Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rimmel Spark it up liners are the ISH!

I usually wear black liner and keep it pretty simple with my eye area if I wear liners. You might be like me, where you grow tired of the "norm" and want to try something new but not so new that its strange. Well have I got the answer for you!!....
Rimmel Spark it up liners!!!
Honestly, if its one new thing you want to try and after reading this, you decide to get some balls and go for it, head to your local drugstore and grab these!

 I had hoped the sun would catch their awesomeness. Do you agree they are AMAZING!??? They apply very smoothly and wont pull at your sensitive skin around your eyes. I will use the brown for my water line to add a little extra something besides eyeshadow that I normally do.
LtoR: Black gold, tiger eye and Lapis
One word to describe these spark it up liners.
I have a couple colored liners, but these make my Lovelist. I love that they look the color of their cap, whether it be blue or bronze, but swatched, the color is a dark shimmery piece of the color you are expecting. For instance. My favorite if the Black gold. Looking at it in pencil form, it looks like a greyish gold. When swatched the tip is a dark olive green and the outside of the actual liner is still grey-gold. Hard to explain. Sorry. 

Black Gold: Dark shimmery olive green with specks of finely milled gold glitter.  
Tigers eye: Deep bronze with undertones of red. Also with finely milled silver particles. 
Lapis: Velvety navy blue with a limited amount of baby blue shimmer particles. Very rich color.

 If your ready to try something new and exciting, check these out. I want to get all the colors, just because!

I'm trying to catch up on all my hauls and reviews, so bare with me.:)
Also check back for new photos of me wearing the product if I dont post it in the initial Post. I love to do updates, which I will definitely do with these bad boys...

So what do you think, would you wear these? Do you have some that are similar?
Comment below!

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  1. I'm honestly going to go out and buy these! I've never found glittery eyeliners that are actually pigmented, but these really look like they are! Great review! xx



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