Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just a FYI, If you have been wanting to purchase off Jewelmint or haven't even checked it out, Its basically exactly like Shoe dazzle but for Jewelery, I have some great coupons!!!! You sign up and every month to have $29.99 charged to your credit card. That means you have one credit or you can choose an item in your showroom. If you don't want to be charged because nothing interests you or you dont have the money, go to the site and click on skip this month between the 1st and 5th of the month so that you will not be billed.
I have been wanting to get The Ever frost ring (below)
Ever Frost Ring
or the Petit Coeur Necklace. Both are 14k gold plated and I think that's awesome because if your like me, You get allergic to the fake stuff and you can't wear it for a long while. Also its always free shipping!

Petit Coeur Necklace
In no way am I affiliated with I just love the idea of great pieces, all for $29.99. With most coupons, you can get up to 50% off!
I was weary about the fact that there was no button on the website that I could click to cancel subscription. So I called the 888 number and the rep told me, you have to call in order to cancel. That kinda sucks because you have to call between Monday and Friday from 9-5pm. Just make sure you call early, I would suggest.
I might be placing an order soon. I have to sit on it.
These are the coupon codes:

EXITPOP60- First time customers only. 60% off
24HOUR50-  First Time customers only. 50% off for only 24 hours
ZOE - First time customers. 70% off  
Lauren- First time customers. 70% off

Let me know if you get anything.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weight Loss Success!!

The past 3 weeks I have been on my grind to lose this weight. I want to have lost 60-80 pounds by February. Hopeful wishing? I hope not! Haha. I started by drastically reducing my calorie intake and starting to exercise.
I know many of you know that in order to lose weight and keep it off, is by realistically eating enough calories so that when you actually so get to the weight that you want, you wont have to starve because your calorie intake is so low. I still am pumping so I can burn those extra 800 calories. Breast feeding/Pumping your milk burns about 600-800 calories a day just to make the milk. I wanted to stop pumping because of my own reasons. One, I haven't breast fed Olivia since I got Mastitis back when she was about 4 months old. She bites, and she sleeps through the night so I have to get up every 3 to 4 hours to pump. It makes me have not such a restful sleep. I felt she was ready to stop. Many mothers have different views on breastfeeding for as long as possible, but this was my choice. I can't believe I actually made it to 10 months! It was a rough journey, but I will do it again for my second baby.

Anyways, I have lost about 23 pounds in three weeks. By eating low calorie foods and exercising on the elliptical and treadmill. I used to also do strength training but i am waiting until I lose alittle more weight. I'm not as flexible as I want to be yet. My day consists of waking up around 10am, feeding Olivia, making a cup of coffee and interacting with Olivia. By 2 pm, she goes down for her afternoon nap with her father and I drink my Gaspari Superpump 250 energy supplement and head down to the level 1 gym. We are lucky enough to have a gym here, because if we didn't I believe i would be too embarrassed to get my fat arse in the gym.
Even when I was fit, I hated to have people see me sweat. I used to go at 3 in the morning every day. I hated waiting and the people.
By the time I'm done with my cardio (about 35 minutes at level 8) I head upstairs to cool off and enjoy about 15 minutes by myself before they wake up. When they wake up, its time for dinner and my husband is off to work. The next day is the same thing.  The main thing I focus on is, Motivation. You have to have Motivation to continue and succeed. I have a quote that defines it to the T.

                  Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going.

I love it because its so true. Just follow through and you can do it! I will keep updating the weightloss and hopefully I can hear some stories of your own. Lets Do It!!

Deux Lux-Luella love!!!

Couldn't find the right color, The dont sell these anymore on Deux Lux, and this was the best picture.

If you don't know by now, If you wanna save money on designer bags, clothes etc. all you gotta do is visit a ROSS, TJmaxx or Marshalls. Honestly though, many of the best finds, I find at these stores. You can also try Nordstroms Rack. Although, the price tends to get up there. You can save tons of money, only if your willing to put in the time to look or the disappointment if you don't find something in your size.
I'm willing to make that sacrifice (oh, what a sacrifice!) Haha. Anyways, so my husband really didn't know what to get me for my birthday this year, because he honestly buys me anything I want or need, If we have the money, So we visited our local TJmaxx. I have been looking for a brown purse for a while because brown to me, really does match with anything if you know how to style it. I saw some new arrivals but fur just isn't my taste. When I was last there I saw this Luella bag and I believe it went for about $89.00. 
Call me cheap, but really, I won't spend that much on a bag if I can buy my daughter cute clothes instead. I took a look again, just to admire it, and I saw that it had been marked down to $49.00!!
 I was so excited I wanted one in every color, But of course I didn't want to get carried away. 

 Read more for the inside photos and my review!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Sorry Ive been MIA lately. I've been working out like crazy and looking after Olivia. I have a success story! I've lost 19 pounds! Yay me! Haha, I will do a post going into further explanation about what I did and what Ive been eating. Its hard but I always push myself every day to do the cardio (I LOATH cardio) I can defiantly feel a difference in my pants, But since I'm on the bigger Side, no one seems to really notice. Its okay though. I still have a long way to go. If I feel healthier and see the difference then that's what matters. Post coming SOON!

In the meantime, Here's a picture of my sister and my daughter. I actually did her makeup and Olivia loves making kissey faces. LOL!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I went to Ross today (if you can't tell, its one of my favorite stores) for some new workout pants because all my old ones are waaaaay too small. You need good workout clothes to make you want to work out. It gives incentive. Anyway, I love shoes. Before I got pregnant, I didn't really care for them, but NOW? I really could spend hours just looking at all types of different shoes. I typically like high heels but with a baby, I don't wear them so much. I have been looking for cute wedges, because for some reason, wedges seem to be more comfortable. I thought I had thoroughly checked out my section when lo-and-behold!!! I look on the very bottom at the clearance row and fine these cork inspired heels looking my way. They actually looked very small and I doubted they had been marked right. Let me just let you know, when I got pregnant, My feet got pregnant and they haven't given birth so my foot is at a massive size 10 (sheesh, I got that out of the way!) lol. So anyways they were looking more like a 8 but I still wanted to try them. I slipped them on and man, I gotta say I was so impressed! They were not only a perfect fit but so extremely comfortable! The leather is butter soft. It felt like they were cradling my foot! I turned them over to see the price and I had to get them! Only 9.99!!

Read more to see my photos and reviews!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hard Candy Meteor-eyes Baked Glitter Eyeshadows-Lunar Eclipse


I have always eyed the Hard Candy Products at Walmart, but I have been very weary about purchasing them because I haven't done my research on each and every thing that I liked (I'm a research girl :D )
However at a recent shopping trip to Walmart, I spotted these amazing looking baked eye-shadows. I did want to buy all of them at once, But I wanted to at least try one first, to see if they were quality and re-purchasable .
 The one I picked out was Lunar Eclipse. It was approximately $6.47, with tax.
There were others there but this is the one that stood out to me. I bought a olive green shade from Victoria's Secret a WHILE back. Like ages ago, when I was working for them, but I forgot the name of it. I have been on the lookout for a dupe for a while so that's why I got this one. I remember it had a golden sheen to it. Not like this one has, big chunks of gold glitter, but it was very similar.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weightloss road...its so rocky.

I've always been a little thicker than everyone else in high school and growing up. I sometimes was teased and I was always insecure about my weight. Even my family knew, if you really wanted hurt my feeling, they just need to call my fatty. My sister used to always complain I would stretch out her clothes. I was about 150 pounds the last 2 years of high school. I wasn't sooo fat that everyone made fun of me, I am 5'7, But i certainly didn't fit into size 4's like all the other girls. I made up in personality though. I had tons of friends. I wasn't extremely popular but I knew people. Then when I graduated high school, I went and worked for a restaurant and started gaining weight because I would work all day and never packed lunches so I ate the fried and greasy food all day. It wasn't until my supervisor, came over to me and stomped his foot on the ground like a horse and neighed at me, did I realize I was getting thicker and thicker. I know he was teasing me, but I took it literally. That's when I met my now-husband and he was in great shape. I'm talking six pack and chiseled biceps. I needed to do this for me. Not only because I was feeling not great about myself, but also because I worked 18 hour days and my knees would be soooo sore from standing all day. I knew it wasn't just the time I stood on them, but the pressure my weight was putting on them also.

You wouldn't know i was bulimic but most bulimics are not terribly skinny, the just maintain the weight
I decided to start excising and eating right. I began to pack my lunch and snacks. I started to lose weight and it was so motivating. Everyone saw the results, but I was too blind. I unfortunately became bulimic. Not alot of people knew or do know so I guess i find safety within this blog. It was the most depressing thing I have gone through. My whole day was wrapped around when I could find a bathroom to throw up even the tinest bit of food I had eaten. I would have nightmares about losing all my teeth and having holes in my throat. Or fearing I ate to many calories and would wake up feeling so upset with myself. I'd stand in front of the mirror and see all my ribs like my skin was sheet thin and still feel like I still had work to do. I hid it from my boyfriend because I was embarrassed. I didn't want him to know that the reason why I was losing so much weight was because of loss of control and not hard work.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I've wanted to pick up GIELLA Eye M Glam forever! I already own Albatross by NARS so I really don't need one but since I am running low on it I have decided to purchase GIELLA. I haven't yet but the reviews for it is awesome. If you dont know what I am talking about, I suggest you Google Eye m glam. One of the makeup artist for Kim Kardashian, made a custom highlighter that you can use all over your face. Although I have tried to find out how much product it comes with, I can't seem to track it down. From Youtube videos though, it seems like alot. You can use this product for the browbone, cupids bow, highlight cheeks, the cleavage area and so much more! His name is Mario Dedivanovic.


 "EYE M GLAM is a sheer highlighting powder that will give you the most gorgeous, golden glow. Using GIELLA mineral pigments, I custom blended EYE M GLAM while sitting on the floor in my apartment one evening, determined to come up with the best highlighter.  I wanted a product that would give all my clients a consistently sheer and natural glow.  Being able to use and test it on my celebrity clients for television, photo shoots and on red carpets has helped me perfect EYE M GLAM into a universal shade that is flattering on all skin tones."  -Mario Dedivanovic

Price: $35.00 USD

I can't wait until its finally in my hands! I will be doing a VS. post comparing NARS and GIELLA. Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Milani Baked Powder Blush in Berry Amore & Rose D'oro

I was browsing the Target makeup section yesterday and I usually pass right on by the Milani section. I always figured it was just drugstore makeup and I already have my favorites. Against all efforts went to look and found these GEMS staring back at me.  I bought them and I honestly say I am pleasantly surprised,  but definitely not disappointed. 
I only bought two which were Rose D'oro and Berry Amore, although there are nine total blush shades to choose from which are:
  • Dolce Pink
  • Rose D'oro
  • Berry Amore
  • Terra Sole
  • Luminoso
  • Bellisimo Bronze
  • Fantastico Mauve
  • Coralina
  • Red Vino
I would really like to get all of them but since I heard that Luminoso is a dupe for the ever so infamous NARS Orgasm, I would like to get that one next.

***Update: I just bought a bunch of Lip glosses from Milani that I will be doing a review on later, and let me just say, they are soo beautiful. If you love fantastic drugstore lipglosses, you don't want to miss this one.

Berry Amore (No flash)

Rose D' oro (No flash)

Friday, September 2, 2011

SARINA Bracelets. Bling Bling!

 I was shopping at Ross today and I always head straight to the shoe section. I couldn't find anything i wanted so I was about to leave when these little gems caught my eye. Beautiful little bracelets! At first I thought they were the same ones my mom bought for herself at Nordstroms but these are waaay cheaper and don't stretch. They retail for $15.00, but I got them for $4.99. What a steal because they are so beautiful. I got both the Gold and the Silver one.

More pics and thoughts here!!

Ahh..September is here!

I have been waiting for it...Fall is here!! Not Quite (hee hee) but still i get excited because I now have a Daughter and I always loved dressing up the house and showing holiday spirit. I love October because I can decorate with cute Halloween stuff. Not scary. I really dislike scary stuff.

I remember the first year i was with my now husband that he worked the nights, so I wanted to surprise him by going and decorating the house with tons of Christmas stuff and lights and a Ginger bread house and goodies. It was awesome. I stayed up all night doing it so that when he came, he would be surprised. He sure was. He lit up when he saw everything. Now that I have Olivia it will be that much more fun because she's experiencing it for the first time. I can't wait to dress her up in something cute. We also are moving into a bigger apartment so it will be fun to see what I can do, decoration wise.  What are your favorite Holidays to celebrate? Ones you hate? Comments below

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jessica Simpson Cheeta-ahh

        Side view
Black Dream Nappa
OMGee, So I was browsing TJ Maxx and found these black beauties!!
 I checked the purse section, found a cute Steve Madden Bag I will be posting about later but I also found these cuuute shoes. Really though, I have been wanting Mary Jane type heels for a while so It wasn't just a out of the blue kind of thing. (haha)
I bought size 10's yesterday and I felt the were king of snug on my right foot (my left is smaller than my right) and I was thinking about it all night last night so I figured I would go back and purchase the size 11's. I know, big foot. I just didn't want to be uncomfortable wearing them, they are heels after all. Heels enough will make me uncomfortable. Anyway. I'm so glad I got them because I went home and googled how much they retail for and I got a deal!! They were $59.99. Retail price is $98.00. After I read all the reviews on them, I was convinced I got a deal. I have yet to actually wear them, seeing as how I barely ever get out of the house.

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