Sunday, December 25, 2011

NOTD: Revlon Carbonite

Before I started a blog, I was pretty much stuck in neutral with my make-up. I would only do one look all the time and kept it pretty basic. Now that I have a blog, I feel I am FREE!!! lol.
I am more inclined to try different products, because you readers like different things and I'm sure you don't want to always hear about nudes, pinks and blahhh from me.
Grey nail polish is one of those new things, to me. I am a pink, nude type of girl for pretty much every thing. My lipstick, blushes, nail polishes etc. So this Revlon Carbonite nail polish was a exciting new venture!
I have a matte grey that I love but that's pretty much it in the dark colors besides my review on the plum seduction here.

I'm very surprised with this polish because it is stunning! The color is so pretty being a silvery grey gold. Its a weird description, I know. But it really is a grey color and once out of the sunlight(indoors), it looks like it has a tint of gold. The fact that it has a foil look, is awesome because I don't own any foiled nail lacquers. PLUS!!! This is supposedly a DUPE for Chanel graphite. I was looking for comparisons on the two and alot of them preferred the Chanel Graphite because I noticed that it has ALOT bigger glitter flecks, but if you cannot even fathom spending $25 on a nail polish, I would really recommend grabbing this one for about 5 bucks.

close up

Hitting the sunlight at different angles
 The application is soooo good, you really only need one coat, however, I still put two because Im cool like that. :)
One coat
I was surprised and thought it would turn out to be sheer because of the glitter, but I was dead wrong. It has crazy pigmentation and shine. I think this will be perfect on anyone because it is a neutral color that is very flattering. I have been trying to get darker colors, but for some reason, I think they look too BLAH for me. This is both darker in color, but shiny, so it lightens it up. Does that make sense?

I've been wearing it for the last 3 days with no topcoat, and still I have yet to experience chipping. I am actually loving catching glimpses at my nails when I'm doing something, because if your like me, your nails chip fast because i'm always doing something. This did not chip yet, and I wonder if I had applied the top coat, if it will last LONGER!! I'm sure it would.

If I spot this again, I will be sure to buy a back up. Given that I don't own many dark nail polishes, this is a true keeper.
What about you? Do you own this or the Chanel graphite? Comment below.


  1. Great color, I love grey polish, its one of my new favorite colors. I always used to use red or pink, but now I use a lot more purple and grey,love how the color stands out

  2. I haven't seen this one but love the looks of it! I felt the same way before blogging! It even helped me really learn how to apply and to not be afraid of color! =) Yay for blogging!!


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