Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NARS Eurydice eyeshadow duo

For the record, NARS is the ONLY high end make-up brand I usually buy (for now, anyway). I started off with Albatross and from there, I loved the blushes, the lip-glosses, eye-shadows, etc. The reason being, if you hadn't noticed from my blog, I buy drugstore item, review them and love them BECAUSE they work. I also know alot of you, like myself, would love to spend tons of money on the big ticket items, but if your like myself, other things are more important, like diapers, school, clothes, shoes, rent. Stuff like that. I'm not knocking the people who buy it, Because that's awesome if they can afford it. I just don't want to spend 50 bucks on a blush. I find that just because its high end doesn't magically mean, its awesome. It is alot to do with the name brand. I'm not saying high end items aren't worth it, but if you buy it only because its by  and its pretty in the pan, does the fact that its way expensive mean nothing? I guess if it lasts along time, which I do know is true with some of the higher end brands, you don't have to buy it every other month. So theres always pros and cons. :)
ANYWAYS, so for the tangent.
I want to review this BEAUTIFUL, NARS eyeshadow duo in Eurydice.

Upon first opening it, my eyes thought the grey was actually green. As I looked closer though, I realized it was grey, but because it has gold flecks in it, it made it look green when the grey and gold combined.
The second color in the duo is a maroon shade with big chunks of blue glitter in it. It almost looks like a duo-chrome.

I instantly fell in love with it and will be purchasing a replacement when I run out. With that being said, here's some pics.

FYI, if you own NARS products and you hate that they get dirty so easily and won't get clean by wiping them. Use baby wipes, it gets everything off!!!

Make-up alley reviews:  24 reviews
 Overall, tons of girls(guys) said this eyeshadow was a awesome purchase, and if it was low ratings, its because the maroon color was so hard to apply.

The application is very easy. When I swatched it, the maroon color was alot different than the grey color. For one, it was a harder eyeshadow, meaning, hard to the touch. The second thing I noticed, it took about 4 swatches to get a good, even swipe because it was patchy on the first swipe. I like the color but the formula for this one is not so great. The grey color was velvety to the touch, and had a soft application. Because of these difference, it made me like the grey color more.
I love using any type of pink or red around my eyes, because if you didn't know, I have green eyes, and it makes them POP like crazy. ALittle bit goes along way, so I don't see myself repurchasing this anytime soon. 
When I researched this product, I found that alot of people compare this duo with the wetnwild palette in Lust. I always like to put a dupe if I can find one for higher items I'm reviewing, if you like the colors, but not the cost. :)

I usually wear this on my lower lash line or right on top of my eyelid when closed. That way, its a hint of color when you blink. Another side mark on the maroon color, was that the blue glitter barely showed up on my lids, if any, at all. That was kinda a bummer because the blue glitter accents the maroon color so perfectly. :(

Overall, I love this Duo and am looking to buy Mandchourie or Rajasthan next.
Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate it). What are you guys doing for the New Year?
Do you own any NARS eyeshadow duos or even, any products from NARS that you love? Comment below!


  1. Swatches make me want this. Sooo beautiful!

  2. I use mostly drugstore makeup and love it. Only thing worth spending big bucks on is foundation. Everything else has to many dupes these days. I actually don't own a lot of Nars..couple things but these colors look gorgeous!!!

  3. great purchase! i own ONE Nars eyeshadow and I love it, so freakin pigmented it's not even funny. will i repurchase? only if the color is TDF, otherwise, i'll stick to other brands (i.e. TheBalm, Wet & Wild, MAC).


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