Wednesday, December 28, 2011

theBalm Hot mama, makes me blush

I am recently addicted to all things Balm. Seriously, If I see it, I have to try it. So that's why it is no surprise that I ordered Hot mama and Bahama mama, although I am only reviewing Hot mama in this review. :)

For the longest time, I wanted the NARS orgasm blush, however after looking at swatches and what beauty bloggers had to say about it, I went with Torrid instead. I am not fair, when I use my tanner,(I usually have some remnants on) so the main reason I ordered Torrid is because darker skinned women, said that orgasm just didn't show up on their cheeks. I even went ahead and bought candid coral because tons of ladies said that it is a good dupe. I didn't want to buy Orgasm and it totally not show up on me. When I received candid coral, it barely showed up on me, so I never used it again. I'm actually glad I didn't get Orgasm because Im sure I would have had to return it. I know e.l.f products are not the same quality as NARS but the color sure looked the same. :( Okay, so Hot mama is a dupe for orgasm, but its much prettier, without all the glitter and grit. It has a gorgeous sheen to it, which I die for.
I was able to swatch Orgasm when I was at Sephora, and am very glad I got Hot mama instead.

Okay, so going over this blush, I really like it. HOWEVER, I love much brighter blushes because I can apply them to get a more defined look. As in, this blush, will give you a frosty, no-no look. I don't like that when I apply it, its pretty sheen, when I go to apply more for a more colored look, it makes it looked caked on. Its hard to explain. I always try to apply lightly because my foundation tends to be dewy. This sticks to patches of wet and when I go to fix it, it smears. Maybe I need to wait more time for my foundation to dry..I dunno. That's the only complaints I have with this blush. I do love the packaging and the fact that it is not glittery, is a plus. Sometimes, I don't want glitter, ya know?

The pan itself is pretty big, so I don't think I will be needing a new one, if I were to buy this again. I am on the fence, because I like the color, but the way it applies, kind of makes me wary.

flash with direct sunlight
The color is a peachy pink frost with tiny tiny shine flakes in it, that give it its glow. It almost is a full duo-chrome, though Im happy to say its not, because that would look pretty unflattering if your were going for a natural look. The blush is like a highlighter AND blush in one, although, on the packaging, it states that this is, in fact, a blusher and a eyeshadow. I haven't yet used this as a eyeshadow, and I don't believe I will be. This seems to me, best used as a blush.

no flash, direct sunlight
Make-up alley reviews:136 reviews
I noticed tons of people said that they loved this blush. It may be too sheer, or maybe not to fond on the packaging(cheap), but all in all, most said they loved it.

If you liked this review or swatches, then I would suggest picking up this blush. It is a very pretty blush and a good addition to any make-up collection.

Do you own Hot mama or any other theBalm products? Comment below!!


  1. I love Orgasm's color its gorgeous! But it takes so much for it to show up! I returned it, the texture was just to hard to work with.. These blushes look Gorgeous!

  2. I have it and love it! I have fair skin so a little goes a long way for me. I hope you find the perfect dupe for your skin tone.

  3. That looks like such a lovely colour! I must must must buy that for my kit! Thanks for the swatch hun!

  4. It does look really pretty even though I'm not in to blushes that have shimmer in them. I think the color is gorgeous though.

  5. Oh my goodness, I love the color of this blush! I am gonna have to check this out =)

  6. You all have to get this blush. ALthough, I was on the fence about it, it really is a nice peachy blush if you want a hint of blush without overpowering your look. Great for those "natural" days. ;)


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