Friday, December 30, 2011


I found a secret place that I never knew was so special, until yesterday. Its called Angels beauty store and it sells Stila, NYX, Lorac, OPI...and MORE!!! 
Too bad everything was full price. :(
But still.
I got so excited to walk up to the NYX row because, If you live in San Diego and can't find any place that sells this stuff, besides online, you would be excited too!
Its in Mission valley by the Sports Chalet and Pat and Oscars. Its teeny tiny so you have to look closely, if you were wondering where it is. 
So, I'm looking up and down the aisles and thinking about what I want to test first. I like to save the best for last, because then I won't get caught up on things, I might not really like, at the end of looking at everything. See, there is a method to my madness!

I swatched out the round top lipsticks that I have heard mighty big things about. Like fig, Louisiana, narcissus.
eh, Im excited, but to be honest. I have these colors already, but in different brands.
I swatched the I would loved to purchase more, but I really have alot of similar colors already. I really need to use more of my make-up. Make-up DOES go bad, ya know.
Side note: Go through your make-up bag and see how many look alikes you have of each item. I always find that we tend to buy the same colors we like, but from different brands. I know the shades aren't exactly the same, but its funny to me, when I'm like, "I need that one, 'cause I don't have it!" When I get home, I'm like, hmm...well. I really don't have that one, with THAT brand. LOL.
Okay, back to NYX Red!

Can you see the tiny tiny shimmer flecks? This blush almost hit me as a bright red pink-y blush. I know why!! It has undertones of blue that make it look pink. This would also look great as a lipstick.

The first thing to note about this blush, it is very pigmented. As in, I swear, I didn't even touch the pan and the color jumped onto my finger! lol. JK. But seriously, very pigmented and colorful.
This is my first NYX blush that I have tried, but not my first NYX product. I own a Professional make-up artist kit and some stand alone eyeshadows and lipsticks. Being the first time having the blush, I am extremely happy with it and didn't expect anything less from NYX.

I was trying to find a blush that was remotely close to this in my make-up collection. Couldn't find one, HOWEVER, I found a NYX eyeshadow from my Professional make-up artist kit that is red/orange to compare.

The blush is a deeper, cherry red than the eyeshadow. The eyeshadow also contains alot more shimmer than the blush. It actually has a orange tinge to it.

This is, as others have found out, a dupe for Frankly scarlet by MAC. I don't own Frankly scarlet. so I can't do a comparison, but click here,  cause KAREN can!

Can you see the undertones of blue?

Applying as a first time user to this blush, would be very hard seeing as this blush is very pigmented, and hard to blend once applied. Meaning, if your new to blushes, this is a shade I would not suggest because, usually newbies apply with a heavy hand. The way this applies, is where it applies, UNLESS you powder FIRST!!! 
I cannot stress that enough. If you powder first on your cheeks, you will be fine. The powder acts as a base so that it won't stick to dewy parts and float over the dry parts. It will apply much easier and mistake free.
(I will try and remember to post a picture of me wearing this soon. I actually applied some tonight after my shower because I was so curious, and let me tell you!!! You really need only a TAP of this blush. It is THAT pigmented!)
Make-up alley:8 reviews
All of the girls loved this. You can tell its a must have. Nuff said!

Product description from NYX:

Brighten and define your cheeks this season with NYX Powder Blush. NYX Powder Blush has fabulous check colors to choose from. For a touch of soft color on your cheeks, apply these sheer and easy to wear shades.
Available in more than 20 shades.

Overall, is this a repurchase?
I confidently will say, YESS!!!!!
If you are looking for a bright cherry red blush that won't break the bank...track this down today!
What do you think? Will this be on you "to buy" list?
share below!


  1. Beautiful colour! Thanks for the swatch! I must get it for my kit now :)

  2. This is SO red! I bet it looks great blended though. :)

  3. @ phoebe, it is. A good cherry pink is a must have!!!
    @ Dani, girl, its BEAUTIFUL! you only need a barely touch for a perfect flushed look! I LOVE THIS!

  4. Lovely blog!

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