mind, my hair is black, my skin color is a light beige and my eyes are green. 
So as you can see, my hair is pretty long. I do want chunky highlights because thin highlights are harder to keep thin. Your whole head eventually turns into the highlight. I also don't want to go back every couple of weeks, so I was thinking, maybe underneath my main hair. Like start the highlights at the top of my ears? I wear my hair curly alot even though its pretty straight so I guess take that into account? I really don't know what I want but I do want it to complement my skin and eyes.
The color is a little brighter than regular. My eyes are this green, but the lighting looks messed up. Anyways, so I need advice ASAP! 
Some ideas I had were
Dark but maybe not so blonde for the highlights.
I like these colors, but not so stringy. More chunky
Going to bed now. Hopefully, I will get some response before I go..wish me luck! thanks in advance. also if you comment to help, please provide link if its a website so I can see it too.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A rainy day made brighter....

These last couples days the weather channel has been reporting rain, and of course it starts up when I'm out and about doing things without my umbrella, right?
I had checked my mail box before I left and I was surprised to find my giveaway tucked inside!
Thats right folks!!! For the first time in my life, I won something! 
 The, also known as Chloé, was having a giveaway because she had recently ordered a skull dress, and the seller gave her an extra one to give away and she added a bonus MAC Ambering Rose!
I decided to enter because the dress looked very cute but fierce. Its a cutout skull face on the back, but you would never be able to tell from the front. I also have never owned any MAC blushes (I know, I know. Amazing!) and the one she was giving away she described as a blush that would suit all skin colors. I entered and I surprising won. 
The package included the skull dress, MAC blush and some sample makeup packets which were
Make Up For Ever High definition primer, Estee lauder advanced night repair, Bourjois BIO detox organic in Dark beige. It was nice of her to include a note of congratulations and a few samples. I actually shared some emails back and forth and she seemed genuinely sweet and friendly. If you haven't checked out her page, do so. She has great style and great reviews.
I will be reviewing the blush at a later date when I can use it and I will show the dress when I get to my pre-pregancy weight.

Also update on weight loss: I have been dieting and excising for the last 2 months and I have lost 46 pounds. I eat basically the same thing every single day so that I know how many calories i eat without having to look it up. Occasionally I have regular food but in moderation. I have eating out twice since starting my diet and was able to eat to be full but it wasn't uncomfortable. When I was at my skinniest, I would'nt even allow myself a fun sized bar of chocolate, but now I know that if I want it, I can have it, But I need to be prepared to work it off on the elliptical or treadmill. My daughters birthday party is next saturday so I hope to get a new outfit and my hair colored before then. Ahh!!! MY baby is 1 year old in a week! Its so crazy because this year with her has gone by super fast. I need to have another baby because I look at the pics of when she was newborn and its crazy to think that was really her. :'(

Friday, November 11, 2011

Anne Michelle Sexy-ness

Heels, Heels, Heels!
I know, I know. Another heel post?
You know why? 'Cause when I was preggo, I couldn't wear anything but flats and tennis shoes cause my feet hurt all the time. Plus I was working up until 9 months, so I had to wear work shoes.
Now that you heard my justification, can we proceed? :)
I like to dress up and look cute to show that you can still be a mom and look put together. 
I even slap those babies on when I go to the doctors. Its all about how you carry yourself and how well you do it. I think. 
Anyways. I seriously wasn't (rolls eyes) looking for heels but when these crossed my path and I had to go back. See, I was searching for some boots for fall because I can't wear sandals anymore, and I saw these diamonds in the rough. 
You might think they are just heels, but to me, I saw sexyness!
I swear, first word that popped into this head of mine.
My husband shook his head is as I reached for these instead of boots.
Whatever, I can't even find good boots anyway, because of course genetics had to give me a calf bigger than the other. Thanks mom! lol. She always says "hey!" like she's hurt.
When I slipped these on, right away, they felt very comfortable and sturdy. I love suede for heels and this nude color with a undertone of pink, really makes my heart patter. Maybe I should do a post on just how many nude pairs of shoes I own. Its alot! I know nude shoes are just nude shoes but they look good with just about anything, and there are so many different styles to choose from that really no one pair looks the same.
I couldn't really find alot of info on these, but I don't care if they were high end or not. I love them.  They are very comfortable to walk in. I love that the back zippers up, instead of buckling. The only part that sucks is that the were kind of dirty when I bought them, but I had the chick mark them down. Hopefully I can lightly clean them so that people who have previously tried these on, their dirty hand prints can wash away. The strap that connects both top and bottom is what makes these so sexy. Also that they are nude, makes any legs, look longer and therefore, leaner.
I have a wedding to go to in May so maybe these will go with the dress I have yet to find. Either way I found some classy heels.
I also have been looking for some all black tennis shoes because I used to have some Coach ones but I wore them to work all the time, and they are super run down. They are very comfortable but they don't look new or nice anymore. So I found these that are by GUESS but they have a Velcro strap that goes over the shoelaces.
These are nice but the reason they were at ROSS is because the back is messed up. They were made wrong so the back material folds down. Not extremely comfortable. But they will do. Plus they are super cute and I get compliments on them ALL the time.
Sorry most of my posts have been on shoes. I have an obsession right now but there will be more makeup reviews and hauls soon. I plan on ordering from E.L.F and Sleek makeup.
 Hope you guys are having a good day.   xoxo

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My secret Lover: NARS Albatross

It amazes me how many people don't know what the blogging world is, or what it can consist of. I was explaining to my mom the other night because she was jokingly telling me that I was always in the know of makeup, fashion and what-not. I was explaining to her that blogging, at first to me was a great idea, because I love saving money on things that originally were alot more and I give my reviews to help other people be more informed if what I just bought, is something  they would like to buy but are iffy about. I actually just won a giveaway from which is a skull dress and a MAC blush in Ambering Rose. (I haven't actually received it yet but when I do, I will do a review on it, since this is my first MAC product) I told my mom that not only does blogging give you an outlet for reviewing products, but you meet tons of sweet people and have chances to win giveaways. Also I figured since I'm a stay at home mom for now, I would put ads on my blog so maybe I could make some spare money since I don't go to work.
Anyways, since discovering blogging, I found a product that I would describe as Glow in a pan.
It is the most important staple in my makeup case.
It is hailed as one of the best highlighter in the makeup world
It is the infamous NARS Albatross. 
My First impression of this was: "wow, that is way too scary in the pan" but after I looked at tons of different swatches, I decided I wanted it. The only this was: it is pretty expensive for just one product. My birthday was coming up so I put it on my wish list. My husband (of course, because he is so loving) bought it for me and I was elated. 
Of course this is just makeup but to me, at $27 dollars, I hoped it was what I was looking for. 
 I wanted the glow that you can apply anywhere and this is it.
I can describe it as a candle light glow. 

no flash, natural sunlight
with flash indoors
 Read more for my thoughts and more photos!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beauty staples and some graphic photos

Sorry its not centered the right way

 These are Beauty Staples I've been loving recently:

1. Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner in jet black: I really don't like anything waterproof because it makes it that much harder to come off when the day is done, but this one is super easy to take off with baby wipes or soap and water. Usually I use Covergirl Point perfect in onyx but that one ALWAYS smudges on my eyelid. This on goes on very smooth and creamy, yet it doesn't pull and tug at precious skin on my eyelid. Both eyeliners come with smudgers but I don;'t even use them, only if I am in a hurry and can't find my brush to smoke out my bottom tear line. This is my new love and must have.

2. TheBalm Shady lady: I got this set at TJmaxx for 17 dollars and it is my new go-to eyeshadow palette. Seriously love all the colors and can even use the lighter shades for highlighters. Perfect set for going from day to night and the pigments are AUH-MA-ZING! I bought this palette because I really love browns with gold glitter but after using the whole set, I love every one.

3. NARS in Torrid: Not the first product I bought from NARS but it is the first blush I bought from them. I was iffy on if I should buy the Infamous Orgasim or get a color that would really show up on my cheeks. I went with this, because alot of reviews were saying that this was like orgasim but for darker skin tones. Although, I am not extremely dark, I don't have porcelain skin, So like I mentioned before, I love to have my cheeks pop with color.

4. NARS in Albatross: Before I even knew what blogging was, and the whole world of beauty, I went looking for a highlighter that made you glow. I remember watching Kim Kardashian on Keeping up with the Kardashians, and thinking "Man, She has such beautiful cheeks. Her skin is glowing. That's when I found out she loves highlighting. I figured, I might too. I went in search mode and all roads led me to Albatross. This product is good, that at $27 dollars, I have repurchased it because it never fails. This stuff lasts! I say lasts as in I use it almost everyday on my cheeks and sometimes on cupids bow etc and I have had it for over a year. I'm barely buying a replacement and that's not because its all gone. Its because I'm barely hitting pan and I don't want to ever run out. Yeah, that's quality for you. I cannot rave ENOUGH about this product. I love love love it and it will forever be in my beauty bag.

5. Rimmel Bronzer: I love to contour so when I find good, matte, staying bronzers, I buckle down and use it! ;) I love this bronzer. Got it for 7 dollars and I have barely put a dent in it and I use it quite often. Other bronzers have red undertones that make me think of clay but this one, is a deep golden brown that is perfect for getting chiseled cheekbones. Nuf said.

6. Milani in Berry Amore: I fell in love with this blush only just looking at it. I love this color. Its a baby pink mixed with golden tones that are perfect for a flushed look. I dab this on the apples of my cheeks and thats all I need. I love both torrid for a bold cheek and Berry amore for a flushed but still there pink. Can't go wrong because its good quality and its super cheap.
7. Covergirl Lash blast: I never ever ever used to wear mascara because everytime I did, my eyelashes would fall out while I was taking off my makeup. Even if I didnt use the waterproof kind. When i found this, I was curious but still standoffish. I now use this when I want full on smoked out look, eyelashes and all. Couple coats of this, and your lashes will look very thick but lengthened. I love this for not pulling out my eyelashes.

8. Revlon Colorburst in Peony: Last but certainly not least is this lipgloss. Okay, okay, its just a lipgloss right? Wrong!! This lipgloss transforms your lips into luscious, glossy, gems in a second. All I need is a better applicator because the one that comes with it, sucks. But still its worth dipping into 5 times just to get some color. I recommend this color because it is just so beautiful.

That's all for the Beauty love for now. I was just typing this in our new apartment and I caught a glimpse of outside and I need to warn you, these photos are very life altering. Discretion is advised. The beauty of these pictures cannot be contained. :)

 I mean seriously though, I'm not a photographer but isn't this amazing? This is a view from our new apartment and I am in love.  Hope you guys are having a good week and are excited for the holidays!!! Yay! 


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween and All...

I have been MIA recently because It has been so crazy here at my house. Trying to get our costumes ready for Halloween, planning my daughters first birthday and getting packing to move next weekend.
For Halloween, I really didn't plan on dressing up since last year, I just wobbled around preggo with my nephew and family on trick or treat night. This year though, for my daughter, I wanted to get into the mood by dressing up with her.
I know for women, mostly everything costumes wise is always so slutty and revealing. 
I'm sorry, but all I want to do is trick or treat with my daughter. You know? Not be mistaken for a hoe walking the street. The main ones that are not revealing are completely embarrassing. Bacon and eggs? Trash suit spider woman? No thanks.
One that came to mind was a pirate maiden! 
Seriously though, Its pretty easy to put together and doesn't have to be slutty.
We went to the Halloween store to get an eye patch and hat because I already had black pants, and a baggy white men's shirt. 
Then my wonderful husband found a whole costume for just 29 dollars. I got it because it was cheaper than the hat alone.

So I ended up being a pirate maiden and my daughter was a kitty cat. Lol. She was too cute!
When we were treating and walking she had a death grip on a piece of pizza crust. I swear, I was trying to see if she wanted some candy or m&m's and she didn't want anything but the crust
Now that Halloween's over, Im still trying to plan my daughters birthday party. I actually ordered from and I suggest NEVER ordering from there. I swear, Its been so much more hassle then its worth. Let me rant alittle....

I ordered on the 20th for express delivery so that I could have them out by the next Friday. Stamped and in their envelopes. After I entered my info and hit order, all it said was "in printing" which I was guessing meant in the works. So a couple days go by and no tracking number is emailed to me,
I email their website on the Friday that they are supposed to be there and ask if its on its way, a telephone number I can talk to someone at, something to let me know my invites are still on the way. The "person writes back"(lets just call it a she) still in the system. Should be delivered today :o(.
What the heck how professional is a frowny face at the end of a sentence to a customer.
Anyways, Saturday passes and still nothing. Sunday passes, still nothing. Mind you, I paid for $15 for express shipping. I'm emailing her everyday that they are not here, because she wouldn't give me her phone number or name asking where my prints are and I need a refund on at least my shipping because they weren't here when I paid for them to be here
. Finally, on tuesday afternoon, I emailed them and said dont send me anything. I want a refund and we wont be doing buisness. Thats when she finally replied and said they were on their way and should get here by thursday. I told them that I already placed an order through for express delivery, another $15 dollars and I just needed the refund from the Uprintinvites. She still sent the invites (grrr) and Im sure expects me to pay for them even though I emailed them before she even contacted me to tell me she shipped them out.
Ughhhh >_<
Now I have the invites and there cute but I just don't want them to get my business.
You know? She did horrible in the customer service part and now I have shutterfly coming and I dont know what Ill do. So stressed. Sorry for the rant.
This weekend we are moving to our new apartment. Its in the same building but it has two bedrooms instead of one because Olivia's stuff is taking over the entire place. Plus the new apartment has two parking spots for my husbands and I's cars and the new view overlooks downtown and the Cornado bridge. So pretty.
Anyways. That's it for now. Hopefully I will do a FOTD soon or something. Take care my pretties.
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