Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Balm-Vol 2 review

I've really been seeing and hearing alot about the makeup line called theBalm.
I heard they have cute packaging, quality makeup and come with several must-have palettes. I saw that a few bloggers are finding them pretty cheap at TJmaxx. I was so surprised because I didn't even know Tjmaxx carried makeup, let alone brand name make-up.
I convinced my husband to go to Tjmaxx today and just browse. Luckily there is a Gamestop next door so he went on his way. Ladies, if your man loves video games and there's a TJmaxx right next door, take advantage of the opportunity, and get out there and shop. He does what he wants, while you have fun too!
 When I entered, I walked over to Jewelry department & I casually asked the Jewelry saleswoman if they sold makeup and where I could find it. She pointed me to the bath and body area and I slowly walked over...
I mean, I have looked in that area and I have never seen anything besides Shampoo, lotions,  conditioners and perfumes. I was disappointed because I thought I would find some really cheap theBalm products. After we were all done and getting in line, I happened to look to the left of me and BAM!!!! Right in front of me, was a shelf of theBalm products.
I quickly knelt down and started looking and inspecting. Alot of the packages were open and messed with. There wasn't much variety but as I was looking, I saw an untouched stack of eyeshadow palettes. Could this be? I thought...(Im such a drama queen at storytelling). I slowly opened one and none were messed with or tampered. I was so excited because my husband was getting closer to being called and I knew I had to get something. Anyways long story short. I bought it. $16.99. Great deal.

I ultimately bought it because I was searching for a brown/gold eyeshadow forever and this one has it.
Read on for Swatches and more photos!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rough Justice Pumps made for the Wild side in you

Now that fall is here and the fall fashions are coming out and about, I have noticed that animal print and bold color blocking is very popular.
 At first, I kinda thought that leopard and zebra were tacky and cheap but now? I have embraced my wild side and even plan on decorating my daughters room with zebra. I love how wild and adventurous it can be or if you prefer, calm and subtle. I have seen leopard print heels everywhere and I thought "hmm, if I owned some, what would I really be able to match with them?" I now own 2 pair of animal print pumps and literally can say I'm satisfied with my purchases.
The first animal pumps I bought were snakeskin print by Steve Madden. They are slingbacks with patent snakeskin material. I always have bought closed shoes (meaning material that surrounds the whole foot) but now I am more open to Slingbacks. You can adjust the tightness to each foot for comfort. If your like me, my right foot is slightly bigger than my left. You can't tell when Im barefoot but when I wear heels, I can feel the difference.

On to my purchase. As of late, we have been going to Tjmaxx alot.
 Basically every weekend Pablo has off. I don't know why, maybe its to just get out of the house? (haha, and spend money) Today as we were walking into the store there was a car coming behind us and I told pablo I would walk in front so I wont be out in the driving road. I went to step and he stepped on the back of my sandal and broke it! I was shocked they would break so easily!
 Not mad at him but mad at those stupid shoes. I didn't think they would break because they were Nine west and the straps look pretty thick but I bought them on clearance for 5 bucks so I guess you get what you pay for. :'(

So naturally, I needed to get some shoes ASAP because these were flopping around and I couldn't walk properly. I was browsing the aisles and since I'm here almost every weekend, I saw most of the same shoes from the other weekend. I have been eying these leopard ones but they were pretty expensive for a brand that I didn't know/had never tried before. 
At $59.99, I wasn't buying. Today when I looked at the tag it had been reduced by $20 dollars. Coming to a total of $39.99. Not bad, Not bad!

The Leopard material is a suede on the outside and leather on the inside. 
When you walk in them, they are very comfortable and seem to have padded footbed. I love that the heel is all black so that it doesn't take away from the main attraction, the leopard. The bottom is the same color as the sole and has a metal label on the bottom that says Rough Justice. I found out that these were made handcrafted in Italy! 
What a score! I was so surprised and shocked that they were marked down so drastically.
Excuse the hair on the floor. My hair is ALWAYS falling out.
I wore these home and to walk into the house. The bottom of the soles got so marked up by just walking on them, so much, that I am contemplating on buying non skid pads just to save the beautiful bottom.
All in all, it was a great buy and I'm glad I got them. 
Oh yea, the kicker is..They were retailed at $209.95. I know, I know!! LOL. okay, I'll stop bragging. If you wanted these, check out a local Tjmaxx, they might have them or even something better. 
Who knows.

Cross Vamp Sling High Platform Sandal
  • Slingback Platform
  • Italian Patent Leather
  • 4"Heel Height
  • Super Comfort Footbed
  • Handcrafted In Italy 

Or you can get them here for $209 dollars-

I am not affiliated with Tjmaxx.

 Do you own any pairs of Rough Justice? Do you like them or not?
Comment below!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


If you have been looking for makeup drawers and you loved the Acrylic drawers in Keeping up with the Kardashians, then I have no doubt, you will love these! They are waaay less expensive and they are made out of the same materials, Acrylic. I have been searching for good, sturdy, spacious ones for a while. I bought Sterlite ones a while ago because I really needed a place to put just all my extra makeup. I then started to look for the acrylic ones because I just want ones that are more visually appealing and that I can see through without the frosted look. It's also great, because it reminds you what you have so you can use it and not let it waste away :). If you look on Youtube, and type in MUJI Acrylic, you will see raving reviews on them. I've have been checking back and forth to the MUJI website because these drawers go fast!! like LIGHTING fast!! No kidding! I finally caught a day when they were back in stock and ordered 2. As a customer you are limited to two for an order. They are $25.95. That includes extra 2 dollar fee for special handling. Shipping is $9.95 (I suppose it varys upon where you live) so my purchase came to a total of $61.80.
(When I went back to check the prices the next day, lo and behold, they were all out of stock, goes to show how fast they go)
I just was rereading this and I went back to the site so I could post the dimensions, and I noticed these are becoming even more popular because the price is now $27.95, with the special handling at $4 dollars compared to my $2 dollar fee. So total new price for two is $65.85. I know that only a few bucks, but jeez! That's capitalize for you.

Just opened

Excuse my nails, i haven't had the time to take it off, so i peel it off. :(

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My small haul, Family day

Its been awhile...:)
Today pabbi had his day off so we went to exchange some clothes of Olivia's and find some more Halloween decor for the house. I love going to Micheal's Arts and Craft store because they honestly have so much stuff, you can't NOT find anything there. Its pretty inexpensive too. I always try and bring the 40% off coupons, because I LOVE saving money. Here's a pic I snapped when we got back. I picked a scarf up for my self and I got a little skinny one for Olivia. LOL. I love how she doesn't even try and pull it off.
Excuse my exhausted look. It was sprinkling, I was tired, starving and didn't know what to do with my hair.n (sigh) Anyway, I also picked up a few things. I was browsing the jewelry section because they have a clearance display and I usually find something I like. I spotted a silver bracelet that looked pretty interesting. Upon further inspection, I noticed that it was Emporio Armani logo. I have a couple of sunglasses of this brand and I do love them. I've had them for some time. I put it on and I was impressed. It looks so sleek and shiny. It can match with anything.

 Read more for my lucky strike!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My husband gave the go ahead and I just purchased my first jewelmint item!!! I got the Ever frost ring I've been wanting. I used the coupon ZOE and got the price all the way down to $9 bucks!!! That's 70% off! Can you believe that?!! AND........That's with FREE shipping too!  
I will be doing a review when I receive it.
I can't wait!
 That's all, Hope you guys are having a FABULOUS day! Take care. :)

Update Update Update!!!
So I thought I purchased this, and it said my card was declined!! I checked the numbers cause I know I got money in there, and clicked purchase again. It said denied again!!! I checked my bank and it was pending two different purchases from Jewelmint. I was pissed! I contacted their rep and they said it was declined because I didn't put my APT # in the second line of address. I put it in the first one. Then she said I needed to use a different card because they voided that card on my account. WTF??!! She said she agreed that it was an inconvenience to me and hung up. I don't even know if I want to buy this anymore because Its a hassle. What would happen if I didn't have a different card? Am I shit-outta-luck? Oh well. I will calm down and maybe try and purchase again...;)

Steve Madden bag galore

I have loved Steve Madden Shoes for awhile. I got my first pair when I was 17 with my first pay check. I learned recently (have I been living under a rock??!) that they make purses too! I was so excited to find my first bag at TJmaxx!!
It is black with gold studs and looks sooo sheek. I loooovee Gold accents in anything. I am a gold accent kind of girl.

Read more for reviews and a different color of this bag!

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