Friday, December 2, 2011

Revlon Photoready...cause I'm Ready!!

I've been needing a new foundation because I swear I go through them like crazy! Even though I really don't need them, I should probably be using a sheer foundation or tint just because, naturally I have very clear skin. The reason I like medium to full coverage is because I like my face looking all one color, with my redness or veins shining through.

I was researching a new foundation because my Revlon colorstay mineral mousse gets empty pretty quickly nowadays and I wanted something that illuminated my skin, for that dewy glow that I am always trying to create.
This foundation has built in illuminators that help you do, just that.

I first picked up 004 Nude because I thought that was my shade. However, it was pretty light, even for my skin.
Alittle backround on my skin:
I use self tanner year round and when I dont use it, I'm pretty light NC25, so this color will work when I have little to no tan. I kept this foundation instead of returning it because I want to use it for my concealer area.
 I also picked up Revlon photoready in 008 golden beige. This is a perfect match for my tanned skin and I am glad I got both shades.

 Revlon's claims:
Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup - for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. 
Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft, luminous finish.

  Oil free, Fragrance free, SPF 20

There are 12 shades available in the Photoready line of foundation.
 From Ivory to Mocha, variety for everyone!

Price: $13.99

Available at your local Target, Walmart, CVS or Online

I believe there's a probably a match for everyone's skin shades but I don't really know. Nude and Golden beige are three shades away from each other on the color scale. It also has 1oz of product just like my previous foundation, the colorstay mineral mousse.
Beside the fact that this has a luminous product in it, it also has SPF 20!! I know! How awesome.
This is also a great plus because I know I should use spf but I sometimes forget. What's better than having it already mixed into your foundation, so that you won't forget?!!

I first apply a primer and wait about a minute for it to melt into my skin. I then pump the lighter shade onto my forehead and inner cheeks and work under my eyes and over my cheek bones.
 I then take the darker shade(golden beige) and put a pump on each cheek. Because it is more of a liquid-y formula and blends easily, you really dont need much because it spreads like butter. I blend it up toward my eyes so that it naturally has a lighter effect in the middle of my face and a darker edge towards my hair line and chin line. Without contour, bronzer, blush, concealer, or highlighter, this gives a contoured look without all those extra products.

For the above photos, I did not use any bronzer or highlighter, I just used the two foundations, and a swipe of Milani berry amore on each cheek. Look how luminous my cheek bones look.
Doesn't it look like I used a highlighter for my cheeks?

Do you see a faded star on my hand? The right hand side shows with foundation over it.

I always apply my foundation using my fingers so I have been looking into brushes to start applying because I hate how my fingers are super messy at the end of applying it. 
However, I do feel you get a more dewy look when applying with the finger tips. Using a brush r flat head will give you a buffed out version.

If your looking for a new luminous foundation, I would really recommend this one. It apply's very easy, blends like a dream, lasts a good 8 hours on me with minimal fading and the formula is perfect. I absolutely love it. If your wondering what this lip shade is, I paired it with Rimmel lasting finish liner in 014 wild clover and applied Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in 070 Airy fairy. My new love for the natural lip.

I really like this combo because it looks almost exactly like my natural lip color but it has flecks of shimmer in it and is a tad more pigmented and berry colored. The only thing I hate, if you look very closely, it gets in the lines on your lips. Accentuating the cracks. *sigh*

What do you think? Do you own Photoready or any foundation of Revlons? 
Comments below!


  1. I only own Revlon Colorstay foundation. This foundation looks really good! When I apply my foundation I use E.L.F's powder brush. I def. recommend it! :)

  2. I think you found a really good match on the fondation :)
    As for me, I know you saw my blog with the elf brush. But what im trying now is i pour some of my liquid fondation "revlon colorstay" onto a small travel makeup mirror, and i dab my brush onto the mirror to have it pick up the fondation. Then I dont get any on my hand at all.
    But i dab my brush all over my face really fast actually. Because the colorstay is a bit more dry, since its budgeproof. So I work fast with it.

  3. @ dani, thanks love. I have started using my elf brush for apply this foundation. GREAT advice!
    @ pink glam, Thanks. I actually might need a shade or two darker. When I photograph, My skin looks hella white! ugh, oh well. I tone it down with a bronzer.

  4. It's funny, as soon as I saw your lips I knew it was Airy Fairy! I love that shade too <3


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