Saturday, December 10, 2011

NARS Haul:Lipglosses & blush

After we took family pictures on saturday, I got the bright idea of visiting Sephora at the mall, since the JCpenny portraits very close to sephora anyway.
I was super excited because I haven't been to a sephora EVER!! I've been wanting to go for the longest time. 
Just take a quick peak while I was there. ;)
I ended up getting some NARS lipglosses.

I used my albatross box, cause I threw away the box for my torrid blush.
I actually had this Torrid blush for a while but I wanted to do a review on it, with my lipglosses.

I have heard tons of great reviews on these glosses and I can see why!
The colors are gorgeous, the formula is non-sticky, and the color payoff is excellent because it lasts a while on the lips, besides being wiped off from eating and drinking.
The main thing I hated, was the smell.
The smell alone for me, is super strong and gross. I think in the future, that will stop me from reaching for this. :(

My favorite out of the two is female trouble. It is a dark nude with red undertones. Very finely milled shimmer. You can barely see the shimmer, and that's really only when in direct sunlight.
 Make-up alley rated 4.7(18 reviews)
Female trouble is such a pretty color and so convient because it is very pigmented and goes on so creamy! I love it.
When I don't want to apply both lipstick and lipgloss, all I have to do is swipe this, and this makes up for both. It has the color of a lipstick and the shine of a lip gloss. Its description on Sephora is Lilac Mauve. It is described perfectly. I have a feeling this will be my new go-to lipgloss. :)
The other one I got is risky business. this is described as a shimmering berry red. Which is right on. I love this gloss too because I have been wanting to get glosses that are darker than my regular nudes and light pinks. This is also able to be both the lipgloss and lipstick. I lined my lips in both photos with Rimmels lipliner in natural.
LtoR: female trouble, and risky business
As you can see, they both have finely milled glitter particles, but more so in risky business.
Risky buisness to me, on my skin, reminds me of pin up girls lipstick. Bright but still deep. I love this color for adding a more bold lipcolor, but not too loud. It blends with my skin color perfectly.
This is me, wearing risky business. This is a prefect color for fall and would look great with a Christmas outfit, which I probably will use, when the time comes. haha.
I used Torrid blush for these photos only. No bronzer. I usually do bronzer to contour, but I figured since Im going to be talking about the blush, I don't want to tamper with the color by having two colors.
As all NARS blushes are highly pigmented, this is no exception. Torrid is as some would say, the infamous orgasm but for darker skin. I originally wanted orgasm, but I bought e.l.f candid coral and that one barely even showed up on my skin, so I got torrid instead.

wearing risky business and my favorite pair pf earrings. :) If you want me to note any products I used, comment below.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend. I can't wait until Christmas. Family time!!!


  1. U're gorge!i love that blush.. gotta get my hands on it:)

  2. you are gorgeous! I love the the female trouble on your lips, it made your lips look bigger than they already are! JEALOUS!!!

  3. they all look beautiful on you! I love the color of female trouble. so pretty!


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